Kong Cafe Dalat – a tourist destination for art-loving souls

Located in a remote corner on a quiet hill, surrounded only by nature, in addition to the idyllic design of the “your grandparents” era; Kong Cafe Dalat is a tourist destination for those who love peace, a place away from the hustle and bustle to find themselves with rustic melodious tunes that nourish the soul. 

Address Kong Cafe Dalat

This cafe is located on Da Chien hill, Hung Vuong street, ward 11, Da Lat city. The shop is open from 8:00 to 22:00 daily. Although small, beautiful, but rustic space is tinged with old colors and bold nature. Peaceful surroundings for those who want to immerse themselves in nature, young people love music, especially the underground.Kong Cafe Dalat - destination of peacePhoto: @ tap0414

From the central area to reach the address of Kong Cafe Dalat, follow Hung Vuong Street towards Trai Mat. When you arrive at the junction of the prison, you will see 3 roads on the right. Turn on the road going down the slope about 600m. Whenever you see a place with many greenhouses and the blue Kong sign, come to the right place.Kong Cafe Dalat - artistic spacePhoto: @imnheyyy

Kong cafe: dreamy idyllic decoration

In the midst of the bustling and bustling corners that are developing every day of Da Lat, we always want to find a peaceful place. At Kong cafe, you will enjoy the tranquil atmosphere as its name suggests. The shop is located on a hillside, built by two brothers from Saigon who love this land. Initially, it was intended to be a homestay but later changed to a cafe.Kong Cafe Dalat - simple designPhoto: @__trangvu

This famous Dalat cafe is designed in a rustic way, everything is made of old wooden panels. Even the interior furnishings and décor are tinged with time. The raw wooden table or bookshelf on the red sofa lay still in a small corner. Above hangs photos of artists or visitors here to take memories. Kong Cafe Dalat - rustic spacePhoto: @bemastore

Carpentry guitars were built in the corner of the room for those playing music. The glass window overlooks the surrounding garden, the partitions are replaced with flowers, the old radio is worn out, … There is no purpose or any preparation, so naturally the shop was built. But because like that makes a difference that can not be mixed with anywhere else.Kong Cafe Dalat - lovely decorPhoto: @ hoangbach.br

Here, in front of the restaurant, you will find a salon chair, swings so that everyone can sit and watch the flower garden below. Surrounded by wild hills and mountains, it creates a feeling of infinite immensity, so the feeling here is always incredibly peaceful and tranquil. Just sitting there and sipping a cup of coffee is able to observe all the changes of heaven and earth.Kong Cafe Dalat - in front of the restaurantPhoto: @troc_photography

Step inside, the design of Kong Cafe Dalat is like a house to live in. The furniture is old, the decorations can not be more idyllic. The attic looks rickety, but it all brings warmth and comfort. Especially suitable for those who have the soul of an artist, love the generosity and the vintage style close to nature. Kong Cafe Dalat - romance Photo: @minhlathinhj

The first floor is provided with tables and chairs, and the second floor is the sitting area. The most impressive thing is the sitting mattresses with brocade pattern, rudimentary wooden tables. Looking up on the ceiling will see that it is concealed by stitching flowers together. 

Green trees and beautiful stone lotus pots are decorated around every corner. Or old books and newspapers are also a natural way to décor but bring a deep impression. Kong Cafe Dalat - unique check-in pointPhoto: @ dnvy.giaKong Cafe Dalat - unique decorationPhoto: @ 98memoriesphotography

Kong cafe: a peaceful place to hide with melodious music

For those who have once set foot in this famous place in Dalat and then see that Kong is always so beautiful that people must fall in love. In the early morning, the surroundings will be covered with mist or clouds. In the afternoon, you can sit in front of the bar and sip a cup of tea to watch the romantic sunset spread over the hills. Kong Cafe Dalat - watch the peaceful sunsetPhoto: @_hoa_le_

At night, when the flower-growing area at the bottom began to be lit up, the scene of this place became even more sparkling. Even on rainy days, each raindrop blends with melodious music in the restaurant, creating a very romantic melody. Kong makes you always just want to be quiet and lazy in that small corner. Kong Cafe Dalat - ghostly nightPhoto: @acktj

The days when I feel tired, I want to run away from the world. Come to Kong Cafe Dalat to calm your soul. Breathe in the fresh air, only the smell of wood, the faint smell of coffee and the scent of flowers. Only the voices of friends, crunchy laughter, happy together without worry. The menu is simple with some familiar dishes but enough for you to sit all day.Kong Cafe Dalat - meeting place with friendsPhoto: @dolu_phatnguyen

There is a special thing in Kong, you easily encounter super cute and friendly dogs and cats. Sometimes without you being invited, they will come lying right at the feet of your seat. Sometimes, he rubs in and looks lazy, when he sleeps well, forgets the whole world. That feeling is close and dear as if you were in your own home every day.Kong Cafe Dalat - close spacePhoto: @mysouldalat

Traveling to Dalat , if you want to find a meeting place for souls who are in tune with art, Kong Cafe is an ideal suggestion. Because the space of the restaurant brings endless writing inspiration, young people who love music can come to the shop to sing, sing, and sing together as they like. Therefore, you can always hear the rustic voices resounding here at all times.Kong Cafe Dalat - the convergence of music loversPhoto: @ aboy.st

Not only that, this place is also the inn of the underground idols, rappers, singers, … every time they have the opportunity to come to Da Lat. This is the place that inspired Den Vau to sit and write on the song “I don’t need anything but you”. If given the chance, you will meet, chat and hear them hum familiar tunes in an environment that could not be more cozy. Kong Cafe Dalat - peaceful placePhoto: @lexuanthao_

Although the road to Kong Cafe Dalat is a bit zigzag, winding, difficult to find, it seems like looking for a secret shelter, a peaceful and deepest space. But that trip will make you feel a lot of effort when you get to the right place to relax your soul. To go home with only dogs and flowers, and hard-to-fade memories next to a cup of coffee of the mountain town.

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