Suggesting 7 specialties of Hai Duong as ‘all delicious’ gifts without buying will regret

Traveling to Hai Duong by the sight of discovering beautiful places, experiencing local culture with special dishes, gifts for friends and relatives after the trip are also worrisome for many people. Hai Duong has many specialties so you will not worry about missing gifts when checking-in in this beautiful land. 

Hai Duong is not only famous for its famous landscapes but also has many attractive specialties bearing the style of the Northern Delta. Referring to the specialties of Hai Duong as gifts, you will not be able to ignore the famous green bean cake, the attractive Ninh Giang thorn cake, or the Thanh Ha lychee dish that has become a trademark. 

The specialties here are not only plentiful but also delicious. Discovering Hai Duong and encapsulating a little love of the East through special gifts to give to friends and relatives and reminds of the land you have just visited is something that everyone cares about. 

Hai Duong specialties as giftsHai Duong’s hometown has many attractive products that make diners fall in love. Photo: General

Discovering Hai Duong specialties as gifts, it is always a desire 

1. Green bean cake 

Dish specialty gift Hai Duong most famous is undoubtedly the green bean cake, food has become a trademark of this eastern region of origin. Hai Duong’s green bean cake is made from green bean flour, lard, sugar and grapefruit essential oil. The dish has a very fragrant aroma, the taste is sweet, and a little fat, when eaten, it dissolves in the mouth, but enough for you to feel the attractive aftertaste of the dish.

Hai Duong specialty green bean cake as a giftGreen bean cake is the most famous gift-making specialty in Hai Duong. Photo: Wiki

Because it is a famous specialty, it is very easy to buy green bean cakes in Hai Duong, you can visit supermarkets, specialty stores, markets, or green bean cake shops of famous brands such as Rong Gold, Nguyen Huong, Tien Dung, Bao Hien … to buy original cakes. 

Hai Duong specialty green bean cake as a giftHai Duong has many famous brands of green bean cakes. Photo: @tquynh.

2. Ninh Giang hemp cake 

Ninh Giang gai cake in Hai Duong has been famous all over the country for its delicious and delicious taste. This is a folk gift but extremely loved for its sweet, fragrant, supple and soft taste. To make this specialty cake, the Hai Duong people had to be very picky in the selection of ingredients. The cake after making will be steamed in a water bath, so it is not sticky, but dry and flexible.

Ninh Giang's specialty hemp cake from Hai Duong as a giftFragrant green bean cake, watery sound from near and far. Photo: @ngandao

The sweet pastry mixed with a little jam of jam and the creamy pork fat is very attractive. You can buy cakes in Ninh Giang village, Ninh Giang thorn shops or markets in Hai Duong. The cake can last a long time so you don’t have to worry about it spoiling. 

Ninh Giang's specialty hemp cake from Hai Duong as a giftThe cake has a shelf life of up to a few days so you do not need to worry about transport. Photo: @ hachi25gk

3. Fourteenth Bears 

Although not every season of the year you can buy fried spring rolls, this is still one of Hai Duong’s famous specialties. Around August of the lunar calendar every year is the season of ninety-nine crops in Tu Ky Hai Duong, so coming here you can enjoy the delicious and rich fried spring rolls. In addition to eating on the spot, you can also buy Tu Ky specialties as gifts, but you need to freeze it to preserve the intact flavor of the rice. 

Hai Duong specialty fried spring rolls as a giftCha La Tu Ky, the heavenly fortune of the Hai Duong people. Photo: @s_trang_ss

Hai Duong specialty fried spring rolls as a giftIf you want to buy spring rolls as a gift, you should freeze them for easy transport. Photo: reviewtop

4. Ke Sat Gac Banh Mi 

The attractive Gac red rice paper is a specialty dish of Hai Duong as a favorite gift to tourists in the past. From available ingredients such as rice, sugar, coconut, gac and peanuts, Hai Duong people have created an attractive cake.

Ke Sat specialties Banh Mi Hai Duong as a giftKe Sat Banh Mi has a characteristic Gac red color. Photo: @ ngoc.le.lybra

Ke Sat Gac Banh Mi can be both a play food and a delicious drink, the crispy crispy crispy rice cake, peanuts, sesame, the fatty taste of coconut milk, the warm taste of ginger will make it difficult to. forget. Ke Sat Village is home to this specialty, so you can visit and buy it on the spot. 

Ke Sat specialties Banh Mi Hai Duong as a giftGac Ke Sat rice paper is always a specialty that many people love. Photo: Hai Duong newspaper

5. The Heart of the Kinh Mon.

This specialty of Hai Duong as a gift is a familiar dish of the East people, they often eat cakes on special occasions such as Tet. The best pastry is made in Kinh Mon with a characteristic sweet, sticky, nutty, aromatic and spicy flavor. The cakes are rustic, not picky, luxurious, but they are gifts that many visitors have to love. 

Kinh Mon specialty cake of Hai Duong as a giftKinh Mon cake is a traditional dish of Hai Duong people. Photo: Hai Duong newspaper

Kinh Mon specialty cake of Hai Duong as a giftKinh Mon biscuits used with tea are the ultimate combo. Photo:

6. Gia Loc Loaf Cake 

The rice cake in Gia Loc is a famous specialty favored by many diners when coming to Hai Duong. The thick and fragrant thick cakes, faintly flavored with bananas eaten with sausages and sausages are familiar morning gifts of local people. 

Hai Duong specialty thick cake as a giftGia Loc thick cake is a familiar breakfast dish to Hai Duong people. Photo: Haitrieu.Jewel

The cake is made from top quality yellow flower sticky rice and pounded with a pestle, until it reaches the top plasticity to create the cake shape. This dish is a specialty of Hai Duong as an attractive gift that you can hardly ignore when you have the opportunity to visit the Gia Loc land of Hai Duong. 

Hai Duong specialty thick cake as a giftToday Gia Loc thick cake has become a specialty as an attractive gift to visitors. Photo: World of Cuisine.

7. Thieu Thanh Ha Litchi 

If Bac Giang has the famous Luc Ngan lychee from near and far, Hai Duong also has Thanh Ha lychee which is famous everywhere. Thanh Ha Thieu Litchi is characterized by a deep red skin color, rich aroma, long, juicy and usually seedless flesh. 

This attractive country fruit has long been an attractive specialty to tourists and is exported to all regions. If you come to Hai Duong between May and June, do not forget to buy this specialty as a gift. 

Thanh Ha lychee specialty Hai Duong as a giftThanh Ha Thieu litchi is thick, sweet and almost seedless. Photo: @ Peace.115

The list of Hai Duong specialties as gifts above are all famous and meaningful dishes of the East for you to give to your loved ones. If you have the opportunity to come to Hai Duong, do not miss you!

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