Pink apricot beans along the coast of Vung Tau

BA RIA – VUNG TAU From a distance, apricot beans look like cherry blossoms, making many tourists think of Da Lat in the cold days at the end of the lunar year.

From the end of December, the apricot blossom cluster at the foot of Nho mountain (Tao Phung mountain), along the road of Ha Long, began to bloom, attracting many people to admire and take pictures.

Apricot is a tree of the legume family and has many other names such as cherry scallop, apricot blossom, peach bean, cherry bean, fake cherry. The reason for calling apricot beans is because the tree has fruits like beans (beans) and flowers on Tet occasion like apricot flowers. Vung Tau people used to call apricot beans the tropical cherry blossom.

Apricot flowers bloom in each region, from December to around February, close to the Lunar New Year, so they are also considered spring lilies such as cherry blossoms and apricot flowers. The flowers grow in clusters in the axils of the leaves, are pink or white in color, shaped like a lily, not fragrant like white porcelain.

The tree grows around the foot and along the side of Small mountain. From the top of the mountain, look down on Nghinh Phong cape with brilliant scenery before the turn of the new year.

“Lonely” apricot tree under Con Heo hill, close to Ha Long road, many people come to take pictures. Through research, this apricot blossom tree has flowers evenly, less petals drop than coastal trees, often swept away by the wind, quickly fading. The best time to take pictures is in the morning from 7:00 am to 8:00 am.

Ms. Nguyen Thi Lieu Co (Vung Tau City) feels satisfied because there are many photos taken with apricot blossom: “Looking at the blooming flowers, I see spring is very close, so every Tet comes here to take pictures. It is very proud that the homeland has such beautiful trees ”, she shared. Photo: NVCC

Ms. Dieu Phuong and Anh Phi often sit under the canopy to watch the sea in the morning. Ms. Phuong said that at the end of the year, the cold weather to watch apricot beans made her feel like she was in Dalat.

And Anh Phi also said that this flower is fast and does not bloom once. The flowers do not bloom at the same time or by region. Currently, the flowers bloom at the foot of Small Mountain, a few days later, they will appear on the way to Big Mountain (Tuong Ky mountain), so if you want to see the flowers, you have to go around the city.

The path to the statue of Christ the king is shaded with apricot blossom.

In the past, many people knew how to park apricot blossom with 2 km long flower road from Long Hai to Phuoc Hai, now this flower is more interested in people in Vung Tau city. Due to the beautiful flowers and blooming in the Tet season, some tourist areas here have grown in large quantity to serve visitors.

Huynh Nhi/vnexpress