30 days to bring her 4-year-old daughter to travel to Vietnam

Choosing a destination close to nature with no visitors, Tuyet Anh hopes her child can enjoy her passion for travel and learn new things after the trip.

“This year, my family did not welcome Tet in Saigon” – the announcement of Tuyet Anh and Hai Luan made the family of both paternal and maternal sides a bit disappointed, but not surprised. Because grandparents are used to every 1-2 months, they take An Di’s daughter (4.5 years old) to explore near and far. Parents working as tourists, Di made his first trip at 4 months old and backpacked Singapore – Malaysia at 6 months old. Di’s first motorbike trip was in Ha Giang, when she was 2 years old.

Tuyet Anh said that this is the only appropriate time to make a “trip to life” because Di has not yet entered grade 1, can take a long time off school and her parents have a lot of free time. Another reason is that there will be fewer people traveling on Tet holidays, and services at the destination are not expensive.

Take your 4-year-old daughter to travel through Vietnam
Tuyet Anh’s family has always been taken by friends in each locality to explore unknown destinations. Above is the wooden bridge of Ong Tiger, Phu Yen. Photo: NVCC

Planning the trip in detail, on the last day of January, Ms. Tuyet Anh and her husband and children got on a motorbike to go to Vinh Long, starting a journey across Vietnam. After visiting the southern provinces, her family plans to drive back to the Central and the North and welcome New Year’s Eve in Hanoi. Starting 5 days, information about an outbreak in Quang Ninh and Hai Duong spread on newspapers, causing her to eliminate the road to the north, shorten her trip from 40 to 30 days and celebrate Tet in Quang Male.

In 30 days, her family traveled through about 28 cities and provinces, crossed all terrains, went to forests, into the sea and visited cities. Instead of the familiar tourist spots, her family chooses activities that have little contact with others such as mobile camping on Dam Mon island (Khanh Hoa), Da stream (Binh Dinh), Quang Nam countryside. ..

This is the first time Di's family welcomes Tet in Central Vietnam to experience the New Year wishes to relatives and relatives and to enjoy different Tet dishes such as meat soaked in fish sauce.  Photo: NVCC.
This is the first time Di’s family welcomes Tet in Central Vietnam to experience the New Year wishes to relatives and relatives and to enjoy different Tet dishes such as meat in fish sauce. Photo: NVCC

For families, the trip is not only to satisfy your passion for travel but also an opportunity to visit friends and relatives in all provinces. Therefore, 70% of the family’s journey stays at an acquaintance’s house and the rest rents a hotel room, motel or homestay. “This is also Di’s wish. Before the trip, she was very excited to see her friends and told her parents many times that she did not like to stay at the hotel,” said Tuyet Anh.

A lot of people ask Tuyet Anh if Di is too young to travel to Vietnam, but for this mother, the most important thing is to respect her hobby and believe she will do it. From a young age, Di has been to many places and crossing Vietnam is just a small, repetitive trip. Tuyet Anh is most worried about going to the Central and the North, the weather will be cold, so she has prepared lots of warm clothes. When moving, you will sleep, so when you arrive, there is plenty of energy to explore and experience.

With this mother, trips are not for achievements, so it is not necessary to go long or far, but it is important that you know more about the country’s beauty, natural world, social relationships. The trip is also an opportunity for her husband and wife to learn and review their knowledge while constantly answering Di’s questions why.

This year, the family does not buy new clothes or decorate the house for Tet and plans to use this money to help disadvantaged children on the road, so that Di knows the meaning of sharing. However, the plan had to be canceled because of Covid-19, this is also what Tuyet Anh regrets the most during the trip.

Ending the journey on February 23, the whole family is healthy and safe. Di was back in the bud and excitedly told her friends about a cow, a buffalo or a wheel made from the latex that he saw on the road.

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