Hanoi is so romantic, let’s go on a date!

Are you looking for a dating place in Hanoi that is so romantic and poetic? Save the list below, invite friends or that person to check-in all year round.

Because there are so many attractions and fun, sometimes it is difficult to choose an ideal dating spot in Hanoi , both romantic and sweet. Vietnam Travelers will quickly gather ‘fluttering’ dating places for the brothers and sisters and couples with all personalities, from peaceful, exciting, to crowded, noisy, …dating point in Hanoi-bychloenguyenHanoi is so beautiful, let’s go on a date! @bychloenguyen

Packed 3000 super romantic dating points in Hanoi

1. West Lake

This is considered the most romantic dating paradise in Hanoi . Having a cool, large space, always separate from the bustling noise of the street, that is why West Lake is loved by young people, to talk together, enjoy the breeze, and enjoy the scenery together. together watching the sunset, together, giggling a few jokes, …Dating place in Hà Nội -chanel88-min@ huongchanel88

Not only that, the cafes along the West Lake , restaurants, even the iced tea shops on the sidewalk around the lake suddenly become more romantic, lovely and chill. In each season, the color of the shirt around West Lake is replaced with yellow leaves in the fall, with the purple color of the mausoleum every summer, or the lake water is calm and green in winter, …Dating location in Hanoi - West LakeIdeal dating spot

Peace is like that, let your soul relax with the wind, with the murmur of trees, filling a chest of fresh air. Any couple who come here, do not miss a beat, like to cultivate love a little more addictive!

2. Long Bien Bridge

Crossing the vast Red River, Long Bien Bridge with a prime location, carries the flow of history and time. Ancient buildings, although wearing the color of rust, have a nostalgic and romantic feature that is difficult to say. From the bridge wall, watching the flowing water, looking at the lush green trees on both sides, and looking at the leisurely fishing boats, suddenly find a strange peace.Dating place in Hà Nội-cau-long-bienAncient and majestic Long Bien Bridge

Keeps the sunlight shining through the bridge shields, creating a clear and pure sun trail. The flow of people crossing the bridge is also slower, being spread with friends or that person on the bridge, making our hearts seem wider, letting our souls fly more. Couples seem to be ‘injected’ with more happiness, sending each other sweet words. It is wonderful, isn’t it?dating location in Hanoi-trieukimphuong_@Mr

At night, together ‘youth song’ we cook together at the water stalls on the bridge to heat, eat a piece of potato, grilled corn but strangely warm. This is definitely the most unique dating spot in Hanoi for you!

3. Hanoi Old Quarter

36 streets have long been a tourist destination in Hanoi, which tourists are eager to find and is also a familiar destination of Ha Thanh people, especially young people. However, few people can discover all the romantic, ancient beauty of each corner of Hanoi’s old town.Dating place in Hanoi - Old town-mimosa@Mimosa

With its beautiful French colonial architecture, the old town has become a sweet and poetic dating spot for couples. Imagine, nothing more romantic than when is the other half holding hands tightly walking on all the alleys of the old town, exploring old houses together, enjoying delicious street food, wandering about Hanoi’s golden tone cafe, sweet and sweet and see the street of a thousand years old? Then tell each other about the stories of the streets ‘Hang’ are both interesting stories behind.Dating place in Hanoi - Old town-waodate@Waodate

4. Hoan Kiem Lake pedestrian street

Hoan Kiem Lake has always been a familiar dating place in Hanoi for couples about to and in love. For those who love simplicity and love, dating at Guom Lake in the early morning or late afternoon, or even at night under shimmering lights is an extremely ideal choice.Dating place in Hanoi - Old Quarter@Fashion

Around the surface of the lake are rows of cool green trees, prominent ancient works on the lake surface such as The Huc bridge or Sword Lake Turtle Tower. Holding the hand of the person walking along the romantic walking path, watching the flow of people bustling in a lakeside cafe or together watching the romantic, romantic lake view will become an interesting experience for for you and that person. If you want to be active, you can participate in activities on the pedestrian street of dance groups, music groups, play games, …Dating place in Hanoi - Walking Street@TuArt

