The top 9 beautiful northern tourist destinations in March

Traveling to the Northern in March, wandering the Northwest streets to watch flowers, hunt clouds, visit pagodas, attend festivals or relax in the sea are ideal.

Check in now the beautiful northern tourist destinations in March

Enjoy the cherry blossom season of Ha Giang 

For those of you who are still attached to the Tet atmosphere, Ha Giang is the opening journey for March that you should experience. This weather, all the villages, mountain slopes, behind the houses on this rocky plateau are shimmering with the pink color of cherry blossoms. Not too cold like winter, at this time the sky will only be warm with gentle sunshine on the flowers brightening the Giang peach blossom season blooms late. Photo: Nguyet Minh

Each peach branch with pink blossoms mixed with the green color of the leaves, the children, scattered in flower dresses play under the tree. Traveling to the North in March to Ha Giang land, you can go to Dong Van or Meo Vac to reward flowers for taking beautiful pictures. After that, visit other locations in the headland of this country to check in. travel-travel-bac-thang-3-1Flowers blooming under the golden sunlight

Ta Xua cloud hunting

Located at an altitude of over 2,000 meters above sea level, so rattan is the “specialty” that attracts tourists to this Son La land. And March is the best time for an exciting cloud hunting trip. The clouds here are covered all year round, but watching the sea of ​​clouds illuminated by golden rays of sunlight brings an indescribable Ta Xua to watch the sea of ​​clouds

Among the tourist destinations in the Northern of March , this is also the destination for impressive hiking trips. Along with friends pass each other through the winding roads, winding and full of obstacles. After that, stop by the side of the mountain to camp, make a fire and chat all night. Especially, together waiting for the most beautiful cloud hunting moment of the day, the memorable moment of youth. travel-travel-bac-thang-3-3Youth experience cannot be missed

See the Moc Chau flowers

After the season of plum blossoms and cabbage flowers spread out thousands of times, in March, the trip to Moc Chau evokes nostalgia for those who love the pure white color of the flowers. The flower is fragile, shy but has a strong vitality. The flowers grow on the mountainside, are a symbol of loyalty and have an important meaning for each child from old to young in this Northwest the white flowers bloom in Moc Chau

Flowers with white petals point a little purple pistil, light, not brilliant, but leave in the hearts of people who are still in the hearts of people when they are watched. Go to Moc Chau to travel to the Northern in March to enjoy the peaceful scenery and prepare for the End Festival with Thai ethnic people. Traditional festivals to pay homage to the teacher. travel-travel-bac-thang-3-5Join the fascinating festival

Attend Dien Bien flower festival

Along with the flowers of Moc Chau, Dien Bien is also considered as a place with beautiful colors. All over the mountains and hills, the winding passes are covered with white flowers. Not coming here to let your lake go under the trees, taking lovely pictures with this pristine flower but full of strong attraction is a waste. travel-travel-bac-thang-3-6The flower Ban Dien Bien is as beautiful as a Thai girl. Photo: over nighttravel-travel-bac-3-viet_pham90Photo: @ viet_pham90

Traveling to the North in March , you must definitely visit Dien Bien so as not to miss the fluttering beauty of the forests or the immense flower valley. But also participate in the unique Hoa Ban Festival to learn about the culture and traditional games of the Thai ethnic group. Just being involved in interesting activities, attracting a large number of tourists everywhere to visit. travel-travel-bac-thang-3-22Annual Flower Festival with many attractive programs

Have an appointment with “lover” Sapa

Traveling to Sapa no matter how many times, every time you leave, you will have a deep nostalgia. In March, this misty city offers beautiful scenes that are indescribable. The romantic scenery of hazy clouds obscures the fanciful mountain peaks every morning. Or when the sunlight began to rise, streaks of light shone through the mist, lingering on the shoulder of the in Fansipan Sapa

Choosing this place to travel to the North in March, we find ourselves a quiet corner and immersed in the love of late blooming peaches, ancient plum blossoms. Flowers adorn the sky on the porch of small roofs, flowers are scattered on the remote village, on the small roads. Immerse yourself in the scenery of the vibrant terraced fields or sit by the fire, indulging in a hint of wine and alcohol. travel-travel-bac-thang-3-8Watch the clouds drift awaytravel-travel-bac-thang-3-9Terraced fields are in rice transplanting season

Immerse yourself in the natural beauty of Cao Bang

Travel Cao Bang in March to explore the majestic beauty of the mountain and enjoy the fresh landscape. Ban Gioc Waterfall and Ba Be Lake are ideal destinations for your trip. These are all beautiful landscapes in the North that attract tourists to check-in crowded. Especially in March when the weather is nice for nature in famous scenic spots – Ban Gioc Waterfall

Come to see the majestic and fresh scenery of Ban Gioc waterfall. Listen to the love song of the rushing waterfall, the birds chirping. And visit famous places such as Pac Bo cave, Lenin stream, Nguom Ngao cave, Thang Hen lake, … Enjoy the delicious specialties of mountains and forests during the trip to the North in March to Cao Bang very Lenin streamtravel-travel-bac-thang-3-12Pac Bo Cave – Nine Camps of Vietnam

Landscape Ninh Binh

Owning ancient landscapes, large-scale temple complex is very suitable for the upcoming travel trip. This place is very close to the capital, so traveling is also very convenient and easy. With family and relatives visiting Bai Dinh pagoda, sitting on a boat to admire the landscapes of Trang An, Tam Coc Bich Dong, Hoa Lu capital, …travel-travel-bac-thang-3-13Take a boat to visit Trang An scenic spottravel-travel-bac-thang-3-14Cycling to explore the peaceful countryside

Check in at Dance Cave or pineapple field, Cuc Phuong National Park, … also help you get beautiful frames that are hard to resist. Besides, traveling to the North in March to the ancient capital to pay the festival, go to the pagoda at the beginning of the year. Wishing for a peaceful and happy new year. Spiritual tourism, immersing in the peaceful natural picture are the ancient templetravel-mien-bac-thang-3-16Check in with the unique Dance Cave

Explore the coastal city of Ha Long

Ha Long – Quang Ninh is now one of the destinations in the North with great attraction to tourists not only domestically, but also everywhere in the world. World natural wonders have never been “hot” with trips to explore the bay with small islands and interesting beaches. In addition, the Sun World Ha Long entertainment complex always brings new and attractive experiences.3-17 travel-tripQuang Ninh Museum with impressive designtravel-travel-bac-thang-3-18See Ha Long from Bai Tho mountain

Step by step investment, construction and transformation. Luxury resorts, large pagodas, delicious food, attractive sea games: kayaking, windsurfing, … Ha Long deserves to be a great northern tourist destination in March for you. .travel-travel-bac-3-19_2Check in modern amusement park

Cat Ba Island – Hai Phong

In March, the weather in the North started to warm up and Cat Ba again attracted thousands of tourists. The nature is rich, there are primeval forests and beautiful unspoiled beaches. Coming here not only swimming, you can also visit Lan Ha Bay, explore the national forest, monkey island, scuba diving, kayaking, … Countless interesting activities make meaningful journey with friends and Ba is as beautiful as the scenetravel-travel-bac-thang-3-21Miniature Halong Bay with beautiful scenes that are hard to describe

In the midst of the harmonious weather, about to enter a new season, let’s keep beautiful moments with meaningful travel trips to the North in March !

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