Gia Lai specialty of rotten crab vermicelli hears its name ‘smelly’, but the more you eat it, the more you eat it

The unique taste and opaque black broth of Gia Lai rotten crab vermicelli makes many diners curious and shy at the first try. 

 In cuisine, two important factors to evaluate the attractiveness of a dish are appearance and taste. Therefore, most regional specialties will have an eye-catching appearance and attractive aroma. However, with Gia Lai rotten crab vermicelli , it seems that appearance and smell are not what makes people fall in love, even just hearing the name, many people feel shy. 

Rotten crab noodle specialty Gia LaiCrab noodle rotten, “smelly” dish but is an addictive specialty of Gia Lai. Photo: @

Explore Gia Lai’s rotten crab vermicelli – a specialty of famous mountain town 

Rotten crab vermicelli Gia Lai is known with many names, of which the most common is rotten crab vermicelli, crab vermicelli is one of the most famous specialties in the mountain town. Visitors coming to Gia Lai if they want to find the most typical dishes to enjoy, the crab vermicelli is one of the first dishes suggested next to two bowls of pho or rice paper. 

Rotten crab noodle specialty Gia LaiThis special noodle dish is as famous as two bowls of pho or fried rice paper. Photo: @lani_haris

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Just hearing the name of the dish, visitors must have visualized the “heavy smell” of this special noodle dish. Unlike crab vermicelli or other crab dishes, Gia Lai’s rotten crab vermicelli is the most characteristic because of the relatively unpleasant smell of crab broth. To get this kind of broth, people have to perform many elaborate steps such as crushing, grinding crabs and filtered for water and then soaked for fermentation, until this water has a thorny smell and smells to bring processing. 

the-crab-land-hybrid-vnexThe broth of rotten crab vermicelli has a black color that is quite “hard to smell”. Photo: News of the Central Highlands

In addition to the characteristics of the broth, the Gia Lai rotten crab vermicelli dish also has a very rich ingredients, the most prominent of which are fresh bamboo shoots that create sweetness, crispy fried pork skin, flexible noodles or a plate of vegetables. fresh and delicious together. In particular, with Gia Lai’s rotten crab vermicelli, people will eat it very spicy to drown out the fishy taste of crabs as well as increase the warmth to create harmony in flavor. 

How to use Gia Lai rotten crab vermicelliThe outstanding ingredients of the dish will be bamboo shoots, fried pork skin, eggs and raw vegetables that can be used with rolls and rolls. Photo: @ quyenquyen.217

Visiting a rotten crab vermicelli shop on the sidewalk, ignoring the scent of “moldy” and the initial impression, watching the hand saleswoman quickly arrange the ingredients in a bowl and then pour the vermicelli a spoonful of crab fish sauce, add bamboo shoots and bacon and enjoying is an extremely enjoyable experience. 

How to use Gia Lai rotten crab vermicelliEating rotten crab vermicelli is a very enjoyable experience when you will enjoy all kinds of emotions. Photo:

When eating Gia Lai rotten crab vermicelli you need to mix well so that the ingredients are absorbed and blended, the broth just penetrates under the vermicelli, not too much. The typical taste of the rotten crab vermicelli bowl is the pungent, salty smell of the fish sauce, the sweetness from wild bamboo shoots, the crispness of the fried pork skin, the pungent taste of chili and the freshness of raw vegetables and lemons. All combine to create an attractive bowl of vermicelli in all levels, once you get used to the smell of rotten crab fish, you will be fascinated by this dish, the more you eat it, the more addicting it will be. Compared with the wedge sauce noodles in Da Nang or Buon Me key vermicelli, Gia Lai’s rotten vermicelli is equally addictive. 

eat rotten crab vermicelli Gia LaiRotten crab vermicelli has a very special taste, you will remember it once eaten. Photo: News of the Central Highlands

A bowl of rotten crab vermicelli Gia Lai only costs from 10,000 VND to 20,000 VND depending on the place. Because the dish is made from special ingredients, in the summer, many restaurants also sell rice and wine to customers to prevent cold stomachs with weak stomach customers but still want to taste this mountain town specialties.

eat rotten crab vermicelli Gia Lai

Some shops also sell rice and wine with rotten crab vermicelli. Photo:

Where to eat rotten crab vermicelli Gia Lai “top”? 

As one of the most famous specialties, in Gia Lai, the crab vermicelli dish is sold in many places. However, not every place has a standard rotten crab vermicelli dish, so when traveling to Gia Lai, if you want to enjoy a bowl of rotten crab vermicelli in the right tone of the mountain town, you can refer to famous restaurants such as bun Chi at address 02, Phung Hung street, Pleiku city. Bun Chi restaurant is one of the oldest places to sell rotten crab vermicelli in Gia Lai and the taste here is also the best. 

Gia Lai rotten crab vermicelli shopRotten crab vermicelli shop is very famous in Pleiku. Photo: News of the Central Highlands

In addition, you can also visit the rotten crab vermicelli in the area of ​​Little market on Phung Hung street, the night market of Pleiku, and the shops on Le Duan, Phan Dinh Phung streets or at Bien Ho Crossroad Market.

Gia Lai rotten crab vermicelli shopYou can also enjoy rotten crab vermicelli at Phan Dinh Phung Street, food market. Photo: @wecheckinvn

Gia Lai’s rotten crab vermicelli has created its own culinary color and makes diners forever remember the special flavor of the sauce that seems to be “smelly” but has a strange appeal. When coming to Gia Lai, remember to enjoy this attractive dish. 

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