From A – Z experience in Ban Clear ecotourism for a team near Hanoi

A hard working week, if you intend to travel to the weekend near Hanoi, you must definitely not miss this experience of going to this Soc Son eco-tourism area.

There are many fun places around Hanoi on weekends. And Ban Rom is a very suitable place for camping, weekend picnic for you with friends. Please refer to the experience of going to Ban Rom Ecotourismbelow to make an interesting plan. 

Locating coordinates of Ban Rom eco-tourism area

Ban Clearm eco-tourism area is located in Quang Tien commune, Soc Son district, Hanoi city. Ban Rom tourist area is located about 40km from the capital center, this is a very interesting weekend tourist destination for young people. 
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Because it is not far from Hanoi, you and your best friends can come here to have fun and come back in the same day, or you can also stay here and camp overnight to get rid of the fatigue of a hard working week. . 

Experience to go to Ban Rom Ecotourism Area: Move

According to experience in Ban Rom Ecotourism Area , you can come to this place by car, motorbike, or by bus.

For traveling by bus: Then you can take bus number 56 or bus number 15 to get to Soc Son and then you take a motorbike taxi, taxi to go about 5km to reach the tourist area. Traveling by bus will help you to find your way around while saving on travel costs. 
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If you travel by car or motorbike, you can move along Nhat Tan – Noi Bai route, when you come to Noi Bai industrial park, look at the side of the road with signposts leading to Nui village, then turn left to Dong Quang dam. Next, you go to the big intersection, then turn right about 1.5km more to reach Ban Rom tourist area. 

The most appropriate time to arrive in Ban Clear

According to experience in Ban Rom Ecotourism , the most appropriate time to experience and explore here is in the summer. Meanwhile, the city of Hanoi is receiving hot weather, when coming here, you will be shielded by the canopies of the mountains and forests of Soc Son to shield you from the harsh sunlight. You will definitely enjoy a land of green trees, fresh air to help you relax, relax, and participate in those outdoor activities. 

What’s interesting at Ban Rom eco-tourism area?

Ban Rom Ecotourism Area is located in Soc Son district – famous for the green pine forests, immense, this place is also referred to as “Dalat of Hanoi”. The closer you get to Ban Rom tourist area, the more you can feel the extremely fresh and cool air – something that you rarely enjoy in the busy capital. This cool and fresh atmosphere alone is enough reason for you to leave Hanoi temporarily and come here every weekend. 
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In addition, Ban Rom is an ecotourism area with a total area of ​​up to 6ha, including fairy forests, vegetable gardens, livestock farms, Thuong Uyen gardens, pine forests, sandbanks, campsites, …. Diversified types of activities for you to do activities, visit with friends and loved ones.

According to the experience of going to Ban Rom eco-tourism area , this place will bring visitors a lot of interesting things. Surely Ban Rom will bring satisfaction to you in your vacation. If you are looking for a place to have a weekend, this place is definitely a perfect choice.

Camp at the resort

Experience of going to Ban Rom eco-tourism area said that this place is an ideal place for outdoor camping activities with “close friends”. Prepare a few favorite dishes, then open a BBQ party and mingle with the fresh nature, have fun with your friends, … just thought you wanted to carry your backpack and go. 
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And then, when sunset falls, by the campfire the group will have moments of gathering with songs echoing the mountains and forests. 

Organize Teambuilding

With large space without organizing Teambuilding, it is a waste, isn’t it. Coming to Ban Rom eco-tourism area, you will have moments of entertainment and relaxation with friends, colleagues, … contributing to improving the spirit of solidarity, teamwork, attachment, share,…..
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After the fun trip at Ban Rom , when you are comfortable both mentally and mentally, then surely your performance will be improved. 

Experience interesting activities

One of the experiences you need to know about the Ban Rom ecotourism area is that it is extremely suitable for children, as an outdoor course for children. Vom village has a growing area, orchard, sandy beach, etc. Children also directly take care of and feed familiar animals such as pigs, rabbits, chickens, goats, etc. to eat and drink water. 
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For children living and studying in the city, this will be one of the most interesting and new experiences, giving them many useful lessons that no modern school can bring. These new experiences will definitely make your kids extremely excited. 

Checkin live virtual at Ban Rom resort

Coming to a new land, a new place, check-in is definitely an “obvious” thing for young people, right. Ban Rom tourist area is where there are backgrounds for you to live in extreme virtual nature. At first glance, we can count countless virtual life corners, which are large football fields, tents, colorful amusement parks, even an extreme forest, … 
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You just need to stand in the middle of the vast, green pine forest, take one and you have a virtual live photo “thousand likes”. Or you can go to the famous wooden suspension bridge here, full of colors, create a lovely design, and tadaaa a “luxurious – fine – smooth” picture is born. 

In addition, this place also has a model of star deer so you can freely check in with the scenery as if it were in a jungle or some genuine clam safari area. 

Some notes when coming to Ban Rom tourist area

There will be some notes in your experience in the Ban Rom ecotourism area for you, please refer to the following notes to make your trip more interesting. 

  • On weekends, there are usually a lot of young people coming to Ban Rom resort, so if you plan to come here, go a little early to choose for yourself the best tent. 
  • Please have a full plan before coming here. If you go to a large group, you want to book a party, organize a meal, or need to prepare something … please contact the Ban Von eco-tourism area so they can prepare to help you. thoughtful way. 
  • If you want to be in nature, bring a sleeping bag and a tent. Although there are tents available in the tourist area, if you like, you can bring your own tent to be more active and comfortable.
  • Personal belongings are very essential for my picnic. Remember to bring enough toothpaste, facial cleanser, toothbrush, …. okay. In particular, do not forget to bring sunscreen, also anti-insect stings. 
  • During the process of moving, playing and operating at Ban Rom tourist area, you will most likely get rubbed. Remember to bring basic first aid supplies to protect yourself.
  • Cash and identity documents are something you must not forget while traveling. In Ban Ve not close to an ATM, it is best to prepare enough cash for your journey.

Above is the whole experience going to Ban Rom eco-tourism for you. Hope you will have a perfect and ideal weekend with your friends, colleagues and relatives here. 

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