Come to Dance Cave at Ecolodge for a peaceful rest at the ‘The great wall of Vietnam’

Ninh Binh, do not know how to say enough about a land that is both dear and magnificent. And do not know since when this place becomes a familiar destination for tourists. Because in addition to the beautiful scenery and historical value, what many people often remind about Ninh Binh are the unique resorts. In which, Hang Mua Ecolodge is a unique name on the resort map in Ninh Binh. 

About Dance Cave, Ecolodge Ninh Binh 

Dance Cave Ecolodge is a beautiful resort located about 4km from Ninh Binh city. This place is located in Hang Mua tourist site and becomes a peaceful place for those who want to explore “ Little The great wall of Vietnam ” in Hoa Lu ancient capital. An introduction to the Ninh Binh Dance Cave EcolodgeThe resort is viewed from above

On the way here, visitors will pass immense green fields, the ancient village of Kha Luong, Tuan Cao. Coming here, a dreamy natural sky appears right in front of your eyes. In the distance is the mountain message Trung, where you will bring back a lot of soothing emotions. Hang Dance Ecolodge Ninh Binh(Photo: thuymiin.98)

Transportation to Dance Cave Ecolodge

Take the passenger car

From Hanoi you can get on the bus from My Dinh bus station or Nuoc Ngam bus station to get to Ninh Binh for about 150k / person. The journey will take about 1 hour and 30 minutes. After arriving, you take a taxi to get to this resort. Bus to Dance Cave, Ecolodge Ninh Binh Coach

Go by train

From Hanoi Station to Ninh Binh Station, it only takes you 2 hours with the fare about 100k / person (depending on the type of seat). The advantage of this medium is that you will be exploring the world of colorful looks like around the ship .. however inconvenient thing is when you will have to Ninh Binh station arrested a motorbike or taxi journey to get to purchase Ecolodge .Train to Dance Cave, Ecolodge Ninh Binh Train

Ride motobike

A motorbike trip to Ninh Binh from the Capital is definitely a great choice. Just run along the National Highway 1A to reach Ninh Binh. Continue to follow the signpost leading to Trang An tourist site . On the way there will be a guide to  Hang Mua Ecolodge resort  . Motorbike to Hang Dance Ecolodge Ninh Binh Motorcycle

Unique rooms at the Ecolodge Dance Cave

Dance Cave Ecolodge was built with 7 bungalows designed entirely in the architectural style of the Northern village. Each room usually has an area of ​​about 30m2 with a direct view to the garden, the landscape is both peaceful and airy. The interior of the room is used in a modern type to show the tradition and bring a luxurious experience for visitors. Architecture in Hang Dance Ecolodge Ninh Binh Reception hall 

From the outside, many people feel that this resort is somewhat simple with the designs made entirely from bamboo, bamboo and palm leaves. However, when entering, you will feel the shimmering beauty of the lanterns. In addition, the resort is also arranged 12 rooms with fully furnished and comfortable. Rooms at Dance Cave, Ecolodge Ninh BinhRoom has a wide view

The price list of rooms at Ecolodge Cave

Here is a price list that you can refer to before you leave (as of January 2021):

– Deluxe room type 25m2: 950k / night 

– Room of Rural House type 35m2: 1,250k / night

– Family room type 40m2: 1,850k / nightTicket price at Dance Cave Ecolodge Ninh Binh(Photo: nghiphuongnp)

The fascinating experiences at the Cave Dance Ecolodge

Experience the scenery of the northern countryside

Mua Cave, Ecolodge Ninh Binh has a total area of ​​40,000 square meters, designed to run along high limestone mountains. The campus here is very beautiful, interwoven among the towering mountains are immense and immense fields. At that time, visitors will be lost in a peaceful countryside with the image of green lakes, whispering bamboo banks, lush gardens. The attractive services at Hang Mua Ecolodge Ninh Binh(Photo: lamochilamarron)

The scene at the resort is likened to many people like a miniature version of Ha Long Bay with mountains and young water. If you want to immerse yourself in the pure nature, want to enjoy many Ninh Binh culinary specialties , come here now!Bathing in the outdoor swimming pool at Hang Dance Ecolodge Ninh Binh(Photo: linhlinh.traxanh)

Experience the outdoor activities at the Ecolodge Dance Cave

Possessing a prime location right next to the Hang Mua tourist site and an open garden, Hang Mua Ecolodge Resort allows visitors to comfortably experience many outdoor activities. Visitors can take a walk, bike ride or visit the nearby Thung Nham Bird Park . Experience outdoor activities at Hang Mua Ecolodge Ninh BinhSitting on the swing to watch the natural scenery 

The campus here is popular with many male tourists for its fishing activities. Children enjoy flying kites, learning about flowers, plants and trees. 

Explore Dance Cave 

Dance Cave, located at the foot of Dance Mountain, is an extremely HOT tourist destination in Ninh Binh. To rest in Ecolodge Cave, you only need to move a few minutes to reach the Gate of Dance Cave. At this time, you will successfully conquer 486 stone steps to set foot on the top and fully admire the scenery of Tam Coc and the charming and poetic beauty of Ninh Binh country. Interesting activities at Hang Mua Ecolodge Ninh Binh Dance Cave

Coming to Dance cave, it is impossible not to check in because the background here is so beautiful because the ideal height is highlighted by the scenery of rolling rocky mountains. In addition, you can admire skyscrapers and sophisticated sculptures. Standing in any corner, you will get thousands of likes photos. Dance Cave Ecolodge has nothing attractive Check in at Dance cave

What to eat at Ecolodge Dance Cave?

Inside the Dance Cave, Ecolodge Ninh Binh is built two modern restaurants with unique architecture in harmony with nature. The first is Hang Dance restaurant and a bar located between natural caves. Sitting from the restaurant, visitors can see a panoramic view of the vast valley right before your eyes. The Ecolodge Cave Dance  Resort seems to take advantage of the available advantages from nature to bring a gentle and peaceful campus for diners to enjoy. The menu at the restaurant is varied and plentiful. You can freely choose many delicious dishes from specialties of the Northern countryside to the unique cuisine of Ninh Binh. 

There are also many restaurants Lac Hong and Bar also chosen by many people. There are many delicious dishes that you cannot refuse such as goat meat, fish salad, elderberry, mountain snail, Yen Mac spring rolls, grilled chicken, … What to eat in Ninh Binh Dance Cave EcolodgeRoast chicken

Come to Dance Cave Ecolodge to feel the simple and romantic beauty in Ninh Binh. Make sure your trip will be more complete and emotional by the memories this resort brings. What are you waiting for, please pick up the phone right away to book a room too!

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