Camping experience in Da Lat: suggestion of destination and necessary note

From the misty mountain peaks, the towering hill to the dreamy lake; camping in Dalat is ideal with countless attractive destinations, bringing you memorable memories in the beautiful city of flowers.

Camping experience in Da Lat: some necessary notes

Camping in Da Lat city as well as elsewhere, each location has its own unique climate and topography. Therefore, in order for your picnic trip to be smooth, there are some important things to note below.

Pay attention to the weather

With activities like outdoor camping, weather is a huge impact factor, deciding whether your trip is going smoothly or not. In general, every season of the year, Dalat has a temperate climate, often quite cold at night. However, it should be noted that avoid going in the rainy season (from September to December) every year, as the weather is cold and rainy. camping in Dalat choose nice weatherPhoto: @

Choose the right location

Besides the weather issue, according to experience, Dalat handbook choosing the right place is also very important. The city has no shortage of such destinations, but you must see if you and everyone have the experience, want to go far or near. Eg:

If you want to camp in the city center, you don’t have to move much, you should go to Xuan Huong Lake or Tuyen Lam Lake.

– If you want to go camping with cloud hunting in Da Lat and have experience, it will be more beautiful to go to the hills or the top of Langbiang mountain.

– Immerse yourself in the wild scenery to Ma Rung Lu Quan .

– Enjoy the peaceful scenery, enjoy the romantic scenery, then go to the Golden Valley.camping in Da Lat - Xuan Huong LakePhoto: @ chubby1603

What to prepare before camping in Da Lat?

Organizing overnight camping has a lot to prepare, with full rental places you just need to bring personal belongings. But for remote places, there is no camping service in Dalat , you need to learn to bring it. Some things need to prepare such as:

– Bring camping tents, blankets, it is necessary to add sleeping bags and insulation sheets as possible because the temperature is low at night, helping to keep the body warm.

– Don’t forget to prepare food, drinks and food, so be prepared for easy cooking. Loudspeaker, decorative lights, traveling chair, kitchen, firewood, … 

– Plastic bag or waterproof to put things in, avoid rain or mist getting wet. Besides, bring a garbage collection bag to throw away when you go home, not litter indiscriminately. 

– Always carry warmers and flame retardants. camping in Da Lat - things need to be preparedPhoto: @Notour

Rent camping gear in Da Lat

In the flower city there are many places for you to rent camping gear. Usually the rental price of some items will be as follows:

– Tents: ranging from 120k – 200k / day for tents 2 to 6 people, free to borrow insulation sheets to cover under.  

– Lighting: 15k / day.

– Sleeping bag to keep warm: 20k / bag / day.

Charcoal stove: 30k – 50k / day, depending on the size of the kitchen.camping in Da Lat - renting a tentPhoto: @nlhienvu

Nice campsite in Dalat

Dalat is a dreamy plateau with a beautiful natural landscape. Therefore, there are many places to camp here, each with its own unique scenery and impression. If you are looking for a suitable place to stop, you can consult the places below.

Mountain Langbiang

This is always a top favorite destination for tourists, especially cherry blossom season. The mountain has 3 peaks and 2 of which can be camping are the top of the Radar hill and the top of Hon Ba. Although it is a place with beautiful scenery, the way to move is difficult, especially climbing to the top of Hon Ba up to 2,176m. plus on the high mountains, the weather is harsh, so most of them are for those who have experienced trekking. camping in Da Lat - Langbiang mountainPhoto: @Pinterestcamping in Da Lat - Langbiang mountainPhoto: @ phucle1204

Golden Valley

Dalat Golden Valley is also in the top camping locations in this city that you should go to. It owns a peaceful natural landscape, surrounded by green pine forest, wide grass hill. Roads through forests or lakes are immense and peaceful. Tourists come here to camp often choose 2 places to set up tents, which are on Dan Kia lake or across the hill to Suoi Vang lake next to the famous lonely pine tree. Campfire at night, eating baked goods, singing. In the morning, get up early to watch the scenery of mist and clouds.camping in Da Lat - Golden valleyPhoto: @hoangdigitalcamping in Da Lat - Suoi Vang lake, Golden valleyPhoto: @ thangwin13

Thien Phuc Duc Hill

This hill located only 7km from the city center is also the ideal camping site for you to choose. Wild scenery, looking down at the beautiful little houses below. One day here will have many memorable memories, spoiled for checking in. You should come here from afternoon to watch the sunset and set up a tent. The night came together to light fires, cook food and watch the stars. Get up very early in the morning to hunt clouds and wait for dawn on the mountain town. camping in Da Lat - romantic Thien Duc Phuc hillPhoto: @ cherry.381camping in Da Lat - Thien Duc Phuc hillPhoto: @ hoangminh.dg

Hon Bo Peak

Called Hon Bo, this place is actually quite high, at 1709m above sea level, so it is quite difficult to climb to the top, following small and steep trails. Up to the place will be flatter with green grass, surrounded by romantic pine forest. Young people often come to this campsite in Da Lat to set up tents, set camp fires in the afternoon and check in the wild scenery. Get up in the morning, hunt clouds, watch the sunrise and enjoy the fresh air.camping in Da Lat - watching the sunset at the top of Hon BoPhoto: @ chubby1603camping in Da Lat - Bo islandPhoto: @__phatnguyen__

Tuyen Lam Lake

Located only 6km from the center, so this place is sought by many people because of its fast and convenient movement. Possessing a variety of scenery from forests to waterfalls and immense lakes, there are many activities outside camping to combine participation such as boating, climbing, fishing, … enjoy the fresh air. . You can choose to set up a camping tent near the lake or climb to the top of Pinhatt to combine the beautiful clouds. camping in Da Lat - admiring the scenery of Tuyen Lam LakePhoto: @ lehang1206camping in Da Lat - Tuyen Lam lakePhoto: @herahelix

Da Phu Hill

As one of the famous cloud hunting spots in Dalat  , Da Phu hill is also an ideal place where you can camp overnight. If you want to go a little further from the city to be immersed in the wilderness, this hill will make you fall in love. Because it is not well known, it is not exploited for tourism, so it still has its rustic beauty. However, walking through the steep slopes to the top of the hill to enjoy the romantic beauty of Korea, camping to see the city in the distance will be an unforgettable journey.camping in Da Lat - hunting clouds on Da Phu hillPhoto: @ marialisa021688camping in Da Lat - Da Phu hillPhoto: @ciphithuong

Ghost Forest Lu Quan

The tourist area is located in the deep forest in Lac Duong, 20km from the center, but it is extremely popular with tourists. To get here, you have to turn the forest through a bumpy road, the suspension bridge at the outskirts, Ma Rung Lu Quan appears as a mysterious village. People who come here in addition to resting at the bungalows by the lake with bright purple flower trellises also like to organize camping on the big lawn. During the day, we go around playing games, when night falls, we burn the campfire, sing and sing happily together. camping in Da Lat - Lama Forest Lu QuanPhoto: @ vonhattan92

Holidays or weekends come to Da Lat, instead of sleeping buried in four-walled rooms. Why not go to places close to nature at famous campsites in Da Lat , have a fun picnic. Make sure this will be an enjoyable experience that you will love so much. 

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