The top 15 reputable fortune-telling addresses in Hanoi are sought by many people

Watching fortune-telling has become a habit of many people, especially on the occasion of the New Year, everyone wants to see how their destiny, fame, and family religion are known to know how to avoid them. So, join us to find out about fortune-telling addresses in Hanoi that are recommended by people to try to see if they are suitable or not.

Discover reputable fortune-telling addresses in Hanoi

1. Ms. Yen Den Lu

She has a simple but very standard way of reading fortune-telling just by playing a deck of cards or when you come you bring the areca and betel card. Just remove the areca fruit to see all the things you are interested in, if you want to ask carefully, she will also explain. Besides, the money for the ceremony is not heavy, depending on the individual’s mind, so many guests love it. 

– Address: 27 Lot 6 Den Lu.Fortune telling address in Hanoi by betel and arecaPhoto: @ tmachh.s

2. Mr. Tung Long Bien

People often call him Tung or teacher Tung, this place looks at fortune-telling with all cards, hands and looks very well. Fortune telling is very real and straightforward, something said. On the issue of love, it is free to discuss, not only that, if you can have plastic surgery, you should do it every day carefully. Do not force people to come to the fortune-teller to do the ceremony, if necessary, he guides everyone to do the ceremony.

– Address: 235 Bo De, Long Bien.fortune telling address in Hanoi - Mr. TungPhoto: @fromtran

3. Ms. Ngoc Bach Mai

She is both a fortune teller and a servant, and is trusted by many customers, so if you want to come see it best you must book in advance. People often come to her to see her horoscopes in the month for good or bad. Besides, they also look at business issues, especially about picking up a bowl of incense to worship Than Tai, Earth Land. 

– Address: Alley 68, Alley Lien Phai Pagoda, Bach Mai.

– Phone number: 0989070339

4. Ms. Hoa Thuong Tin

This is the address to see fortune telling in Hanoi by playing cards , although it is very cheap each time, but she always enthusiastically watches for each person. Without forcing the ceremony, whatever happens to you in a lucky month, she warns them all, usually very standard, so many people come often. 

– Address: near Nhi Chau Pagoda – Thuong Tin.Fortune-telling address in Hanoi - Ms. HoaPhoto: @

5. Teacher Chau looks at the general

Although he did not set up a shrine to worship anything, it is very correct to view the generals or watch the hands and tell the West cards. Not only that, everyone who came to see it was also advised by teachers about many good things, set the ceremony freely, for those in difficulty, it was also free of charge, so many people loved it.

– Address: Giao Luu City apartment building, after Metro Pham Van Dong, Hanoi.

– Phone: 0169 2050 758

6. Mr. Long 

He specializes in viewing business issues, feng shui land, yin and yang. The way of working enthusiastically, thoughtfully and properly. Who is secretly coming to see, listen to the teacher advise to follow more prosperous. Remember to book in advance or you will run out of seats. 

– Address: 51 Tam Da.

– Phone: 037.9591.222fortune teller address in Hanoi - teacher LongPhoto: @owliehenna

8. Mr. Luong Gia Lam

All matters from love, family, study, … to the teacher who watches and hears say must nod deeply because it is too true. Therefore, he has a lot of people coming to see him as well as the incense of his disciple full of rich characters. Every time the field teacher is crowded with people to see. However, the teacher is very easy to schedule and celebrate the ceremony according to his mind and mind. 

– Address: Dong Du, Gia LamFortune-telling address in Hanoi - teacher LuongPhoto: @Tinhte

9. Mr. Van

The address of fortune telling in Hanoi is famous for many years. He specializes in looking at negative parts such as: earth, graves, ancestors of the family, … Everything you watch is very clear and detailed. . Not only that, this is also one of those who have been instrumental in building Thuong Ba Vi mother temple and sacred Stone Thien temple.

– Address: No. 43, Lane 55, Tran Phu Street, Van Quan, Ha Dong (Near Central University of Art Education).fortune teller address in Hanoi - Mr. VanPhoto: @ 12cungsao

10. Ms. Xuan Dong Anh

She has a very poisonous way of looking at fortune-telling, only with 10 thousand or 20,000 dong bills and must stay in your friend’s house overnight. When you go to see, you come straight from home and do not fall somewhere else, otherwise she will not watch. Go from the center of interest in the direction of National Road 3 to the traffic lights at Variant 4 Junction, turn left. Then go about 30 meters more, meet the first lane, turn in and go about 100 meters more to see her house.

– Address: Dong Anh town intersection, Hanoi.

– Phone: 0912788586Fortune-telling address in Hanoi - Ms. XuanPhoto: @Coocxe

11. Ms. Thuy Dong Da

She watched fortune-telling from 15 o’clock until late at night, she watched enthusiastically and carefully, so everyone would have to wait long for their turn. You set the ceremony arbitrarily, when she watched it should be quiet, avoid saying it again otherwise she will be sent off with displeasure.

– Address: 161 Kham Thien, Dong Da, Hanoi

– Phone number: 0948248886

13. Ms. Hoa Cane

She is a fortune teller, she was famous throughout Hanoi a few decades ago. Coming to the palace, she watched to pray for love, cut love, pray for fortune, relieve her, open the palace, … she all helped to be satisfied. Everyone can watch other places and then need to celebrate, come to her or watch at her house. Note that when going to the temple, she must be sincere, all matters of ceremony and worship, she will guide and enthusiastically. 

– Address: Commercial Zone, Hamlet Doai Giap, Duong Lam Commune, Son Tay, Hanoi.Fortune-telling address in Hanoi - Ms. HoaPhoto: @thanhnien

14. Co Hang Thien (An Khanh)

One of the most prestigious fortune-telling addresses in Hanoi . Her church worships the Buddha, has fortune telling about everything from love to graves. Anyone who has a disease and has a good relationship with her will recover the medicine. She does not accept the ceremony, only helps to eliminate the sickness, regardless of the honorable money. Before coming, remember to call her to schedule. 

– Address: Ngai Cau nursery garden, An Khanh, Hoai Duc, Hanoi.

– Phone number: 0977179008Fortune-telling address in Hanoi - Ms. HangPhoto: @Pinterest

15. Mr. Tru – Nguyen An Ninh

He has seen horoscopes for nearly 2 decades, so the price is very high, the lowest is about 300,000 VND. In return, the teacher is meticulous, reputable, new to draw on your hand to see so it takes a lot of time. Especially, whoever says the standard date, time and month of birth, he can see it or not, he doesn’t accept money to say um. People often ask him to show the big events in life, the right direction. The love story of the teacher did not win, so many people believed. 

– Address: House No. 10bk22, Lane 55 Nguyen An Ninh, Hoang Mai, Hanoi.fortune-telling address in Hanoi - teacher TruPhoto: @fromtran

The story of fortune, love or fame, fortune of each person wants to catch the year to go in the right direction, correct the wrong. Across the capital, there is no shortage of places to see fortune-telling, but how to find the right place to see fortune-telling in Hanoi that has both heart and prestige should also be noted. The above are some places that many people come and trust, hope you will find the right place most effective for you to experience this unique culture of Hanoi . 

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