The golden wall in Da Lat came back

LAM DONG – Considered “an indispensable part of the mountain town”, the golden wall of Co Xay Gio bakery was repainted at the new address.

Two months ago, the golden wall was ” removed ” from the list of check-in points of Dalat. The old bakery is located at 1 Hoa Binh street, closed due to the expiration of the lease contract and no new agreement.

Up to now, the new appearance has been repainted at the new facility No. 19 Tang Bat Ho, 2 km from the city center. The shopkeeper still keeps its signature yellow color and red letters written in retro 1990s, drawing the words “new wall-gold” below.

The new wall attracts many visitors to check-in.  Photo: Tran Minh Truong
The new wall attracts many visitors to check-in. Photo: Tran Minh Truong

The removed gold wall has caused regret for many people. On travel forums, many accounts commented that too many tourists who came to take photos but did not use the service was also the reason the bakery stopped working.

Responding to whether or not the new establishment charges a fee for photography, Dang Trang, the marketing manager at the bakery, shared: “Many of you who love cakes will visit the shop, but if you only take pictures, it doesn’t matter what “.

She added that the store team has always focused on improving services, bringing new products in association with Da Lat agricultural products, better souvenir products … to make visitors satisfied.