“Check-in” the beautiful pink church in Da Lat

Covered in impressive pink paint, Domaine de Marie Church is a must-visit destination for visitors when coming to Dalat.

The church was built on the land with a total area of ​​12ha, about 1km southwest of the center of Da Lat. Commenced in the 1940s, to 1944 the work was completed thanks to the money raised by Suzanne Humbert, the wife of Governor-General of Indochina, Jean Decoux.
This architectural work was built in European style, combined with indigenous architecture of the Central Highlands. The front of the church is shaped like an isosceles triangle, on the sharp top of the roof attached to a cross, the front is adorned with small, lanceolate arches.
In the center of the facade, near the top of the roof, there is a circular rose window, a detail that often appears in French churches in the late 17th century.
Domaine de Marie Church is also known as Mai Anh Church, because the work is located on a hill full of cherry blossoms.
The stylized church roof in the style of the Tay Nguyen communal roof is covered with red tiles. The layout and architecture of the church is said to be free of the strict regulations on religious architecture in Europe. Domain de Marie does not have a bell tower like other churches.
Another highlight of the church is the statue of Our Lady standing on a globe carved in the model of a Vietnamese woman, designed by French architect Janchère. The 3-meter-high and 1-ton statue was built in 1943 by Suzanne.
On a large campus surrounded by pine rows, Domaine de Marie church is designed in a continuous architectural cluster including chapel and two rows of monastic houses of the Association of the Daughters of Charity and Saint Vinh Son.
This is not only a place for religious activities but also a popular tourist destination. From here, visitors can zoom into many directions to see the foggy city.
Since its completion until now, the church has only used dark pink lime to sweep the wall. Under the sun, this work is brilliantly pink amidst the lush greenery.
The unique pink color makes Domaine de Marie church an attractive destination in Da Lat city, attracting a lot of visitors.
The mini-scenes depicting the day of Christ were set up beside the church. The campus has a lot of green trees, creating landscape, shade and fresh air for residents and visitors.
The church is also known for its activities to take care of orphans. Currently, social activities such as caring for underdeveloped children, helping orphans, and treating poor people … are still taking place at the church. Visitors can visit the church at any time of the day, especially early in the morning or at sunset.