The reason why Tet tourism in Nha Trang is ‘extremely appropriate’, what are you waiting for without changing the wind?

Taking a luxurious vacation or enjoying peace, to recharge before the beginning of a new year with lots of prosperity is what you will get when choosing Nha Trang as a destination for this Lunar New Year. 

Besides going home, reuniting with relatives and enjoying a warm reunion, many people choose to travel to “change the wind” or update trends with friends and relatives. Nha Trang is the ideal meeting place for many people for a Lunar New Year trip because of its beautiful scenery, friendly people and many fun spots. If you are still wondering about the destination for your upcoming trip, the reasons to travel to Tet in Nha Trang will definitely make you feel satisfied when choosing this famous coastal city. 

The reason to travel to Tet in Nha Trang Nha Trang, a great meeting place for the Lunar New Year tour. Photo: @ -an_sunray

Revealing the reasons why Tet tourism in Nha Trang does not need to be adjusted 

Nha Trang’s weather during Tet is very favorable

Compared to other tourist destinations across the country, Nha Trang is one of the places with the most favorable weather on the Lunar New Year. The weather for Tet holidays in Nha Trang has no rain and sunshine with an average temperature of 26 to 30 degrees C in the daytime and at night about 22 degrees C, it is cool. Therefore, coming to Nha Trang on this occasion, you can comfortably participate in activities to experience, swim, visit and check the famous tourist destinations of this coastal city. 

The reason for traveling to New Year in Nha Trang with nice weather The weather in Nha Trang during Tet holiday is very beautiful, sunny, and cool. Photo: @ Phuong.anh.17.09

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Nha Trang is “Pearl of the Far East” with many beautiful check-in points 

This is one of the reasons why Tet tourism in Nha Trang makes many people most satisfied. It is one of the most beautiful coastal cities in the country with many beautiful landscapes and harmonious natural landscapes. 

The reason for traveling to Tet in Nha Trang has many check-in points“Pearl of the Far East” has countless beautiful check-in spots. Photo:

The reason for traveling to Tet in Nha Trang has many check-in pointsPoetic islands attract tourists. Photo: Zing

For those who love the sea, Nha Trang is a dream destination with beautiful beaches and romantic islands. Traveling to Nha Trang on Tet holiday , you can enjoy immersing yourself in cool water, playing with silver waves or experience countless marine tourism activities such as snorkeling, swimming, kayaking, surfing. windsurfing, parachuting …

The reason for traveling to Tet in Nha Trang has many check-in pointsThe sports activities on the sea here are very developed. Photo: @ yennhi3103

The most popular destinations you can check-in during this Tet holiday are Hon Mun, Hon Tam , Diep Son Island, Vinpearl Land Nha Trang, Hon Chong, Nha Trang Institute of Oceanography , Dam Mon, Binh Lap, Ninh Van, …

Nha Trang has many beautiful temples suitable for visitors to Cau An pagoda 

Going to the pagoda during the Lunar New Year is a long tradition of Vietnamese people, coming to Nha Trang, you can visit many famous temples with hundreds of years of cultural history and enchanting beauty. Some temples that you can visit in Nha Trang during this Tet holiday such as Long Son Pagoda, the largest and most beautiful temple in Nha Trang, Suoi Do pagoda, sacred in the slopes of Hoang Nguu mountain, Tu Ton pagoda, the only temple Most in Nha Trang is located on an island, Quan Am Nam Hai Pagoda with charming scenery of feng shui. 

The reason should travel to Tet in Nha Trang pagoda Nha Trang has many beautiful temples, notably Long Son Tu. Photo: @ -A_ton

The reason should travel to Tet in Nha Trang pagoda Po Nagar Tower is also an impressive architectural destination of Nha Trang. Photo: @hanoian_jenny

Development of tourism and entertainment services 

In addition to beautiful beaches and islands, Nha Trang also owns many beautiful resorts, along with famous integrated entertainment and entertainment areas. This is also the reason why Tet holiday in Nha Trang because you will enjoy the most classy tourist facilities. 

The reason should travel to Tet in Nha Trang pagoda The positive resorts in Nha Trang are very diverse and many of them meet international standards. Photo: @rbccvx.

Nha Trang has a series of world-class resorts, spas to meet the needs of relaxation and relaxation of many tourists. Besides, places such as artificial hot mineral area, mini mud lake or Sea amusement park Sealife, Phu Dong water park, Wonder Park Nha Trang, Vinpearl Land are also attractive destinations. 

The reason should travel Tet in Nha Trang amusement park Wonder Park attracts visitors in Nha Trang. Photo: @ kinie.nhu.

Diverse cuisine 

One of the reasons that the tourism industry in Nha Trang is so prosperous is that cuisine, this beautiful coastal city possesses a very rich culinary scene with countless unique dishes. As the land of the sea, most of the specialties here are mostly seafood such as lobster, oysters, lobster, squid …

The reason for traveling to Tet in Nha Trang for food Nha Trang cuisine captivates visitors with countless attractive dishes. Photo: @sheratonnhatranghotel

The reason for traveling to Tet in Nha Trang for food The divine Mai fish salad. Photo: @annietaste

Some dishes have been identified in Nha Trang such as seafood pancakes, jelly noodle, grilled spring rolls, Nha Trang bread, roasted beef, … If the reason for your Tet holiday in Nha Trang is cuisine Please check-in immediately the famous food streets here such as Thap Ba snail street, To Hien Thanh food street, Nha Trang night market, To Hien Thanh food street, Pham Van Dong seafood street. 

With the above list of very convincing reasons to travel to Tet in Nha Trang , surely you will not have to hesitate too much when choosing a destination to travel for the upcoming long Tet holiday. Quickly book your tickets and go to Nha Trang on this Tet holiday to “get ready” for a full of excitement. 

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