Dalat season … selfie

Every season is the same, just setting foot on the gate of Da Lat will make tourists feel lost in the maze of all kinds of flowers. But a colleague from this city said that this season is the best season in Dalat.

Tourists like "sink" in the cherry blossom forest of Da Lat /// Photo: Gia Binh

Tourists like “sink” in the cherry blossom forest of DalatPHOTO: GIA BINH

Flowers are like coming from the nooks and crannies to surround the guests. All branches, twigs, and armpits can suddenly sprout a flower in front of you. Even the weeds in this country can bring you a little tenderness from the thin petals that want to dissolve in the morning mist. These days, cherry blossoms are the most attractive flower. Simply because it is suitable for “flash the ball to feed (Facebook)”.

Young people , even women, and “springtime” sisters calling this season the selfie season in Dalat are not wrong at all.Also blooming in the spring, but cherry is the most “easy going” flower, from planting, caring to flowering. Just a long time to water it, when taking root, as successful, just wait for it to flower. On Tet days like this, digging together to “sprinkle silk”, not like the apricot sister, you must remove the clean leaves on the branches to bear flowers simultaneously.

But peaches with mai, in a comprehensive way, no “me” is more beautiful than “me” yet!It is also because of mass bursting of silk, blooming at the same time, the whole city is dyed a pink color, so Lam Dong tourism has held a Cherry Blossom Festival for several years, a part to honor flowers in the south.

Only Dalat had this, partly to bring tourists back to them. This year, due to the Covid-19 translation , the city was put on hiatus. However, not because of the current crowd of people, Da Lat did not come to take a selfie when the cherry blossom season wakes up.

Not only in the inner city of Da Lat, but also in the suburbs, along the main roads, cherry blossoms seemed to be stuck all the way. From the city center to the Dat Set Tunnel tourist area about more than fifty kilometers, many ladies and ladies have to spend hours … hours by car.

It is not a steep pass that is difficult to go, but because every three minutes, the driver has to stop the car for the lady to “collect” – just take a photo and save it on the computer to finish the trip, then go home with ingredients ” raising a poop ”.If the path to the tourist area Tun Dat Set, Da Lat tourism industry and the owner of this amusement park have intentionally planted cherry blossoms for ten years, the route from Nha Trang to Dalat, cherry blossoms are like a wild tree.

During the 30-40 km journey from the time when Khanh Le pass passed through Long Lanh to Da Sar, the cherry blossoms coincided with the highway. People on the roadside almost planted cherry not to see the flowers but as a protective tree to make a fence.

Going to Da Lat by this road at a time when the cherry blossom season is not good, it is difficult to know that this tree only makes this fence sometimes makes it difficult for visitors to resist if they have not captured any photos when passing. come here. It took me 6 hours on the 130km distance from Da Lat to Nha Trang for the reason “all for selfies” for this lady and lady.

Visitors coming to Da Lat this season enjoy the cold of heaven and earth while taking selfies with famous beautiful scenes and flowers that cannot be found anywhere else. Even so, Nha Trang or Quy Nhon this season, when there are few visitors, Da Lat is stuck with local traffic every weekend.

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