5 delicious Dalat butter cream shops will be blown away

Dalat not only has many baked rice paper shops, tiny commercial breads … Dalat butter cream shops also contribute to creating a unique culinary map, attracting tourists every time to this city. 

What’s so attractive about Dalat buttercream?

If you once set foot in Da Lat and explore the delicious food here, you will see many simple specialties, but if anyone enjoy it once, they will have to remember forever. The most famous of which is the delicious, greasy buttery cream. Although there are many places where avocado is grown throughout the Central Highlands region, Dalat avocado ice cream shop still has its own charm.Dalat butter cream shops are famous everywherePhoto: @ hoangphuong.ntDalat butter cream shop made from quality butterPhoto: @ truongvan87

This delicious Dalat dish has appeared here for decades. Now, it has many different ways to make variations and is also available in many other provinces, but tourists coming here to travel are still eager to enjoy the quality glasses of butter cream in Dalat. Although in small and beautiful ice cream shops, in a cold weather, it is still amazingly delicious.Dalat butter cream shop - delicious foodPhoto: @ kem31mui

The famous Dalat butter cream shops

1. Phoenix buttercream Dalat

The leading butter cream shop is famous because it has been around for decades. Previously, it moved to Da Lat market to Nguyen Van Troi street. But the number of visitors is always as crowded as before, never stopped being waiting. Not only has the “luxurious” design or the spacious and airy space. This address must always be attractive because of its own traditional flavor.Dalat butter cream shop - Phung is a long timePhoto: @ yunakim12

Making long-time heirlooms into familiar hands, customers gradually enjoy them as well. Phung Da Lat Butter Ice Cream Shop serves fresh, creamy glasses with pure flavor, rich coconut milk scent at low prices. In addition, there are many other delicious dishes such as coconut ice cream, fruit ice cream, … are also loved by young people. 

– Address: 97A Nguyen Van Troi Street, Ward 2, Da Lat City

– Opening time: 8:00 – 21:00Dalat butter cream shop - Phung restaurant Photo: @ gauu7719546

2. Thanh Thao butter cream shop in Dalat

Discovering Dalat’s cuisine, this is a familiar address that young people spread to enjoy each other when they come to this city. Thanh Thao buttercream also has many years of opening, new space with 2 spacious floors. Although the design is simple, but it looks very eye-catching. Dalat butter cream shop - Thanh Thao shopPhoto: @soupcansmell

Particularly for the butter cream, the aromatic flavor of durian, smooth butter combined with cool cream. Eat in and feel the sweetness just right, not too harsh, so it’s easy to eat. In addition, you can also try many other delicious dishes such as: plan cake, coconut cream or smoothie, juice, …

– Address: No. 76 Nguyen Van Troi Street, Ward 2, Da Lat City.

– Opening time: 7:00 – 22:00Dalat butter cream shop - cheap Thanh ThaoPhoto: @mayisuggest__

3. Buttercream – Nari tea 

This is also the address of Da Lat butter cream shop which is widely reviewed by customers, located on Nguyen Van Troi Street with other shops. Although born later, but everyone judged that the quality is not inferior. The butter and cream taste dissolve in the mouth, adding fatty durian whoever tries it once is an indomitable love. Dalat butter cream shop - Nari shopPhoto: @namheekilDalat butter cream shop - a delicious Nari restaurantPhoto: @maianhvk

In addition to the main butter cream dish, the restaurant also has a diverse menu with many other options. You can choose more dishes: tea, milk tea, coconut ice cream, fruit plate, … Fast service shop, friendly staff. The bar space is very suitable for gathering with friends after a short walk and visiting the city of flowers . 

– Address: No. 74C Nguyen Van Troi Street, Ward 2, Da Lat City.

– Opening time: 9:00 – 22:00Dalat butter cream shop - Nari ice cream shop Photo: @ ng.thhanh

4. Touch Butter Cream & Coffee Dalat

If you regularly monitor and evaluate restaurants in Dalat, this is a highly appreciated address. From the super beautiful “virtual living” space, the quality of the dish, the presentation to the quality of service are indispensable. Also serving diners dishes of Da Lat under 50k , but butter cream at Tap restaurant is more new.Dalat butter cream shop - Touch the Butter Cream & Cafe DalatPhoto: @lethu_autumnDalat butter cream shop - Touch the Butter Cream & Cafe DalatPhoto: @ sam.10496

Not only milk or coconut milk, ice cream is also made from fresh butter, so you should eat it with double fat. Combined with avocado smoothies and different kinds of attractive toppings such as: dried coconut, roasted peanuts, butter, … chew into mouth. This Dalat buttercream shop is so delicious that not only eat it on the spot but also have to buy it to bring you to eat.

– Address: No. 27 Nguyen Trai, Ward 9, Da Lat City.

– Price from: 15,000 – 55,000 VND

– Opening time: 07:00 – 22:00Dalat butter cream shop - Touch the Butter Ice Cream & Cafe Dalat check in beautifullyPhoto: @ _sally.vu_

5. Ms. Huyen butter cream shop

In the delicious butter cream shops in Dalat , Ms. Huyen shop is also very famous. Although the shop is located in the Dalat market, it takes a bit of effort to find the right place, but in return, with many years of experience, her buttercream contains its own flavor. The avocados are about to be carefully selected, so when enjoying more coconut milk, it is both smooth and fatty.Dalat butter cream shop - Ms. Huyen shop, Dalat marketPhoto: Delicious TV

Ms. Huyen’s buttercream is not as sweet as elsewhere, in addition, it is not ready-made, but customers buy it, so it is always quality. The salesgirl is friendly and friendly, the stalls are small but there are many other delicious dishes to choose from such as: taro tea, water-drift cake, mixed tea, … I don’t feel bored eating it all the time. 

– Address: Dalat Market

– Price from: 10,000 – 15,000 VND

– Opening hours: all dayDalat butter cream shop - Ms. Huyen shop, Dalat marketPhoto: @Thanhnien

The map of delicious dishes of Da Lat city is expanding day by day, including familiar specialties or new imported dishes. Buttercream recently has also appeared in many places with new variations, not just in this misty mountain town. But it is certain that these delicious Dalat butter cream shops  still retain their own mark in the hearts of customers. If you have not had the opportunity to enjoy it all, take notes to come gradually in your upcoming trips!

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