Hanoians wear medical masks to pagodas on Tet

The people of the capital carry out spacing, wear masks, hats against drops …

Quan Su Pagoda (Hoan Kiem District) is clearer on the morning of Mot, a deserter than usual.

Inside the temple, most of the people obey the regulations to wear a mask, perform spacing during rituals. The pagoda also allows people and visitors to wear shoes for the ceremony to not be jostled and healthy during the season.

Phuc Khanh Pagoda (Dong Da District), at the columns of the truss, the pagoda stuck many sheets of paper reminding Buddhists to wear masks and disinfect. The announcements for the holidays after Tet are also announced online.

A long table with many antiseptic water jars located 2 m away is arranged by the temple, helping people wash their hands before entering and after leaving.

The Buddhist female wears a mask, hands together to pray for peace in front of the Buddha’s door.

Some Buddhists also wear a splash shield when they burn incense at Phuc Khanh pagoda.

The gate of Phuc Khanh pagoda was very empty, some people selling salt pray for luck to take advantage of the guests to buy fortune at the beginning of the year.