Check-in dam W Dak Nong is surreal and beautiful in the rising season

The unique flow and design of the W dam in Dak Nong makes tourists excited and curious. This beautiful dam is one of the most popular check-in places for young people every season. 

Dak Nong is one of the localities with many attractive destinations of the Central Highlands, besides the famous Ta Dung Lake, this place still has countless attractive tourist destinations attracting tourists by its unique beauty. , one of which is the W Dak Nong dam , also known as the E29 irrigation dam. 

Check-in dam W in Dak NongDam W is an attractive destination for young people. Photo: Yan

Dam W Dak Nong – “virtual living paradise” attracts young people

Dak Nong W Dam is located in Dak Lak commune, Dak Mil district, to reach this place you just need to move to Duc Manh junction of Dak Lak commune then go through Nguyen Du school and turn into W dam. 

Dam W of Dak NongThe dam is located in Dak Lak commune, Dak Mil district. Photo: Pham Van Nam

Dak Nong W dam was built in 1999, with an area of ​​about 22 hectares to serve the needs of irrigation, water supply to serve the lives of local people. Although the original purpose of construction was only to prevent water and serve local life and production, with its unique design, this dam has become a favorite check-in spot for local young people. as well as tourists when coming to Dak Mil. 

Dam W of Dak NongThe unique look of the W dam makes for a stunning view. Photo: Pham Van Nam

This monumental dam possesses impressive beauty with large currents splashing over the overflowing pillars, creating an extremely impressive scene. The scenery here is as beautiful as any famous waterfall in Dak Nong, so it is increasingly attracting visitors to visit. 

tourism dam W of Dak NongWater spilled through the pillars to create beautiful white strips. Photo: nhiepanhvadulich

You can check-in at Dak Nong  Dam in many different positions from the shore to the bottom of the spillway, the white foam splashing is the perfect background for you to freely pose and capture photos ravishingly beautiful. 

With the unique beauty of W dam as well as the love of local tourists, the site is being planned to become one of Dak Mil’s tourist attractions. 

tourism dam W of Dak NongThe water wall creates a beautiful background. Photo:

tourism dam W of Dak NongBeautiful sunset at W Dak Nong dam. Photo: Tran Hien

Despite its unique and impressive scenery, the W Dak Nong Dam  is not always beautiful. This place has only majestic and impressive beauty in the rainy season, when the amount of water upstream is abundant. During the dry season, the dam dries up, so the scene will no longer be spectacular. Therefore, if you want to check-in Dam W of Dak Nong , choose the right time to visit. 

Visiting W dam Should come to the dam in the rainy season, when the water is abundant, the scene will be very beautiful. Photo: @_hongha_sun

Besides W dam, what is hot in Dak Mil? 

Not only the W Dak Nong dam,  but also Dak Mil district has many impressive tourist sites attracting tourists from near and far. This land is likened to “Da Lat of Dak Nong” by its poetic beauty and the blending of highland. Traveling to Dak Mil, visitors will have the opportunity to explore the interesting lives of indigenous people with unique cultural features and attractive cuisine. You can visit Tay Dak Mil Lake , an extremely famous place located in the center of the town with poetic beauty. This lake is like the eyes of Dak Mil with clear blue water and poetic scenery. 

tourism at W dam, visit West Lake West Lake Dak Mil, the town’s beautiful “eyes”. Photo: @lethinga

Characteristics, what makes Dak Mil likened to Dalat are the pine hills stretching across the small town. Coming here and taking a walk under the green pine trees, enjoying the chilly atmosphere and the tranquility mixed with the wilderness of the highlands is a wonderful experience that you should not miss. 

Another prominent destination of Dak Mil is Hoa Nghiem pagoda, the spiritual place of misty mountain town. Hoa Nghiem Pagoda is located on Nguyen Tat Thanh Street, the center of Dak Mil town, this place is famous for its impressive architecture of tranquility and tranquility. The pagoda includes many items with typical designs such as Tam Quan gate, lecture hall or main hall, the late To house … 

For tourism at W dam, visit Hoa Nghiem pagodaHoa Nghiem Pagoda is famous for its unique architecture. Photo: FB / Hoa Nghiem Pagoda

tourism at dam W Dak Mil fascinates visitors by the beautiful flower seasons. Photo: @lucie_my

In addition to the destinations, Dak Mil also fascinates visitors from all over the world because of the beautiful flower seasons, golden wildflowers or white coffee hills are typical images that make travelers fall in love. If you have the opportunity to travel in Dak Mil, do not miss the opportunity to check in Dak Nong Dam and attractive tourist attractions here.

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