The traditional festivals in Cao Bang are famous near and far

Besides visiting famous tourist attractions, experiencing the traditional festivals in Cao Bang is also a great way to explore the unique cultural features of this land.

Top 5 most famous traditional festivals in Cao Bang

1. Cage Festival

Cage Tong, also known as the field-down ceremony – a festival of the Tay – Nung people in Cao Bang on the occasion of the new year, to pray to Than Nong – the god who governs fields and gardens to bless the green trees. , the cattle proliferated, people were full and crops were prosperous.

Traditionally, this interesting festival in Cao Bang is usually divided into two parts: ceremony and festival. During the ceremony, the elders together handpick Than Nong and Thanh Hoang from the communal house to the field, while families will present hearty trays including sticky rice, pork, white wine and specialty cakes such as: Lam tea, thick cake, patisserie … go to the beach and offer it to the god, after the worship is completed, we break the deck together.Cage festival - the traditional festival in Cao Bang is famous near and farEveryone processions of gifts to the gods

The end of the ceremony will take place. This is also the most popular part, because not only villagers but also visitors can participate, with many interesting folk games such as robbing, throwing, tug of war, fighting spinning, swinging and blindfolded to catch goats …

Not only that, when coming to this traditional festival in Cao Bang , visitors can also admire the lion dance, lion dance, spear dance, martial dance and sugar cane dances that are unique to the Tay – Nung ethnic group, which is the roll dance. gong, then dance, or sing Sli, and Lày song – a form of love song between men and women … will not disappoint you.Cage festival - the traditional festival in Cao Bang is famous near and farThe singing of a love knife between boys and girls

Time: from 2nd to 30th January (lunar January) every year.

2. The Nang Hai Festival

According to the Tày folk beliefs, there is Mother Moon in heaven and the human child is 12 fairies who specialize in taking care of and protecting crops for the people on earth, so every year before a crop occurs. People will hold a ceremony to invite Mother Trang or Nang Hai ceremony to bless the village.

It is known that this unique festival in Cao Bang will usually take place in 3 parts, namely the welcoming ceremony of Hai, the ceremony to pray to Hai and the ceremony of seeing off Hai. All stages must be prepared very carefully and meticulously, even from the offering to the Moon Mother must be beautifully decorated to show honor and respect to the gods.Nang Hai festival - traditional festival in Cao Bang is famous near and farThe offerings were prepared very meticulously

Moreover, if you come to join the Welcome Mother Trang festival, visitors will listen to passionate songs sung from the diligent farmers and enjoy many delicious specialties of Cao Bang, so surely Surely this will be a memorable memory of your life.

Time: from January 30 to March 22 of the lunar calendar every year.

3. Quang Uyen Fireworks Festival

Hearing the name is nothing special, but only those who have experienced it know that Quang Yen fireworks festival is extremely unique. Unlike the New Year fireworks show that we often see, but at this traditional festival in Cao Bang , healthy boys and girls will compete with each other to compete for fireworks to win a ring of blessings. New year prosperity, fortune and luck.

Moreover, if the ceremony was extremely solemn by four majestic processions: Uncle Ho’s palanquin, the palanquin, the pyrotechnic palanquin and the palanquin of offerings throughout the streets and shrines, the remainder added. exciting, with a lot of folk games and interesting cultural performances such as lion dance, dragon dance, lion dance, tossing, gliding, swinging and stealing firecrackers …Quang Yen Fireworks Festival - a traditional festival in Cao Bang is famous near and farVibrant lion dance

Therefore, if you travel to Cao Bang  in the spring without once participating in the folk festival with many of these precious spiritual beauty of the people here, it will be a huge shortcoming.  

Time: 2nd month of lunar month every year.

4. Thanh Minh Festival

It also took place in March, but unlike Tet Thanh Minh of the Kinh people, it commemorates the ancestors, but the Thanh Minh festival or the Sinh Minh festival of the Nung people have the meaning of praying for the happiness of couples looking forward to a good harvest.

According to legend, in the past, there was a couple who fell in love with each other but were prevented from coming together, so they both jumped into the well and committed suicide with the desire to go to the other side to be satisfied. Feeling sympathy for that love, every Tet Thanh Minh, people celebrate to pray for the couple.

On this traditional festival in Cao Bang , everyone from boys to girls, from young to old, will wear traditional ethnic costumes and bright smiles on their lips to participate in folk games. time such as: rolling still, shaking grass, walking on stilts and singing gentle, loving Lending lyrics … creating an exciting and joyous atmosphere.Thanh Minh festival - traditional festival in Cao Bang is famous near and farThe festival has fascinating cultural performances

Especially, if you are lucky enough to participate in this exciting festival of the Nung people , visitors can also enjoy their delicious traditional dishes of 3-color sticky sticky rice, eye-catching and crispy roasted suckling pig, fat too, sure to forget about the way to see.

Time: March of lunar year every year.

5. Ban Gioc waterfall tourism festival

Ban Gioc waterfall is considered a famous sight that no one knows about of Cao Bang, so the Ban Gioc waterfall tourism festival also attracts many visitors every year.

This traditional festival in Cao Bang is held at the foot of the waterfall, with countless attractive programs such as sparkling light festival, water procession to hope for the nation’s peace, spectacular good weather, inter folk festival and folk games with attractive sports activities such as tug of war, bag jump, push up, peel chestnuts, tossing, kayaking …Ban Gioc waterfall tourism festival - a traditional festival in Cao Bang is famous near and farArts and shimmer

In particular, the festival also displays the famous products and specialties of Chongqing district and photo exhibition about Cao Bang, so if you miss it, you will have to regret it.

Duration: October 5 and 6 every year.

If you want to explore the unique culture of the upland people, you must definitely not miss the traditional festivals in Cao Bang above somewhere.

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