The art of enjoying Tay Ho lotus tea of ​​Hanoi people

To tea artist Nguyen Viet Hung, enjoying lotus tea is not only about feeling the fragrance and the taste, but also a way to practice meditation.

In the past, there was a saying “Nhat Thuy, teapot, tam phat, four teapots, five pants anh”, which means, drinking tea needs good water, good tea, standard tea making, teapot and teammates. 

According to Nguyen Viet Hung, the champion of the Tea Master Cup Vietnam Tea Master Cup 2016 contest, there are about 7 steps to make lotus tea, which is miraculously milled.

First, the diners gently separate the lotus petals to get the tea inside. Next, put the tea in a bamboo tray and use only tea to make. Before making tea, it is necessary to warm the cup with boiling water. Then slowly put the tea into the kettle, incubate it for 3 minutes to awaken the aroma of the tea by the warmth of the kettle. Use boiling water about 80 – 85 degrees C and pour into the kettle. 

Soak the tea for 30 seconds to one minute, if drunk it can take longer. Finally, pour the tea from the kettle into the bowl, then pour it into the military cups (small cups) to enjoy. A lotus tea bud can make about 2 to 7 water, depending on the type of tea inside.

Lotus that makes tea is Bach Diep lotus.  The special feature of this lotus species is the flower has many layers, the outer layer of the big wing, the inner layer of the small wing.
The first step is to separate the lotus petals. Lotus tea making is Bach Diep lotus, the flower has many layers, the outer layer is big and the inner layer is small. Photo: Ngan Duong

A lotus tea pot for clear water and flavor. Enjoyers should not use immediately, but gently bring the cup to the nose to feel the aroma of the tea. Then, take a small sip and slowly sip the cup of tea. Lotus tea is a combination of aromatic, sweet, and acrid flavors. The acrid taste of tea, the sweetness and aroma of the flower.

Hero shared, enjoying tea is also a way to practice meditation, find inner peace. “When we make tea, we focus on step by step, then the mind is returned to the body. At the same time, our tea friends share and talk in the same space, so we are back to the present”, I said.

Enjoying lotus tea made by the artist himself, Duy Hoang (Hanoi) shares: “The tea has a mild acrid taste, blending the lotus scent is quite interesting. After drinking, the sense of the lotus aroma remains in the mouth for a while”.

Lotus tea is considered a specialty of Ha Thanh land, while enjoying lotus tea is an art. Because, tea drinkers have to be delicate to be able to feel all the elegance in the tea cup. Every flower season, Hanoians have fun watching flowers, sipping a cup of fragrant lotus tea and talking about life. Lotus flowers in Hanoi usually bloom in June and July, so visitors can buy tea that is vacuumed, stored in the freezer for a year. A lotus tea bud is sold for between 50,000 and 70,000 VND.

Diners enjoy tea. Photo: Ngan Duong