Phu Quoc in the eyes of tourists visitors

KIEN GIANG – Benjamin Tortorelli, a French, thinks that Phu Quoc is the only island in Vietnam he can play all week without being bored.

Benjamin Tortorelli has lived and worked in Ho Chi Minh City for the past 10 years. In January 2020, he had the opportunity to visit Phu Quoc for 6 days and capture the scenery here. This is Ben’s third visit to Phu Quoc. He rented a motorbike and drove around the island to explore and take pictures.

About the set of photos, Ben said: “I love Vietnam and its people. Photography is a way to show how wonderful this country is. I hope through my photos, there will be many tourists want to come here “.

Photo was taken at An Thoi fishing port. In the early morning, from 5am – 5:30 pm, visitors can come here to watch the sunrise and watch the boats return to the shore. Ben also talks to locals often and sees these as unique and unforgettable memories.

Ben’s favorite activity in Phu Quoc is to visit small islands such as Xuong Island, Mong Tay Island, Gam Ghui Island … He commented that the scenery here is “unbelievably beautiful”, and is a paradise for photography lovers.

In the wild, Ben recorded the image of animals of the Emerald Island such as dogs, geckos, monkeys … On the photo is a monkey marmoset in the zoo.

Ben rated Phu Quoc as the only island in Vietnam where people can play all week without getting bored, because there are many activities to experience and many places to visit.

The French tourist shared that he did not like to take pictures in the past and thought it was time consuming. In 2018, on a trip, Ben was given a new phone by his wife. He started taking test shots, got excited and spent hours watching YouTube video tutorials to improve his skills. Then he bought a camera and started going out more, capturing the rhythm of life and the views of the places he went.

Sunset shot at Vietnam’s Largest Theme Park. “I think photography has changed who I am. I pay more attention to the life around me, things that I used to ignore. Now, I always look for good things, even now. on the way to work, “said Ben.

Ngan Duong/vnexpress

Photo: Benz.mind