5. High altitude cafes

The high altitude restaurants or cafes in Hanoi are romantic dating places for close couples or associations. To both admire the streets of Hanoi with fanciful shimmering lights, crowded passersby while enjoying the warm, private atmosphere.Dating place in Hanoi-caothuy0810@caothuy0810

Normally, the cafes on high are usually luxurious destinations for couples to freely check in and live in the middle of a romantic scene with brilliant and magical candlelight. You can refer to some beautiful cafes in Hanoi with a very high view:

  • Trill Group Rooftop: Hei tower, No. 1 Wei Nhu Kon Tum
  • Skyline Hanoi: 38 Gia Ngu Street, Bac Hang
  • Top of Hanoi: 54 Lieu Giai, Cong Vi, Ba Dinh
  • Aries coffee: No. 1, O Cho Dua street
  • 6 degree: 218, Nghi Tam, Yen Phu, Tay Ho

Dating place in Hanoi-cafe-lim-fb@Limcoffee

6. Hanoi Cathedral

With a European-style construction design, St. Joseph Cathedral is one of the earliest Catholic architectural works in Hanoi – it is an ideal meeting place for young people and couples. dating location in Hanoi-Cathedral-dannnishere.xoxo_@dannnishere.xoxo_

Although you cannot enter the cathedral to participate in a ceremony, but here you can hang out in the inn, sit under the shade trees and many food shops, cafes, … that’s why, Church Street has become a frequent destination for young people in Hanoi. Especially when the night comes, this place is a sweet dating spot in Hanoi for couples who are infatuated with a passionate taste of love.Dating location in Hanoi-travelmag@travelmag

In the midst of an ancient scene with tall walls, curling domes and many pretty small windows, you will think you are dating in the quiet, ancient European sky.

7. Book Street

Being with a friend or that person wandering the book street, getting lost in the magical bookstore of dozens of authentic bookstores is the feeling of dating is both poetic and sweet. Especially when she likes to read books, you are likely to ‘sink’ in the book space all day. Then flip open a few interesting pages of my favorite book, together with the other person note a few qoutes, discuss about the author I like, … all of these will make your meeting become beautiful. and much more meaning.dating place in Hanoi - book street@Pali

She will definitely love it, and judge you as a subtle, knowledgeable person through the pages of the book. If you walk through Dinh Le Book Street, you can easily walk to visit Sword Lake or the nearby old town, which are all romantic dating spots in Hanoi !

  • Book Street December 19
  • Dinh Le Street
  • To Hieu Book Street

Dating place in Hanoi - book-halo street@HaloTravel

8. Dating point combined with entertainment

This is a category for young people who love excitement with entertainment services. These dating spots are major commercial centers, providing full services from dining, watching movies, playing games, to department stores, supermarkets, shopping, …dating location in Hanoi - aeon mall-dulichvietnam@dulichvietnam

Going to these centers, you will go all the time, you will not be bored, new and interesting things keep ‘hunting’ your eyes and make it difficult for you to leave. If you want to change the wind, you can book tickets to watch movies for privacy, or sit in milk tea shops, join the challenge game of picking up cotton animals, digging gold, jumping Au, skating, exploring aquarium. ..

  • Aeon Mall Long Bien
  • Aeon Mall Ha Dong
  • Vincom

Dating place in Hanoi - aeon mall-bestprice@estprice

9. Lotte Center building observatory

Why is this place? If you were to date in the highest space in Hanoi , watching everything from above, this dating experience is too worthwhile, right?Dating place in Hanoi-halo-lotte@Halotravel

Create a little surprise on the anniversary, or make a date to prepare for a confession, a surreal surreal space like an observatory is the right choice to try. That person will be startled and moved to tears right away. Note, you should visit at night for a more sparkling picture and watching the city at night is still much sweeter!Dating location in Hanoi-laptech@Laptech

Follow the dating point list in Hanoi above, have you been looking for the place yet? Pick up the phone and call that person or your best friends right away, and “appraise” these extremely beautiful romantic dating places!

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