Discover the majestic beauty of Chapo Ninh Thuan waterfall

Ninh Thuan has many beautiful and attractive places to visit, including the majestic Chapo waterfall with its wild beauty and incredible tranquility. This Ninh Thuan tourist destination is loved by many people, especially those who love to explore and love to learn about nature.

About Chapơ waterfall

Located in Phuoc Tan commune of Bac Ai district, Ninh Thuan province, Chapo waterfall is only about 60km from the center of Phan Rang city, so it is very convenient to move. Visitors can actively arrange time to come here to visit, admire the scenery without having to spend too much time moving.

Compared to the sea level, Ninh Thuan Chapo waterfall is located at an altitude of 500m, so the climate here is very cool and comfortable. Anyone who has ever set foot in Chapơ waterfall tourism will feel excited when enjoying the fresh, cool atmosphere and enjoying the scenery at the same time.The majestic and attractive beauty of Chapơ waterfall Chapo waterfall is always a favorite destination for young people when visiting Ninh Thuan

The reason that this waterfall is called Chap is because the villagers of Raglai village took the name of Chapo – a perfectly talented but destined girl to commemorate. The very name Chap is as beautiful and poetic as the natural scenery here.

Chapơ waterfall is surrounded by lush green mountains, so the natural scenery is very majestic and attractive. That makes this place more and more attractive and attractive to visitors. It can be said that Chapo waterfall is one of the famous Ninh Thuan tourist destinations that many people choose to visit when having the opportunity.Ninh Thuan chapo waterfall is also a favorite destination for foreign touristsPhoto: @loca_rusa

Instructions on how to move to Chapơ Falls

To be able to conquer the majestic Chapơ waterfall, you will have to go through a tough red dirt road. This stretch on rainy days will be very difficult to go. Therefore, you should actively check the weather forecast before planning to explore Chapo waterfall.

There are two routes for you to choose when you want to travel to the tourist destination. That is to follow the National Highway 1A and Highway 27.

If you follow the National Highway 1A, you only need to go about 4-5km. Then meet Ca Du intersection and turn left. Continue straight along this road for about 40km. When you reach Highway 27A, turn left and go about 3km more to Ma Lam village. Here you just need to ask the people to know the way to Chapơ waterfall.The road to Chapơ waterfall will take a rough road, difficult to goThe road going to Chapo waterfall will have a rough dirt road, difficult to go

In case you depart from Highway 27, just follow the signpost. When you reach Highway 27B, Ninh Binh junction, you will turn right. After that, going about 10km further, you will reach the majestic Chapơ waterfall.

Whatever path you choose, to reach Chapo waterfall, you will have to go through a rugged red dirt road about 10km long. This road will be a little more difficult to go. However, just seeing the beauty of this waterfall is how much fatigue and difficulties in you will also disappear.

Feel the beauty of the waterfall Chapo Ninh Thuan

The first image makes you feel impressed when you arrive at Chap Chap. That is the majestic and wild beauty of this waterfall. It seems that the Creator has endowed this place with a masterpiece beauty like a painting. What is the funny murmuring sound of water, what is the scenery around the green and green eyes … All of them have contributed to creating a beautiful natural picture for Chaplet.The majestic beauty of Chapơ waterfallThe majestic beauty of Chapo Ninh Thuan waterfall viewed from above

In addition, the climate here is very temperate and pleasant, so Chapơ is really an ideal overnight camping spot for you to choose if you want to spend time exploring and enjoying the beauty of nature.

Looking back from a distance, the water on the waterfall falls down in one color and the water is not only clean but also very cool. Therefore, when you arrive at Chapơ waterfall , you will not be able to miss the opportunity to soak in this cool blue water. 

Because the feeling of being immersed in nature and enjoying the cool water given by the nature will be very interesting. This is also the reason why nature lovers often cannot miss a beautiful place like Chapơ Falls. This place will be the destination for you to rest, relax and explore the rich and diverse ecosystem of Ninh Thuan.Coming to Chapơ waterfall, you will discover a lot of interesting thingsPhoto: @lamthuvien

Chapơ Falls is truly one of the most majestic and poetic waterfalls in Vietnam. By going many places, exploring many landscapes, you can understand and feel the true beauty of this waterfall. 

Compared to other landscapes, Chapơ is not too colorful, but it imprints on visitors because of the rustic, wild and majestic that nature has given this place. The feeling of hearing the murmuring water, the sound of the birds singing and singing is so joyful. 

Especially along the walking path leading to the waterfall, you will admire a primeval forest with many different species of plants. Besides, coming to Chapo, you also have the opportunity to exchange and meet with many friendly and hospitable indigenous people of Ninh Thuan mountains and forests.Visiting Chapơ waterfall will help you have a memorable trip with many beautiful photos as a souvenirVisiting Chapo tourist destination will help you have a memorable trip with many beautiful photos to make memories. Photo: @lamthuvien

Discovering Chapo Ninh Thuan waterfall is really the perfect plan to help you have a rewarding and interesting trip to Ninh Thuan . Therefore, if you are wondering where to go when traveling to Ninh Thuan, Chapo waterfall will be a great suggestion for your trip.

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