Make a check-in contract to ‘fire up’ 8 extremely toxic Tet cafe cafes in Saigon

Go check-in right away, lest the trend is crowded, the 8 Tet cafes in Saigon are extremely beautiful!

“Tet is coming

Oh my dear brothers. “

Tet has arrived, can you change ava to welcome Tet? If not, then put your clothes on, go to these 8 Tet cafes in Saigon , take pictures to check-in for ‘fire’!Tet decor cafe in Saigon-steppe-bui@Steppe Bui

‘Love the belly’ of 8 Tet decor cafes in Saigon 

1. Pineapple Coffee & Tea

Hamlet is known as a cafe in District 1 that diligently changes space according to the seasons. Just the Christmas season, a cult has emerged because of the sweet Christmas check-in corner. When Tet comes, Khom brings the whole traditional Tet atmosphere back to his shop with pots of chrysanthemums, with peach apricots, with pomegranates, red couplets, with firecrackers, and a television shelf, also 20 years old.Tet decor cafe in Sài Gòn-khom-coffee@ Pineapple Coffee & Tea

From the courtyard to the inside of the restaurant, everyone was impressed with the meticulous decor space and quality of Khom. Don’t know where to take Tet photos , quickly come to Khom quickly, record a photo album, but nothing! Because of constantly updating the seasonal space, Khom is often crowded, especially on weekends or at night, so it is recommended that you come here at noon on weekdays!Tet decor cafe in Sài Gòn-khom-coffee@ Pineapple Coffee & Tea

Drinks at this cafe are also quite good, eye-catching pumpkin and of course serve all kinds of cakes you can try matcha with red velvet, a beautiful tea cake set for New Year’s Eve!Tet decor cafe in Sài Gòn-khom-coffee@ Pineapple Coffee & Tea

  • Address: 5 Tran Quy Khoach, Tan Dinh ward, District 1
  • Opening hours: 7:00 – 22:00

2. The Terra Pot Coffee

From the outside, you are extremely impressed with the red interior decoration of The Terra Pot Coffee. This Saigon decor cafe in Saigon  stands out with red envelopes hanging and hanging, with old sentences, firecrackers. A beautiful corner of the traditional New Year with a bunch of knitting, golden pig and pretty pots of daisies.Tet decor cafe in Saigon-the-terra-pot-coffee@The Terra Pot Coffee

In addition to the beautiful red and beautiful Tet decor corner right at the entrance, the inside of The Terra Pot Coffee still has countless mysterious living corners. The space is super wide, there are luxurious corners like the Mediterranean, or a corner of Dalat in the heart of the restaurant. With the open space, the flooding light comes here, you don’t have to worry about adjusting the camera’s parameters, because every angle has the best filter color – the color of natural light!Tet decor cafe in Saigon-the-terra-pot-coffee@The Terra Pot Coffee

In addition to familiar drinks such as tea, caffe, machiato, it also serves breakfast and lunch according to a very simple ‘West West’ concept, which can be bread with omelettes, pate, … or lemongrass bare egg noodles, …Tet decor cafe in Saigon-the-terra-pot-coffee@The Terra Pot Coffee

  • Address: 39 / 2A Dang Thuy Tram, Ward 13, Binh Thanh
  • Opening hours: 7:30 – 22:00

3. Our Tea Shop Ten Years Later

A lovely cozy space, where there are more than a hundred meticulously decorated virtual living corners, no sentences or lanterns, the Tea Shop just has a pot of cherry blossoms, a few baskets of dried flowers, also makes people I am lost in a cafe with a strong flavor of traditional Tet .Tet cafe decor in Sài Gòn-chung-ta-thao-quyen@ Thao Quyen

In particular, the delicious and delicious drinks made from natural tea such as tamarind, pink guava orange, lotus grapes are all mild, fragrant, sweet and everlasting. You will definitely not regret coming here!Tet cafe decor in Sài Gòn-chung-ta-thao-quyen@ Thao Quyen

  • Address: 75 Go Dau, Tan Phu
  • Opening hours: 7:00 – 22:00 

4. I’m Bistro

Tet decor restaurant in Saigon but combines Eastern European style. Have you ever thought of lanterns hanging in a green space, with red or orange walls or chandeliers, the Middle East wall?Tet decor cafe in Saigon-im-bistro-phamhoanganh_@Manhell

It seemed like nothing to eat, but at the I’m Bistro it made things so ‘cool’, with more European-style tea and tea tables, just called a friendlist, please make a noisy infor!Tet decor cafe in Saigon-im-bistro-phamhoanganh_@Manhell

At this restaurant, which offers a variety of appetizers, main courses, and desserts from Asia to Europe, you can try a few must try here such as Salmon Salad, Beefsteak with Carrots and Mushrooms or Crème dessert Brûlée is covered with a super-attractive greasy smooth cream!Tet decor cafe in Saigon-im-bistro-phamhoanganh_@Manhell

