Spring tour at the beginning of the year at Ha Tuyen Quang temple

Ha Tuyen Quang Temple is one of the famous spiritual tourist destinations in the North known to many people. This place has a very beautiful architecture and natural scenery that makes anyone who comes here will feel relaxed and peaceful in their soul. Therefore, this will be an ideal destination at the beginning of the year that you can choose when planning to travel to Tuyen Quang.

1. About Ha Temple in Tuyen Quang

Ha Temple is a very old architectural work in Hiep Thuan village of Ỷ La commune. Through many different historical periods, Ha Temple has been renamed many times. During the Ly period this temple was named Tam Ky temple, changed to the Tran dynasty with the name Hiep Thuan temple and until the post-Le dynasty was named Ha temple.Ha Temple - one of the famous spiritual tourist destinations of Tuyen QuangHa Temple is one of the famous temples of Tuyen

This is one of the very famous temples of Tuyen Quang province. This temple is intricately designed and carved in wood. The temple is the place to worship Mother Thuong thousands, princess Phuong Dung, son of King Hung. 

Legend has it that Ha Tuyen Quang temple . In the past, the king sent two princesses to inspect the local customs. When arriving at Tam Co wharf, the two princesses encountered a storm at night, so they flew to the sky. Therefore, every time there is heavy rain and wind, the people here pray for peace and feel very inspired. Since then, the people have set up temples.Ha Temple - one of the famous spiritual tourist destinations of Tuyen QuangPhoto: @ nguyenthihong181194

Ha Temple was built in 1738 and until 1878 was restored and repaired. In the south of 1991, Ha Temple was recognized as a national-level historical and cultural relic. This place is ranked as an extremely unique ancient architectural monument of Tuyen Quang province. Every year, the number of tourists coming here to visit the pagoda is very crowded. Therefore, the Ha Temple in Tuyen Quang is one of the famous tourist spiritual destinations known by Tuyen Quang many people.

2. Architectural beauty of Ha Tuyen Quang temple

Referring to Ha Temple in Tuyen Quang, visitors will feel extremely impressed. Because this temple has a very prominent and attractive architectural beauty. It is designed in the direction of foreign internal affairs with the main direction of East looking straight to the direction of Lo River. 

The front part of the court is a system of auxiliary gates consisting of four pillars. The impression of this sub-gate is that on each pillar there will be a floating phoenix. Next to the court is Lau Co with two temples. Next will be the Lau Te area and the Second Thuong thousand worshiping area. Finally, the Tam Phu area worships the First Thuong thousand. Ha Temple - one of the famous spiritual tourist destinations of Tuyen QuangPhoto: @ phnahh8686

The main room is arranged in a triangle shape with three different arcs. The palaces of Ha Tuyen Quang temple have the apex set at the altar position. Next to it will be hanging the bell and the day …

The most unique architectural beauty of Ha Temple is the very delicate wood carvings and billion mit. The columns, rafters and hammock doors and the upper salary are all very elaborately carved. The topics emerging above are mainly the four-elemental and the four-noble. 

The body of the column is carved in the shape of a Long flat aquarium. Therefore, the architecture of Ha Temple in Tuyen Quang always shows elegance and majesty. Ha Temple - one of the famous spiritual tourist destinations of Tuyen QuangPhoto: @thuhanggg

Rarely does any temple retain as much artistic value here. In addition, the temple also preserves many ancient treasures. Currently, these treasures are of very high value. Outstanding as a bronze bell or large-sized inauguration with 3 ancient statues, 20 edifices from ancient Le dynasty. The ordinations at the temple are imprinted with the imprint of time with literary content, praising the noble qualities of the goddesses who have supported the people for prosperity and peace.Ha Temple - one of the famous spiritual tourist destinations of Tuyen QuangPhoto: @ tungboo0107

The next impression when visiting Ha Temple is that the image of the statues inside the temple is designed very subtly. From the postures to the scarf or the decorations around the altar all exude majesty and attention in every detail.

3. New Year’s Spring Tourism Festival at Ha Temple 

Ha Tuyen Quang Temple Festival is held annually at the beginning of the year. From February 11 to 16 of the lunar calendar is the time when Ha Temple holds the festival. The activities held here are very exciting and majestic. Therefore, if you are planning to go to the spring of the year, choose the time of February to come to Ha Tuyen Quang temple to explore. Ha Temple - one of the famous spiritual tourist destinations of Tuyen QuangFebruary every year is the time to hold festivals at Ha Temple

This is a festival to pray for good rain, wind, good crops and a warm family. Therefore, this Tuyen Quang festival has a great attraction for tourists and local people. There are thousands of people participating in each festival. Because in addition to coming to pray for blessings, pray for family peace, come here to visit, visit the pagoda will also help people feel more relaxed and calm.

If you can arrange the time, please come here on the 11th and 12th of the negative February. Because this is a major holiday. From 6am, the procession of Princess Phuong Dung took place to the temple. The 12th will hold a ceremony to welcome Princess Ngoc Lan to Ha Temple. After that, the ceremony will take place after the procession of the two women is finished.Ha Temple - one of the famous spiritual tourist destinations of Tuyen QuangSample procession to Ha Temple

 During the procession, there will be lion dance, drum flag and the whole ward of the eight sounding ceremony. All activities held at Ha Tuyen Quang temple are very carefully prepared with palanquin palanquin, incense sticks and the whole group of elders accompanying the procession. 

When the festival takes place, where the procession procession goes, people and tourists go there eagerly. Therefore, the festive atmosphere here is very crowded and bustling. Many families living here also set up a ceremony to wait for the procession to pass through their house to pray for fortune and peace.Ha Temple - one of the famous spiritual tourist destinations of Tuyen QuangActivities taking place at the Ha Temple Festival always receive a lot of attention from visitors from all over the world

Residents and children will sit in a row as the dance passes. Because everyone wants to go through the palanquin for health and peace. Children who pass through will quickly eat, grow up quickly, adults who pass through will eat so they can make. This is a concept passed down from the past, so many people often tell each other to follow. 

After the ceremony is finished, the festival will take place. This section has a lot of folk games held. You can participate in games when you come to Ha Temple in Tuyen Quang to travel such as fighting chicken, eatery, singing, playing tam chrys …

Hope the above sharing will help you better understand the values ​​and beauty of Ha Tuyen Quang Temple . Wish you have a very happy and peaceful spring trip.