Two pagodas set records in Thu Duc City

HO CHI MINH CITY – Minh Dang Quang Court holds four Vietnamese records, while Van Duc Pagoda has the highest main hall in the country.

Minh Dang Quang Court of Justice was formed in 1968, belongs to the mendicant sect. In 2009, the court was built into a Buddhist architectural complex on an area of ​​37,000 square meters in front of the Hanoi highway. The temple stands out with four tall stupas, in the middle is the main hall.

In May 2019, the Vietnam Record House Association set 4 records at the Court, including: The Vihara with the four largest stupas in Vietnam, the wooden stupa worshiping Buddha in the largest hall, where the Great Hall is held. the 60th anniversary of the ancestor Minh Dang Quang was absent and the site of the largest ancient Buddha alms ceremony.

From the entrance to the three-door gate are 4 stupas about 40 m high, with symmetrical designs on both sides. The stupas are places of worship to worship the Buddhas and founders of the mendicant sect or to function as a library, storing Buddhist documents, dhamma …

The roofs in the courthouse are patterned with a striking image of stylized lotus flowers – flowers associated with Buddhism, above which is the wheel of the Dharma curving into the sky.

Inside the main hall, the main structure is made of wood and is sculpted with delicate patterns.

In the middle is a wooden stupa 13 m high. Inside, the bronze Buddha statue is 7.2 m high, weighs 7.2 tons. This work is recognized as the monastery with a wooden stupa worshiping Buddha in the largest hall in Vietnam.

Behind the stupas is the old court hall. The work is simple but it is a traces of the development of the Minh Dang Quang court and the Buddhist sect in the South.

The Court has a spacious campus with many trees, bonsai and Buddha statues decorated in the palaces, on the grass …

Van Duc Pagoda is located on To Ngoc Van Street, built in 1954. In 2004, the great pagoda was restored to the main hall with the To house.

After two years, the main hall was completed, with a height of 43.5 m from the top and was established by the Vietnam Record Center as the pagoda “having the highest main hall in Vietnam”.

The main temple of the temple is structured like a tall tower with nine floors, at the top is a lotus station. The roof is covered with green tile, and on the blades is attached with a stylized lotus pattern.

The front of the main hall is decorated with Buddha statues, Avalokiteshvara, Dharma protectors, dragons …

The interior of a spacious Buddhist shrine, with a ceiling of nearly 40 m high. The center of the interior is a floating relief of a linden tree and a landscape of the Ni Lien Thien river. The Vietnam Record Book Center has established “the largest floating Bodhi tree relief in the country”.

The interior electric ceiling is decorated with reliefs of blue sky and white clouds, making visitors feel like they are gazing at the vast sky.

At the end of 2017, the pagoda built a statue of Buddha about 15 meters high, made of monolithic stone in front of the main hall. Opposite the statue is Lien Hoa radio station, inside the statue of Quan The Am Bodhisattva.