Butterfly fields cause ‘fever’ in Ha Tinh

HA TINH – Dong has butterfly petals in Thach Khe commune, Thach Ha district, attracting more than 300 visitors every day to take pictures to check-in.

In the middle of February until now, the 1-hectare butterfly field, located on Provincial Highway 16, the section of Thach Khe Commune, Thach Ha District, begins to bloom, with a brilliant white color in the whole area.

Flower fields were rented from local people by Mr. Nguyen Van Ly (30 years old, living in Thien Cam town, Cam Xuyen district), then renovated and planted in November 2020. From the first day of the Tan Suu New Year up to now, on average, every day, there are about 300 visitors coming to the field of flowers to visit, there is a peak day of 400. “In the near future, if I have the budget, I will expand the area, plant more flowers. other to serve tourists, “said Mr. Ly.

The venue is open to visitors, taking free photos from February 12-14 (1st to 3rd day of the New Year’s Eve). On February 15, fees started, adults 30,000 VND per turn, children and residents did not have to buy tickets.

On the morning of February 20, dozens of groups of tourists divided into groups, each group of about 10 to 20 people took turn to check-in.

Many people invest in outfits, hire photographers to pose for beautiful pictures.

Butterfly petals, also known as dragonflies, chrysanthemums blinking … have two popular colors are white and pink.

Taking advantage of the weekend, Mr. Dang Huu Tuan (38 years old, white shirt, resident in Ha Tinh city) drove his wife and children to take photo.

“The scene is very romantic and wonderful, when I come here to take pictures with my family, I feel very happy, many beautiful memories come back. We hope Ha Tinh has more than this tourist experience like this for people to experience. Enjoy visiting, “Tuan said.

Due to the large number of tourists, flower owners have to place many warning signs around the campus to remind everyone to keep the landscape.

However, some people still walk in the middle of flower beds, sit or lie down to pose for photos, causing many places to fall.

Next to the shack, many of Mr. Ly’s friends work as photographic outfits rentals, priced at a set of 30,000 VND per rental.

In the middle of the field, there is a shack for tourists to rest and put their luggage. Drinks such as lemon tea, peach tea, chrysanthemum tea … are also sold to those in need, priced at 15,000 VND per cup.

Tourists visit the butterfly field in Ha Tinh

  Tourists visit the flower field. Video: Duc Hung