cake Buckwheat in Ha Giang

Buckwheat seeds harvested from the flower of the same name have been processed by the people of the Ha Giang ethnic group into a soft, soft sponge cake that is memorable to visitors. The feeling of enjoying the golden circuit buckwheat cakes next to the fire, have you tried it?

What is Ha Giang’s buckwheat cake made from? 

In the early winter days, the Ha Giang rocky plateau wore a lovely floral coat, highlighting the Northeast sky. Every season when the buckwheat flowers bloom and bloom, the distant guests will have the opportunity to meet here. Because everyone will probably have a special affection and be easily captivated by this flower at any time. Triangular cake circuit Buckwheat vascular season blooming in Ha Giang 

Buckwheat flowers bring a sense of simplicity, simplicity, and beauty with a variety of colors with their own nuances. When the white is tender and pristine, sometimes it turns into a romantic pink, sometimes it is brilliant red and attracts many visitors by dreamy purple. Surely when you have been admired, you will be forever fascinated in that wonderful scenery. Specialty triangular circuit cakeBuckwheat flowers have many shades 

Not only in Ha Giang, there are buckwheat flowers, but in many other districts in the highlands of the Northwest, this beautiful flower can also be planted. However, you have to go to Ha Giang and get lost in the paradise of buckwheat flowers, then you can appreciate the fullest beauty.Delicious triangular cake in Ha Giang (Photo: leeleehuynh)

Many people often think that the buckwheat circuit is simply a flower with great attraction to attract many tourists to Ha Giang . However, not many people know that this flower is also the raw material to make a delicious cake called buckwheat cake . Ingredients for making triangular circuit Buckwheat circuit particles About the triangular cake Triangular cake circuit 

The process of making cake buckwheat circuit Ha Giang

The process to make a delicious buckwheat cake , the preparation is quite sophisticated and undergoes many steps to perform. First, will pick flowers on the buckwheat circuit, proceed to get flower seeds, dry enough to bring them to hand grind. The grinding process is also extremely meticulous, carefully until the seeds are evenly smooth, so that when baking, they will not get ruffled. Continue, the cook will mix the dough with water and then mold into flat round cake pieces. The diameter of the cake is usually longer than a glove, when put in the mold, it will be steamed on the stove for about 10 minutes to cook evenly. Today there are more types of crispy triangular cakes to serve to bring back as gifts.Process of making triangular circuit cake(Photo: meo_ly)The process of making triangular circuit cake The cake is baked on a charcoal stove 

In the cold weather of Dong Van rock plateau , visiting the bustling market, visitors will easily see the image of many people gathered by the small fire, eagerly waiting for the fragrant hot cake. When breaking the first piece of cake you will feel the pungent flavor of the forest tree. The buckwheat cake will be arranged into stacks and share an inviting purple color. Enjoy Ha Giang's triangular cake(Photo: thuyhang.chill)

Buckwheat circuit cake flavor 

Many visitors often exclaim: “When eating the first piece of cake, the taste is completely convinced by the very soft and soft taste of the cake”. When sipping slowly bit by bit, the sweetness will begin to spread slowly in the mouth. The cake is neither too dry nor too wet. The most special is probably the typical forest tree in the highland of Ha GiangTriangular circuit cake flavor Fluffy, fluffy cake

Ha Giang Buckwheat cake at first glance is quite popular but has its own nuances compared to other cakes. Despite possessing sweet, pungent, and pungent taste, but through the skillful hands of the ethnic people in the highlands, the cake has a unique taste. Therefore, whether you have enjoyed buckwheat cakes in Moc Chau or elsewhere, it is still difficult to forget the taste of the fragrant Buckwheat cakes in Ha Giang. Delicious taste of vascular triangular cake The delicious taste of the cake makes many visitors pamper

Address to enjoy the circuit triangle cake 

As a famous specialty of Ha Giang , the Buckwheat cake is sold at many market fairs. A large, hot cake usually costs 10 – 15k. Here are some markets that visitors visit to enjoy and buy buckwheat cakes as gifts. 

Quan Ba ​​District: 

– The market is in Tam Son town, usually meeting on Saturday morning 

– Trang Kem Market: will meet on Saturday morning.

Yen Minh District:

– Du Gia Market: meeting on Friday morning.

– Mau Due: will meet on Sunday morning.

– Sung Trang: will meet on Sunday morning.

Dong Van district:

– Market in Dong Van town: meeting on Sunday morning.

– Pho Cao: will meet on Dragon day, Tuat day.

– Pho Bang: will meet on the Noon and the Rat Day.

Meo Vac district:

– Central market: will meet on Sunday morning.

– Khau Vai: meeting in the morning of the 2nd, 7th, 12th, 17th, 22nd (lunar calendar).

– Sung Tra: will meet on Saturday.Address to buy triangle circuit cake The cake is often sold in fair markets (Photo: thuyvivupt)

Going to the highlands of Ha Giang on chilly days, enjoying the natural scenery while sipping a Buckwheat cake is wonderful. The feeling of soul at that time seemed to settle down, blending with the beauty of everything here. 

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