Model of “giant” buffalo on Vung Tau coast

The model of “giant” buffalo and tens of thousands of flower pots of all kinds are decorated in a spring flower garden on the coast of Bai Truoc, Vung Tau city.

Vung Tau City opens the Spring Flower Festival with the theme of Spring Vung Tau called at the park on the coast of Front Beach, on 27 Tet. The central landscape 8.5 m high, is the image of a shepherd riding a pair of “giant” buffaloes flying on gold bars, with the meaning that the buffalo creates material wealth and brings a prosperous life for people.

The flowerbed area is decorated with 50,000 pots of sunflowers, raspberries, hydrangeas … grown locally and in the West, Da Lat, shaping flower boats, interwoven seats, check-in .

A model of a buffalo riding a flower boat in a lantern area with large trees decorated with an upturned bamboo basket.

The scene of the oil and gas rig, the familiar image off the coast of Vung Tau City, below forms a pair of dolphins swimming on a carpet of fresh flowers.

Over the past 2 weeks, Vung Tau Urban and Green Park Development Joint Stock Company (UPC) has mobilized 40-50 people to work continuously.

These days, at the Spring Flower Festival, 10 people are on duty watering the flowers twice a day, replacing damaged trees and reminding the people, visitors are not allowed to go in the middle of the flower beds to take pictures or take action. destructive.

Ms. Van (fourth from left) and a group of friends in Vung Tau City walk on a road made of stretched iron frames. “This year the decorative miniatures are very beautiful, I and the group of friends come early to enjoy saving memories without being lost in the frame,” she said.

Bao Ngoc (5 years old) wearing a red shirt is eager to take pictures with her rice fields. “Bamboo roofs, rice fields I can only see on television. Today I have a beautiful picture, I really like it,” Ngoc said.

The girl was photographed by you in the forest of apricot blossoms and peaches in the hot weather.

A corner of Vung Tau spring flower garden viewed from above. The event will take place until the end of February 17 (ie 6 New Year).

According to Mr. Hoang Vu Thang, Acting Chairman of People’s Committee of Vung Tau City, before the happenings of Covid-19, the city did not hold the opening of the spring flower festival. At the same time, people and visitors are required from the evening of February 8, when going to have fun and enjoy, they must wear a mask. “The force of the city with about 100 people on duty will remind, those who do not comply will resolutely sanction”, said Mr.Thanh.

Truong Ha/vnexpress