Can Tho Lung Cot Cau Ecotourism Area

It is a big mistake if you have the opportunity to visit the garden of Can Tho without visiting the Lung Cot Cau eco-tourism area to have fun and immerse yourself in the fresh natural scenery here.

Where is Lung Cot Cau Ecotourism Area?

Lung Cot Cau Ecotourism Area is located in a small alley on Highway 61C, the road from Can Tho to Vi Thanh, about 15km from the city center. Coming to this famous ecotourism area in Can Tho, visitors will be immersed in the fresh natural air and feel the peaceful beauty here. In addition, visitors can also participate in many interesting fun activities with families and friends and enjoy Western dishes.    

Ticket price to visit Lung Cot Cau Ecological Area can be referenced as follows: 

– Admission fee to visit Lung Cot Bridge ecological area is free.

– If tourists want to rent Ba Ba shirt to join the game: 30,000 VND / set (weekdays) and 50,000 VND / set (holidays).

– Ticket price to visit the garden: 20,000 VND / adult and children is 10,000 VND. 

– Tickets to join canoeing: 20,000 VND / ticket.
Lung Pillar Cau Ecotourism Area - where is the addressLung Column Cau eco-tourism area

How to move to the Lung Cot Cau ecotourism area

To explore the Ecotourism area of ​​Lung Cot Can Tho Bridge , first of all, you need to travel by plane, bus or motorbike depending on the departure location. From the center of Can Tho city to the Lung Column Cau ecological area, about 10km and it takes 20 minutes to travel. You go straight to National Highway 61B, go past Ba Lang Bridge, you will see signposts going on both sides of the road and going 6km to arrive. 

Experience of going to Lung Cot Cau ecological area, if you do not know the way you can rent a taxi or locate the road according to google maps. If traveling by motorbike, you should bring all the necessary documents and ensure safety. 
Lung Pillar Cau Ecotourism Area - how to moveHow to move to the Lung Pillar Cau ecotourism area

Explore the Lung Cot Cau ecotourism area

What is Lung Cot Cau Ecotourism Area ? Coming to this famous Can Tho tourist destination, visitors will be able to participate in attractive folk games, explore the gardens and enjoy the cuisine. 

Join folk games

Coming to Lung Cot Cau ecological area , visitors will be able to participate in many extremely attractive folk games such as:

Cycling over the boardwalk : With this game at first, visitors will find it a bit difficult, but then when you get used it will be very interesting. With an old bike it’s your job to steer it so that it doesn’t fall down a ditch. 
Lung Pillar Bridge ecotourism area - folk gameJoin folk games. Photo: ximgo

Stringing : This game requires participants to show their ingenuity. Specifically, the two ropes are aligned across the pond and you need to move over the rope below. 

Bamboo Bridge : This is a game that attracts young people who love to explore and adventure. The player must be very skillful to step over the bamboo that is shaking due to its elasticity to reach the other end. 
Lung Cot Cau eco-tourism area - fascinating folk gameLots of interesting entertaining games. Photo: ximgo

Slap fishing ditch: Perhaps this is the most interesting game in the Western Lung Cau Cau ecotourism area that you should not miss. The team slapped the ditch together and used a bamboo basket to catch fish in the ditch. 

Explore the river garden

The entire Lung Column Cau tourist area covers an area of ​​7ha, of which 5ha are lush fruit gardens of all kinds of Western specialties such as: orange, tangerine, rambutan, longan, mango, plum, melon own, mangosteen … The rest of the area is used to build canals, ponds and lakes for fish farming. Coming to Lung Cot Cau Ecological Area, visitors will experience as a real farmer, catch shrimp and fish, pick fruits and enjoy the cool and fresh air. 
Lung Pillar Cau Ecotourism Area - explore the gardenExplore the river garden

Learn about Phu Nam Kingdom and Oc Eo culture

What to play at Lung Cot-Cau-Can Tho eco-tourism area ? In addition to exploring the garden, participating in folk games, visitors can also learn about Oc Eo culture and Phu Nam kingdom in the flourishing period. In particular, you will learn about the ancient cultural values ​​of the prosperous Oc Eo culture throughout the South. 

Lung Cot Cau tourist area was built for nearly 20 years. During the process of slapping the canals, tourists discovered the pots, pieces of china and porcelain of the Oc Eo culture. Researchers have investigated and proved that they are antiques dating back about 1500 years ago. 
Lung Column Cau eco-tourism area - discover beautiful sceneryTake a boat to admire the beautiful scenery of Lung Pillar Cau resort. Photo: ximgo

Enjoy Western specialties

Coming to Lung Cot Cau ecological area, you can also enjoy a lot of attractive Western specialties such as: Lotus shrimp rice husk salad, hot pot, grilled snail with pepper, frog holding straw, fried rice husk shrimp, garden chicken, Pancakes, four-quarter grilled snakehead fish, goby fish, grilled corn, grilled banana … In particular, you can also enjoy delicious delicious dishes for yourself caught in the ditch. 
Lung Column Cau eco-tourism area - famous specialtyEnjoy Western specialties

Ecotourism Area Lung Cot Can Tho Bridge is the ideal place on weekends to relax and enjoy the fresh air. If you are looking for a place to relieve stress with your family or a sister’s association, Lung Cot Cau is the top destination for you.