Valentine’s Day at 5 restaurants in Dalat is super sweet!

Are you looking for a restaurant in Da Lat on Valentine’s Day? Well then, Vietnam Travel Compass would like to suggest you 5 super sweet and beautiful restaurants in Dalat, which are ideal for the upcoming “save date” with that person!

What are your upcoming February 14 plans? Find a place, prepare flowers and cakes, express your feelings and save a memorable moment with your partner? If so, then choose these 5 restaurants in Da Lat for this super sweet Valentine’s Day date, which will definitely give you a wonderful surprise, and the other half will immediately ‘approve’ 9.9 points for that design. rekindled!Restaurant in Dalat dating chu-tuan Valentine's Day5 restaurants in Da Lat dating on Valentine’s Day. Photo: ch-tuan

5 Restaurants in Da Lat dating super ideal Valentine’s Day

1. Botea Bistro

If you want to enjoy a romantic dinner with your loved one in a dark European space, this is the perfect place for you. Botea Bistro looking straight with the view of  Ho Xuan Huong Lake , always preparing a meticulous dining table, full setup of candles and flowers will contribute to creating a romantic moment for you and your partner on Valentine’s Day.Restaurants in Dalat dating on Valentine-tranminhhue-botebistroThe perfect European place for Valentine’s Day. Photo: tranminhhue

European dishes at Botea are quite diverse, especially steaks with fresh ingredients, carefully processed, with unique and unforgettable flavors that will contribute to the fulfillment of your moments with your loved ones. . Valentine's day restaurant in Da Lat-aremymerlot-botebistroExcellent meal, with its own flavor. Photo: Youaremymerlot

Some recommend dishes for you to enjoy such as: Steak – Black Angus Sirloin chosen with pepper sauce and salad; Salmon Steak served with spicy shaken fries and sautéed orange sauce still retains moisture and feels tender fish flesh in the mouth; Chicken & mushroom linguine (pasta with mushroom sauce & chicken breast) has a creamy mushroom sauce that is medium-fat, seasoned to taste, chicken is not dry, noodles are cooked well, there is a slice of toast to serve. And don’t forget to order wine to fill your dates in this European restaurant space .Restaurant in Da Lat Valentine's Day dating-khahianggCheck-in Botea. Photo: Khahiangg

  • Address: 30B Ho Tung Mau, Ward 3

2. German House and Beergarden

To talk about this restaurant in Da Lat which is suitable for Valentine’s date , it is enough to know how many words. German House and Beergarden is a delicious German food and beer restaurant, most surprisingly, the outside of the restaurant belongs to the extremely ordinary kiosks, but inside the decor makes everyone eyes an O.Valentine-chendy dating restaurant in Da LatGerman House and Beergarden is a restaurant and German beer. Photo: chendy

If you belong to team beer, then this must be a romantic save date for February 14 with that person, maybe you two will become the customers of this restaurant.Dating on Valentine's Day German House and Beergarden RestaurantThe space outside the restaurant. Photo: German House and Beergarden

The spicy sausages at the restaurant are very popular with customers, most patrons come to boldly order to enjoy this dish, because the sauce is delicious and really addictive. Of course, if you don’t like beer, you can absolutely order wine for more romance.

  • Address: 223/4 Mai Anh Dao, Ward 8

3. My Oi Cuisine

Lying in the pure nature of Dalat, the way to reach Minh Oi Cuisine is not easy, but that is why it retains the separation of privacy and romance.Valentine's Day restaurant in Dalat-suunqi-minhoi-1Me Oi is a simple and gentle European space. Photo: Suunqi

My Oi Cuisine is a bungalow slightly outside Europe, creating a familiarity without losing the elegance of your sweet date and enjoying the taste with that person. Dating restaurant in Da Lat on Valentine's Day-nganha86-minhoi-1The meal is in the heart of green nature. Photo: nganha86

Many people came and fell deeply in love with me when they came to Da Lat, because this restaurant in Da Lat dating Valentine had something special that made everyone who came suddenly miss it. A wooden house in the middle of the fresh nature, still full of sunshine, filled with space and a courtyard nestled among the trees that loved so much.Valentine's day restaurant in Dalat-suunqi-minhoiGreen, heart-shaped natural space. Photo: suunqi

My dining table is always arranged very vividly, with a different patterned scarf, and a fresh flower vase every day.

  • Address: D26 An Son, Ward 4

4. DearMoon Dining

restaurant in Dalat with European standards , can conquer even the most demanding guests, with cozy atmosphere, diverse menus, combining Eurasian ingredients, suitable seasoning and even scoring points for presentation. super nice food. Dating restaurant in Dalat dating on Valentine-checkiindalat-4The space at DearMoon was lethargic. Photo: chiakiindalat

DearMoon is nestled on the floor of a familiar building, with a simple and pleasant design. Truly the perfect place for a date. Save date here, you will not have to hold yourself up because the atmosphere is luxurious or too showy, simply sit together to enjoy Western dishes and sip a glass of wine, then confide something with that person and watch Da Lat gradually sink into the golden sunset.Dating restaurant in Dalat dating on Valentine-miao-4Ideal dating place. Photo: Miao

To DearMoon Dining, you must definitely try Striploin steak which is one of your favorite dishes of Chef Bear. The fat, when finished, will be very crunchy and the more you chew it, the more aromatic the beef is. And Focaccia is a traditional Roman bread dish. It can be said that this is the ancestor of today’s pizza. The crispness of the bread and the aroma of the yeast are the main features when describing this dish.Dating restaurant in Dalat on Valentine's Day-datthao41-4European-style meal. Photo: datthao41

  • Address: 242 Bui Thi Xuan, Ward 2

5. The Wooden House 

As its name implies, The Wooden House is a wooden house remodeled from an old French house in Dalat , so that the restaurant has the luxury of a European restaurant but still remains simple. weird and familiar of Da Lat. Coming to Wooden House, you will enjoy standard European dishes in the garden grounds filled with aroma of in Dalat dating Nha-go-1 Valentine's DayWooden House in garden space filled with fragrant grass. Photo: FB Wooden House

There is no need to be magnificently beautiful, Nha Go keeps a simple but cozy, very private, very Dalat. The newly opened space is super wide, enjoying the delicious food with the other half, then looking at the lush garden in front of you and then talking to the other person, what’s more wonderful?restaurant in Dalat dating Nha-go-1 Valentine's DayThe ingredients are very fresh. Photo: FB Wooden House

At The Wooden House you try to order cheese Platter, the top of the top is served with fruit and toast is completely duplicated. Aussie beef tenderloin is medium rare because of its freshness and quality at ten points. Oily salmon is for those who want a healthy, tough option that is typical of chewing fish. 

  • Address: 26 Nguyen Dinh Chieu, Ward 9

Refer to the list of 5 restaurants in Dalat dating very beautiful Valentine’s Day above, and then spot a place to create super surprise for your other half!

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