The studio cafe is super unique in Da Lat

Just a few days ago, the unique cafe studio in Da Lat called Yooberi made people wobble.

With a new design style, a unique studio cafe in Da Lat – Yooberi quickly made the ‘heart’ of the city populous. The check-in corners, beautiful virtual life, exactly as its studio concept function, a few steps away is a beautiful background, also with Korean standard vibes, light color tone is cute that we still admire the music videos of Huong Quoc.Unique studio cafe in Da LatUnique studio concept cafe in Da Lat

Not the vintage style, rustic wood, low tone or nostalgic golden tone often found in cafes in Dalat , Yooribe has a way, possessing fancy decor, completely different from most other cafes, Therefore, the shop quickly climbed to the top trending virtual living places in the dreamy city ​​of Da Lat .Unique studio cafe in Dalat - YooberiInvite you to Yooberi now!

Section 8 thousand check-in corner at this unique studio cafe in Dalat!

This super fancy studio cafe in Da Lat has a full range of colors from light, fresh, to sweet pastel but also full of art. Built on a land of more than 1000 square meters, Yooberi cafe has been tested with 18 different color tones and finally comes out with a lovely super product in blue – beige rose gold as the present. Unique studio cafe in Da Lat - dreamyKorean – Thai style cafe combined

Because the park has a large area, space is properly divided and there is a beautiful corner wherever you go, taking photos and checking in at Yooberi will not be too hard – a common thing in beautiful cafes in Da Lat. .Unique studio cafe in Da Lat - prettyEvery corner is beautiful, causing people to faint down and faint

In this studio cafe, there are many beautiful scenes, that is the cloud room, the corner of the yard with the trash cans in alternating tones and right at the door with a green bow, fainting. Tone suits, standing in these corners setting up a bit is different than on a professional magazine coverUnique studio cafe in Dalat - front porchEnough to shoot a music video too

Even the toilet area is meticulously decor throughout the restaurant’s theme, a fully-lit background to capture the ultimate outfit of your day. Even to shoot a short MV, there are enough poetic shots.

Unique studio cafe in Da Lat - a house of cloudsLovely cloud house yet?

In particular, this Yooberi Cafe specializes in selling imported countries, looks strange and very pretty, the colors of course also eat with the style at the shop, extremely kawaii, people order these drinks, just Pay 90,000 VND to have a delicious beverage that spreads fire, along with that is rolling freely around the hen to take pictures. In addition, Yooberi also sells some imported snacks and cakes for those who want to sip more.Unique studio cafe in Da Lat - a drink areaIt’s also good to go to the beverage area

It’s indoor space, what about outer space? If inhouse 99 points, then the out door would be the same with 89.99 points. Looking at the pictures below, do you believe it’s ‘in the same house’ with the creamy blue patches above?Unique studio cafe in Da Lat - out door areaJeju-style exterior

The unique space of the studio cafe in Dalat is green with trees and grass background, the shop emphasizes the space with wooden benches, with the mirror placed indifferently by the stone brick fence with the words: ‘ you are special ‘full of optimism and love life.Unique studio cafe in Dalat - mirror godAlso scored absolute

Yooberi also lends the pet accessories to create a very chill picnic scene for those who want to take pictures. It is a woven rattan basket containing flowers and fruits, a striped carpet, the same color of sunlight shines brightly on the garden. In the middle of the flowery city of Dalat , there is also an unusual picnic corner like this at the Yooberi studio cafe.Unique studio cafe in Da Lat - picnicPicnic and chill chill

Inside and outside of Yooberi, somewhere has only about 20-25 seats, because the entire space has been invested mainly to build the photography concepts. The shop scored more when renovating the space to be perfect, complete, beautiful and clear in every detail, not ‘make it’, leaving the ugly ‘tinge’ for Da Lat in the eyes of tourists.Unique studio cafe in Da Lat - peach cornerEvery corner is meticulous and cared

That is why many people come here can freely take pictures, record clips, even as the background for their personal youtube. True to the purpose of birth of Yooberi.Unique studio cafe in Da Lat-nhavesinhNordic toilet

Not only there are many check-in corners, the beautiful  Yooberi cafe is also an ideal sunset viewing spot in Da Lat , from inside the shop, opening the chiffon curtains, watching the sky change with romantic colors like the scenery Northern Europe. Gradually shift from golden sunlight, to dark yellow, then bright orange over a corner of the horizon. The studio cafe in Dalat is very beautiful , not medium, enough for people to come check-in, promising to be a new trend, captivating young people from all directions!quan-cafe-studio-doc-dao-o-da-lat-idolWho came here but could not love it?

  • Yooberi’s exact coordinates are No. 27 Trinh Hoai Duc Street, Ward 11, about 3km from the center of Dalat.
  • Opening hours: 8am – 5pm

Now, traveling to Dalat, you can have a vibes to keep. That is Yooberi – a unique studio cafe in Dalat , bringing a new breeze in the design style, modern, pretty and full of openness!

Photo: Fanpage Yooberi.dalat