3 new check-in points on beautiful photos in Phu Yen

A series of beautiful photo spots such as lake air conditioning, mini lighthouse, or Nghinh Phong square attracts visitors to check-in.

Previously, when coming to Phu Yen, tourists often had to travel very far from Tuy Hoa – the central city – to take beautiful pictures. In addition to being the “capital city” for dining, swimming, Tuy Hoa does not have many beautiful photo angles like Tuy An (with Ganh Da Dia, Ganh Den …) or Dong Hoa (with Dai Lanh Cape) …

However, in recent times, local young people and tourists have repeatedly shown photos at new virtual living spots in Tuy Hoa. With the newly built areas, this city promises to attract even more visitors in the future.

Ho Son conditioning lake

check in phu yen anh 1
Tourists should go early in the morning to avoid crowded scenes. Photo: Anh Tu.

Located in Ward 5 (Tuy Hoa), Ho Son is becoming a beautiful check-in place on “like foreign” pictures. This is a project that brings green spaces and enhances the spiritual life of the people.

This area has two main shooting angles: the bridge and the road by the lake. With the space above, you can take advantage of angles that stand out in depth thanks to the stretched, curved railing bars. In addition, the stairs also provide a virtual living corner for you.

Walking on the path by the lake below is also a worthwhile experience for visitors. With the winding structure and the pillars sitting along the road, many visitors commented on this section as “the Korean road”.

check in phu yen anh 2check in phu yen anh 3
The green and air-conditioned lake area becomes an attractive check-in point in Phu Yen. Photo: Anh Tu.

Sharing with Zing , Mai Thao (from Phu Yen, working in Da Nang) said: “This Tet, I have only had the opportunity to visit my hometown. Tuy Hoa is quite different from my memory with more beautiful photo spots. . I like the space in this lake area, very fresh and airy.

According to reporters, this area is especially crowded from 16-18h. For spots where the space needs this depth, too many people will make the background look bad. Therefore, you should come here from about 7:30 to 8:30. At this time, it is usually sunny, with no people, convenient for taking pictures.

Nghinh Phong Square

check in phu yen anh 4
The square is not completed yet but still attracts visitors to check-in. Photo: Anh Tu.

Since the middle of last year, netizens have shared beautiful images of Nghinh Phong Square (Nguyen Huu Tho and Doc Lap crossroads). This square design is inspired by Ganh Da Dia – the tourist symbol of Phu Yen.

The stone tower is divided into two symmetrical sides, each side consists of 50 stone blocks from large to small. This also reminds the legend of Lac Long Quan and Au Co giving birth to hundreds of eggs.

Currently, the tower is still in the finishing phase but still has many visitors to take pictures. The vertical, front-facing angle is most common when taking full unfinished work. Besides, this square also has some “deep” handrail facing the sea.

check in phu yen anh 5
The angle of view overlooking the sea is the highlight of the square. Photo: Anh Tu.

Overall, this check-in point is not so outstanding. You will have to wait a while to be able to live virtual with the complete tower.

Mini lighthouse

check in phu yen anh 6
Depending on the angle of the shot, this mini lighthouse can take beautiful photos like the West. Photo: Anh Tu.

This area is quite narrow, with few shooting angles so visitors should also go early. In addition, due to the close proximity to the sea and strong winds, dress visitors also need to pay attention to the costumes when taking pictures.

About 100 meters from Nghinh Phong square, the mini lighthouse is also a new attraction for Tuy Hoa. At first glance, the lighthouse looks quite ordinary. However, when you are on the picture and combined with the blue sky, you will have pictures “like the West”.

check in phu yen anh 7check in phu yen anh 8
The lighthouse has a beautiful picture when combined with the blue sky of Phu Yen. Photo: Anh Tu.

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