5 sacred places to pray in Saigon

HO CHI MINH CITY – People who go to the ceremony of Ngoc Hoang pagoda, Phu Chau temple, On Lang pagoda, often celebrate the ceremony of red thread, coconut, betel nut, fresh flowers … with the belief that love will be smooth.

Phu Chau Temple (Go Vap District) is a famous bridge address in Ho Chi Minh City, because visitors who want to visit must take a boat. The temple was built on a small dunes of about 2,500 square meters in the middle of the Vam Thuat river, hence the name Floating Temple . Photo: Quynh Tran

The altar of Ngu Hanh Nuong Nuong in the shrine is a place to pray for predestination, next to pray for security and good luck. People often whisper to each other, people come to pray for the charm so they offer offerings including coconut, betel nut, chrysanthemum, or even lotus. In particular, betel and areca represents the love of couples, coconut according to Southern beliefs symbolizes luck.

Ba Thien Hau pagoda (District 5) attracts both men and women to pray to the coast. People who pray for love to come here often sincerely burn incense or offer fruit. Many young people often combine to the temple to take souvenir photos with ao dai during Tet.

The temple is the oldest assembly hall of the Chinese people in Saigon . Coming here on the days around and during the New Year, visitors have the opportunity to watch the dragon lion unions perform the ritual of “clearing the mark”, to create vitality for the new lion, the new dragon, bring luck to the dance team. in year.

On Lang Pagoda (District 5) is another famous bridge address located in the Chinese area. The temple impresses visitors by its colorful appearance and sophisticated motifs characteristic of ancient Chinese temples. Currently, the work is a national architectural monument.

It is believed that, to pray for the charm at On Lang pagoda, in addition to offering left cakes, customers need to buy more red thread with pre-threaded needles, placed at the Lady’s Hoa Phan altar. In addition, this place is also known for the custom of “beating the young people” to pray for peace and good luck.

The famous and sacred Jade Emperor Pagoda (District 1) once welcomed former US President Obama to visit in May 2016. Photo: Quynh Tran

The left space from the entrance of the pagoda is the shrine of Kim Hoa Thanh Mau with 12 midwives, also the seat of the statue of Mr. To, Ms. Nguyet – the gods are believed to hold the marriage matchmaking. Visitors here are instructed to burn incense to pray their name and name of “dream person” to be charmed.

Mariamman Temple (District 1) is also the place where visitors can go to the predestined bridge. Goddess Mariamman is worshiped by Hindus to pray for good crops, fertile soil, abundant health, happy descendants, and smooth marriage, happy love.

The Mariamman Temple is bold in Indian architecture, also known as the Ba An Temple. In addition to the spirituality of the worship, the temple often attracts visitors because of its unique beauty and the strange way of praying is to face the cliff, whisper desired things.