My Lam Tuyen Quang mineral spring travel experience the most complete

There is a place that, when traveling in Tuyen Quang, you must visit once, to know that it is My Lam mineral spring.

This place will help you feel more comfortable and happy, because there is a beautiful natural landscape, a clear, cool blue atmosphere, and especially a mineral spring for you to take a relaxing dip.

1. Introduction to My Lam Tuyen Quang mineral springs

Travel experience mineral springs My Lam Tuyen QuangMy Lam mineral spring is a famous tourist destination of Tuyen Quang province

Located not too far from Tuyen Quang town, only about 13km, traveling here will be very convenient. There is a mineral water source located on a gentle hill, so coming here to explore and relax will be very suitable.

Discovered in the 60s of the 1960s. After that, it was built into a famous resort known by many people. Because not only brings relaxation to visitors, but mineral springs also have very good healing effects. This makes this tourist area more attractive to domestic and foreign tourists to visit and learn.

Many people when coming to this mountainous area often choose My Lam mineral spring to relax and relieve stress. The mineral water source in My Lam is sulfide, so bathing will help relax the body very well. Anyone who stops by can enjoy it. Because being immersed in warm water will help dispel all the fatigue and pressure of life.Travel experience mineral springs My Lam Tuyen QuangComing here, resting will help you relax and relieve stress very well

This mineral spring is located in a very beautiful location. Because it is located on a hill with a beautiful view. Therefore, visitors coming here experience in addition to soaking in the warm mineral water, they can also admire the beautiful natural scenery of this place. 

There is a full range of services from bathing, mineral spring swimming to herbal bathing services made by the Dao according to traditional medical remedies passed down for generations. All services here bring visitors the best experience. Therefore, Tuyen Quang tourism cannot miss an ideal location, My Lam mineral spring .

This is a mineral spring that is considered to be the best mineral spring area in Vietnam. Compared to the mineral springs of Southeast Asian countries, this place is always an ideal destination for you to explore and experience. Every year, this place welcomes a large number of tourists to mineral spring baths. Because the effect of this mineral water is very good. It has a healing effect and relaxes the human spirit better.

2. My Lam mineral spring tour experience

Travel experience mineral springs My Lam Tuyen QuangMany families have brought children here to relax

In order to make your trip experience convenient and smooth, experiences shared when traveling to the mineral springs in My Lam below will help you get the most fun trip. 

When should I go to Tuyen Quang My Lam mineral stream?

The best time for you to spend time exploring My Lam is anytime you want? Because every season here has its own beauty and charm. Therefore, the choice to come here will depend on how long you can arrange to go. 

The ecosystem here is extremely rich and diverse. Therefore, the beauty of My Lam mineral springs is different in each season. However, if you can make arrangements, come here in the summer. Meanwhile, you can bathe in mineral spring water and relax more.

Instructions on how to move to My Lam

If you depart from the Hanoi area, you will have to travel about 130km by means such as motorbikes and cars to reach My Lam for tourism. This distance is not too far. However, if you are not used to traveling far by motorbike, then choosing a bus or private car is the best choice.

If you travel by private vehicle to this resort, you need to have a solid preparation of vehicles as well as the personal documents needed to bring.

What dishes do you enjoy when coming to Tuyen Quang mineral spring for relaxation?

Travel experience mineral springs My Lam Tuyen QuangLam rice dish is Tuyen Quang’s specialty dish that you should enjoy when you come to My Lam for relaxation

Perhaps among Tuyen Quang’s specialties, lam rice is a dish you absolutely must not miss when traveling to My Lam mineral spring . Because this dish is rustic but very delicious. The aroma of glutinous rice mixed with the muddy sweetness of black sesame will make you a good compliment. 

In addition, dishes such as dried buffalo meat, tea, bamboo shoots or wild vegetables are also famous specialties of this region. If you have the opportunity to come here to relax, you should enjoy them to have the most specific view of the famous delicious dishes of this forest.

What’s My Lam Tourist Area to play and explore?

Travel experience mineral springs My Lam Tuyen QuangThis place will always bring you relaxation and comfort

This is an ideal resort with 6 separate functional areas. Therefore, visitors will have many choices when it comes to rest and relaxation. 

+ Amusement park in My Lam. This is the area that plays the most central role here. There is a full range of activities from entertainment to leisure activities. In particular, the style of this functional area is designed between tradition and modernity. Therefore, coming here will help you have many interesting and interesting things to explore.

+ Residential area: This is the place to have the necessary services to help you get an ideal vacation trip. You will be able to eat and rest.

+ Forest Park is a place where you can enjoy fishing, rest, relax and especially on festivals, you can also come here to join and learn about the famous festivals of the people of Tuyen Quang . Typically the festival racing elephant, buffalo or cow, horse. 

+ Farm area and plantation forest: These are functional areas to help visitors experience a life closer to nature and better understand the life of people at My Lam mineral spring .Travel experience mineral springs My Lam Tuyen QuangMud bathing is one of the most popular activities when coming to My Lam for relaxation

In addition, if you want to organize a camping trip, the location of this area will also be the best choice for your outing. 

+ Service and commercial area: This is the place where fairs, exhibitions often take place, hotel and restaurant activities of this resort.

+ The focal area and common use works: This area plays a key role when it ensures that all activities of this resort are operated in the most smooth and convenient way.Travel experience mineral springs My Lam Tuyen QuangThis mineral spring resort is beautifully designed and convenient for visitors to relax and unwind

In addition, the services at My Lam also include activities such as mineral baths, saunas, therapy or swimming pools, mineral mud baths, cigarette smoking … All these activities help you relax your body and relax more mentally.

Hopefully the sharing of the above suggestions will make your trip to My Lam Tuyen Quang mineral spring more convenient. You will have more time to rest and relax when you come here.