Phu Tho specialty is the most popular gift for many tourists

Having a chance to visit the sacred Ancestral Land, but you still do not know what to buy as a gift that is both delicious and meaningful? So let’s take a look at the Phu Tho specialties as famous gifts below. 

Phu Tho specialty as the best gift

Check out the list of Phu Tho specialties as gifts with the following reputable, quality and affordable addresses : 

1. Doan Hung Grapefruit

Doan Hung grapefruit variety is famous throughout Dat To and visitors want to enjoy and buy as gifts. This is a perennial cultivar of pomelo, the fruit has a slightly flat shape, yellow when ripe, succulent shrimp and cool sweet taste. Doan Hung grapefruit variety has time to preserve for several months and especially after being fresh and delicious after picking.  
Phu Tho specialty as a gift - Doan Hung grapefruitDoan Hung grapefruit variety is famous throughout the Dat To

If you have a chance to travel to Phu Tho around October every year, visitors will admire the immense grapefruit gardens in the golden sun. Besides, you can also learn about the scene where people here harvest pomelos in the main season. You can go directly to the grapefruit garden to choose for yourself the most delicious grapefruit as a gift for your trip. The price of Doan Hung grapefruit ranges from 20,000 VND to 30,000 VND / fruit depending on the type. 

  • Address to buy delicious Doan Hung grapefruit in Phu Tho: You can go to restaurants or households in the area of ​​Chi Dam and Bang Luan communes, Doan Hung district

2. Thanh Son Sour Meat

Phu Tho tourism should buy as a gift ? Thanh Son sour meat is a famous specialty of Thanh Son Phu Tho. The sour meat has a crisp, crunchy taste of the skin and blends with the sour taste of fermented hearing with fig leaves or guava leaves that change taste. You can buy sour meat to make a drink that attracts many people.            
Phu Tho specialty as a gift - Thanh Son sour meatThanh Son sour meat is a famous specialty of Thanh Son Phu Tho

Many households in Thanh Son district still keep their own secret of sour meat made by the Muong people here. The main ingredients to make sour meat include pork cheek, bean curd, corn and spices. The sour meat dish is both meaningful and contains the culinary quintessence of the mountains and forests of the people of Dat To. Therefore, many tourists who have the opportunity to come to Phu Tho will definitely buy this specialty as a gift. 

  • Where to buy sour meat: There are many shops specializing in sour meat in Thanh Son district area.

3. Hong Gia Thanh 

Hong Gia Thanh is a specialty Phu Tho as a famous gift that originated from Cat Tien, Viet Tri city, Phu Tho province and then brought back to plant in Gia Thanh commune. Currently, the persimmon tree is more than 80 years old and is a rare fruit tree with a delicious taste that attracts visitors from the first time. 
Phu Tho specialty as a gift - rose Gia ThanhHong Gia Thanh is a specialty of Phu Tho as a famous gift

The famous persimmon variety Gia Thanh is large, seedless, long shape and divided into four sections. Pink after ripe is beautiful bright yellow, the inner core is dark yellow, very crunchy and fragrant. If you come to Phu Tho around August and September, you should buy Gia Thanh roses as gifts. 

  • Address: Gia Thanh Commune, Phu Ninh District, Phu Tho Province

4. Phu Tho ear cake

Buying gifts when traveling to Phu Tho, you should not miss the famous tai cake specialties. The reason is called ear cake , because this cake is shaped like an ear. The main ingredients for making tai cake include non-glutinous rice flour, pork and spices. Enjoying the cake you will feel the delicious crust and filled with fat meat and green beans. 
Phu Tho specialties as gifts - Phu Tho ear cakesPhu Tho’s cake is famous and very popular

You can enjoy and choose to buy glutinous cakes anywhere in the rural villages of Phu Tho. The price of ear cakes is about 20,000 VND – 30,000 VND / dozens of pieces. Note that the cake should only be used during the day and if you want to leave it overnight, you need to store it in the refrigerator to ensure its delicious taste. The cake in the refrigerator if you want to enjoy it, you need to put it in a steamer for about 5 minutes to eat. 

  • Address: Villages in Phu Tho or 83 Bach Dang, Au Co, Phu Tho town

5. Brush

Phu Tho specialties as the next gift that you should not ignore is the famous palm-shaped dish. Palm palm is a rustic dish of the people of Dat To that every tourist wants to enjoy once. Palm that is harvested, boiled and used to taste will feel delicious and attractive. 
Phu Tho specialties as gifts - palm ripsThe famous palm palm is the land of Phu Tho

Although many places have palm palm, but only Phu Tho land is considered the best. You can buy the rump palm to braise with the very delicious meat or fish. The price of ruminant palm is sold at around 20,000 VND / kg. 

  • Address: To buy specialty Phu Tho, you can go to shops or rural markets in Dong Phu, Thanh Nga, Son Nga, Phung Xa.

6. Mossy stone of Muong people

What should I buy as a gift when coming to Phu Tho ? The specialty of stone moss of Muong ethnic people is collected from the stream of rocky outcrops, preliminarily processed and mixed well with salt, garlic, lard, and monosodium glutamate then wrapped in layers of leaves. After that, bring the moss to the grill to feel the special delicious taste. You can choose to buy for yourself a handful of rocky moss as a gift that is both unique, delicious and attractive. 

  • Address: Along the roads or markets in the area of ​​Thu Cuc commune, Tan Son district or Dong Son commune, Thanh Son district

Phu Tho specialty as gifts - moss stoneMossy stone of Muong people

7. Cassava vegetable specialties

It is a big mistake if you have the opportunity to come to Phu Tho but forget to enjoy or buy cassava specialties as gifts. Buy Phu Tho gifts with vegetables and cassava collected from immense green cassava hills. At the right time of harvesting cassava, people harvest the cassava trees that are not too old or too young and add salt. If you have the opportunity to come to Phu Tho, you can buy cassava specialties as gifts, which can be used to store with shrimp or stir-fry with lard to feel all the typical delicious flavor. 

  • Address: You can buy specialty vegetables and cassava in Phu Tho at rural markets that sell

Phu Tho specialty as gifts - vegetables and cassavaSpecialty vegetables and cassava Phu Tho

Above are Phu Tho specialties as gifts and a delicious and quality address , hoping to help you choose the most meaningful gifts for your friends and relatives.

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