Come to Da Lat to watch the screening of ‘thousand stars’

LAM DONG – Drink tea and watching love movies in a quiet space is an experience visitors should try when coming to the mountain town.

Coffee shop on Hoang Hoa Tham street, ward 10, Da Lat city, show movies every weekend at 6pm. Movie screening service is deployed about 2 months.

Outdoor viewing area, including a projector and white screen. According to Mr. Nguyen Hoang Truong, owner, each show only accepts maximum 20 guests. Visitors to the movies must book in advance, but don’t need to buy tickets, just order drinks.

Guests watch movies under the night sky.  Photo: Hoang Truong
Guests watching movies under the night sky at Sisters Sisters. Photo: Hoang Truong.

Movies shown are all foreign films on paid online movie projection platforms. The film genre is often used as comedy, romance, sometimes intercropped with films of genre – horror.

When asked why he did not choose a Vietnamese film, he said that it was because he could not find a movie suitable for the space. Customers of the restaurant are a group of young people and couples, so in time, they can find suitable Vietnamese films.

Mr. Truong shared that he is a movie lover, so he decided to open more movie screening services, serving guests every Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Not inclined to design space for guests to check-in, so it focuses on the type of service.

The restaurant space makes full use of the surrounding landscape.  Photo: Hoang Truong
The restaurant space makes full use of the surrounding landscape. Photo: Hoang Truong

You Tuyen (Ho Chi Minh City), who is a first-time guest here, shared: “I know the store on social networks and feel very interested in the movie screening service. Although the restaurant does not have special drinks, just practice. focus on service, but I think this can also be seen as a highlight “.

Tran Hoang Minh (Da Nang) accompanied a group of friends to the store at the right time of the show: “I do not know the shop has a screening service, but just happened to arrive at the right time, but most of the group members are We liked that movie, so we stayed to watch it. As far as I know, most of the movies shown here are easy to watch. “

The outdoor space with a capacity of 60-70 people is the favorite place of many visitors because there are many angles for photography, with the background of trees. The shop has more indoor space with 4 tables, in case of bad weather or privacy.

In addition to selling coffee and tea, the shop also has a variety of fruit smoothies served in the bowl. Prices range from 20,000 VND to 60,000 VND.