‘Come see you again’ season, Vung Tau apricot blossom blooming brightly

Come to see you again, every year at the end of the 12th lunar month, Vung Tau apricot blossom season blooms, blooming bright pink, signaling spring!

The apricot blossom is known to be a wild plant that only grows on rocky mountains and blooms only for a short time. Many people see the season of Vung Tau apricot blossom bloom, they still think this is a cherry blossom, because it blooms every spring and the color of the flower is as mild as that flower.apricot blossom season in Vung TauVung Tau apricot blossom season blooms. Photo: Ti Ni

When did the apricot flowers bloom in Vung Tau?

At the end of negative December, the apricot blossom cluster at the foot of Tao Phung mountain, along Ha Long street and many other places in Vung Tau city, begins to bloom, blooming pink colors, people come to visit and watch the flowers. And taking pictures, in the season of apricot blossom, this place becomes a virtual live photography spot in Vung Tau that is hunted by young people.apricot blossom season in Vung TauVung Tau apricot flowers bloom at the end of the December lunar month. Photo: appmost

Apricot in the legume tree also has other dear names such as fake cherry, persimmon, cherry scallop. Perhaps that is why local people are used to calling this flower the tropical cherry. If you look from a distance, many people think that they are lost in the cherry blossom season in Da Lat in the last days of the lunar year. Vung Tau apricot blossom season blooms at the end of December of the lunar calendarMany people mistakenly think this is cherry blossoms in Dalat. Photo: Halo

In bloom at the time of the Lunar New Year, the pink apricot blossom season in Vung Tau is considered as a flower that signals spring as apricot, peach blossom. Each cluster of rose blooming color axillary color, pink or white pink. The apricot blossom sepals are bell-shaped with many red spots, serrated flower lobes, and wreath like wings hovering in the wind. Although not fragrant, but this flower makes many people fascinated by the flowers blooming in branches, ecstatic.The apricot flowers form a pinkish clusterThe apricot flowers form a pinkish cluster. Photo: Huynh Nhi

Where is the most beautiful bloom in Vung Tau apricot blossom season?

Traveling to Vung Tau on this occasion, visiting Nghing Phong cape, you will be overwhelmed by the brilliant pink scenery of apricot flowers, signaling that a fresh spring is about to return, couples also take advantage of this time. Visit the apricot blossom bloom locations for wedding photography, capture a romantic moment that only occurs once a year!The apricot blossom season in Vung Tau-myanhThe path of blooming apricot flowers. Photo: My Anh

Vung Tau apricot blossom forest is often concentrated in the Long Hai and Phuoc Hai areas, the 2km long sea road along the Ngot Ngot pass to Long Hai sea is immense, brilliant apricot trees on both sides of the road. Even you are confused as if you were lost in the land of cherry blossoms, on both sides of the road, the colors of flowers are full of vitality, turning the tone in the sky of this peaceful coastal city!Vung Tau apricot blossom season makes people infatuatedPink apricot makes people infatuated

Pig Hill is also a place to see the apricot flowers you should not miss. Exact coordinates of Con Heo hill near the back beach of Vung Tau, just go straight into alley 220 Phan Chu Trinh to arrive. Although located on the mountain, it is extremely safe to find you. Coming to Con Heo hill , you can not only admire the cherry trees but also admire the whole Vung Tau city.

On this hill, there is also a ‘lonely’ apricot tree located next to Ha Long, and many people stop to take pictures. And was shared by the photographic wing that this lonely tree, because it grows quite windy, is flowery, less swept by the sea breeze and lasts longer, so always looking at the tree is full of vitality, especially morning from 7 to 9 am.Apricot flowers on the foot of Small mountain-huynh-nhi-2Apricot flowers on the foot of Nho Mountain Photo: Huynh Nhi

In addition, you can also watch the Vung Tau apricot blossom season on Tran Phu street, one side is the murmuring sea of ​​waves and lulling waves, the other side is a row of blossoming snow, pink embracing the tree trunk. pure, gentle, eye-catching.

If you want to immerse in even more peaceful scenery, you can visit the Chan Khong Monastery and the Bodhi Temple. Here, you will be able to see the pink color of apricot flowers on the roof of the pagoda and wooden fence or stop by the water shop halfway up the mountain. The apricot flowers in Vung Tau are fragileThe apricot flowers in Vung Tau are fragile. Photo: Vntrip

From Ha Long street, turn to a small road to Hai Dang – Little mountain, you can also see the city with flower ranges running along the mountains in full bloom. Driving through roads with pink apricot blossom color, suddenly feeling excited, like spring also bustling, Tet is about to arrive, ignoring all troubles and fatigue of the year. old, clean up your worries, and wait for spring to come as the signal of this Vung Tau apricot flower .Flowering season in Vung Tau apricot blossom bloomCouples take advantage of the blooming season for wedding photos. Photo: Huynh Nhi

At the end of the year, early spring, when the snow season will bloom again, Vung Tau young people will find a place to see the most beautiful and thickest apricot flowers, choose a virtual live background and check-in at the end of the last flower season. year . Then the friendliest fainted again because it was the cherry season in Dalat or Sapa.

Although the apricot blossom season in Vung Tau is not known by many people, tourists to the coastal city on this occasion are also ‘surprised’ by the flowers blooming with sweet pink apricot beans. But for the people here, the apricot blossom season is too familiar, because it heralds the coming of spring, a new year of peace and full of happiness. Come to Vung Tau once, when the apricot beans are blooming, you will definitely feel secure and excited!

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