  • Address: 83 Nguyen Duy Trinh, District 2
  • Opening hours: 6:00 – 22:00

5. The Olla Cafe

Just bring red, white, traditional, innovative or ancient Chinese dresses to this cafe, so it’s called a seasonal check-in without posting all the photos! Just set a few corners of Tet decoration with subsidized style, with peach blossom, green banh chung, banh tet and red blossoms to light up a background for the sisters and brothers to live virtual!Tet decor cafe in Saigon - Deolla Cafe@Pearl

Although there is no fee for taking pictures, you should call the sufficient amount of water per person when entering the restaurant. The space of the restaurant is not too spacious, but on the first floor, the Tet decor area is fully equipped with light, so visitors are spoiled for visiting.Tet decor cafe in Saigon - Deolla Cafe@Pearl

According to many guests, the food and drinks at the ‘sweet much’ bar are suitable for the team, but you can completely order less sugar for tea and coffee.

  • Address: 80/20 Hoang Hoa Tham, Binh Thanh District
  • Opening hours: 08:00 – 21:30

6. Coffee & Flower Shop

It’s just a  Tet cafe in Saigon that is very cool, just please those who like Chinese décor, to wear gray cheongsam, red dresses.Tet decor cafe in Sài Gòn-Coffe-shop-Anh-Thu@Anh Thu

The Coffee & Flower Shop has a lot of unique Tet decorations, the first floor has a sky full of yellow apricots, and on the third floor, there are white peaches, red lanterns, and the outside campus is also bright red. As for the team that likes Korea, then stop by the second floor of the shop, then rent traditional hanbok to take pictures and live virtual.Tet decor cafe in Sài Gòn-coffe-shop-Tuan-Doan@ Tuan Doan

This cafe in Saigon serves quite basic drinks, such as coffee, juice, smoothies, and the price is with photography fee from 49 – 79k. Of course, it is only for visitors to take a virtual selfie, but if you come to take a New Year photo album and take fashion photos, take product photos, contact the shop for that fee!Tet decor cafe in Sài Gòn - Coffe - shop@ Tuan Doan

  • Address: No. 15 Nguyen Cu, p. Thao Dien, District 2, HCMC
  • Opening hours: 8:00 – 21:00

7. Chieu Coffee

With less than 1 month to go to Tet, you are still struggling to find places to take photos on Tet . Then, here is Chieu cafe, enough ‘way’ for you to come to take pictures by beautiful, beautiful red decor angles, on red clothes, ao dai, and von dresses with ‘spring travel’ early in ChieuTet cafe decor in Sài Gòn-Chiêu-dinh-huyen-trang-1@ Dinh Huyen Trang

Chieu has a cool and spacious space, the check-in corners are also separated so don’t worry about getting stuck on the Tet decoration background, there is a very unique lucky tree, you can write wishes and wishes. then hang it on the tree!Tet decor cafe in Sài Gòn-Chiêu-steppe-bui-1@Steppe Bui

You can try some strange drinks in Chieu such as: popcorn butter milk tea, fresh avocado milk tea but the price is quite soft, only from 35k, in addition, a few snacks for you with the ‘auntie’ association Le la confided that until late at night, there was salmon skin shaking with fragrant salted eggs, fragrant popcorn, … Chieu was true to see Tet!cafe-decor-decor-o-false-gon-cafe-decadent-page@ Dinh Huyen Trang

  • Address: 195 Pham Van Chieu, Go Vap
  • Opening hours: 7:00 – 23:00

8. Young Coffee & Tea

Find a taste of Tet at the cafe for young people, and in Young there is also a lovely Tet decor corner for you to ‘change the wind’. In addition to the red space outside, there is also a corner of the wall that is meticulously ‘dressed’ according to the old Tet concept. It was an old convex screen television, a very old flower blanket, a reed with red packets, red counterparts and a basket of five love fruits.Tet decor cafe in Saigon - young-nguyen-minh@Nguyen Minh

There is also an equally beautiful corner, with the red velvet curtain behind the back decorated with Saigon’s Ba Ba style, hanging the word Grapes and red packets and a few pots of chrysanthemums.Tet decor cafe in Saigon - young-nguyen-minh@Nguyen Minh

Drinks and food in Young are also quite diverse and of course decor is also beautiful. You should try the juices and fruit teas, make sure to drink them pure!

  • Address: 7/56 Thanh Thai, Ward 14, District 10
  • Opening hours: 09:00 – 22:00

Which of the 8 Tet decor cafes in Saigon have you been to above? If you know any other names, please share to let the Saigon brothers come check-in with me!

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