3 months of turning wasteland into a flower garden of 4,000 m2

CAN THO – Incubated creating a sightseeing spot, taking photos for the people, Trong successfully planted a triangular vein, sunflower … on the western sandy land.

Mr. Do Duc Trong (26 years old) is an agricultural engineer from Vinh Long. After graduating from university, he went to Israel to practice for a year, then returned to Vietnam to work. With a passion for cultivation and love of ornamental flowers, he found land in Can Tho City to grow flowers with the desire to create a sightseeing spot, take pictures of holidays for the people of the city, and neighboring provinces. From December, he began to find land, renovate and plant trees to promptly create a flower garden for Tet.

Mr. Trong is on a flower bed with butterfly petals.  Photo: NVCC.
Mr. Trong is on a flower bed with butterfly petals. Photo: NVCC .

With the help of teachers and classmates, he found a sandy beach, lots of reeds. This makes cultivation difficult because sandy soil makes plants susceptible to diseases, poor nutrition and difficult to manage water when irrigated. However, thanks to his internship in Israel, having access to high-tech agriculture, he sought to renovate and build beds, apply drip irrigation and rainwater irrigation to grow flowers, ensure that plants can grow development.

His flower garden attracts many people attention because it has a triangular vein, the flower only appears in cold weather in mountainous areas. He said, flower seeds were bought from Ha Giang, but due to the unfavorable weather, the trees were low and small. Gradually, by adjusting the amount of water and the weather in the days near Tet also gets less hot, so the plants grow well, give beautiful flowers.

The difference is that triangular flowers in Ha Giang are usually white, pink, purple and can change according to the weather, time of day, and flowers in Mr. Trong’s garden are mostly small white. In order to have “right color” photos of the Ha Giang rocky plateau, Mr. Trong lets visitors rent outfits of ethnic minority to take pictures for 30,000 VND / set. In addition to the circuit triangle, there are also sunflowers, butterfly wings, chrysanthemums, marigolds.

The 4,000 m2 flower garden is blooming.  Photo: NVCC.
The 4,000 m2 flower garden is blooming. Photo: NVCC .

Nguyen Thi Truc Duyen from Chau Thanh A district, Hau Giang, going 25 km to Trong’s flower garden in the morning, said: “I see this garden is very beautiful, it is possible to change a variety of shooting styles with flowers. The flower colors here are white, purple, and bright yellow, so I prioritize red and pink outfits to make the photo more beautiful.

In addition to the flower clusters growing along the beds, the garden owner also arranges a landscape of straw chairs, leaf houses, sky gates, boats and resting areas, serving refreshments for visitors. Looking at the blooming flower garden on the eve of the new year, Mr. Trong shared his joy when everyone received his 3-month achievements: “I feel very proud and happy, in the near future, I will find a way to plant adding many new flowers, variety of plants for people to visit “.

The cost of land improvement, buying seeds and creating landscape is 50 million VND.  Photo: Huynh Nhi.
The cost of land improvement, buying seeds and creating landscape is 50 million VND. Photo: Huynh Nhi.

The flower garden is located at No. 45, Truong Vinh Nguyen Street, Cai Rang district, open to visitors from 7:00 am to 5:00 pm daily with ticket prices of 40,000 VND / adult ticket and 20,000 VND / child ticket. The flower garden opens throughout the Lunar New Year and is expected to be fresh until January 15. At the entrance, garden owners arrange hand sanitizer for guests before visiting the garden.