10 ‘must try’ dishes when visiting Ha Long

Pearl yogurt, sweet and sour stir-fried sam, blood and duck eggs with wormwood … are famous dishes of Ha Long.

Besides famous attractions such as Ha Long Bay, Quang Ninh museum, Ha Long also attracts visitors with delicious food.

Bubble yogurt

Yogurt with pearls appeared in Ha Long for about 10 years. The self-brewed yoghurt shops are soft, smooth, free of ice, and the highlight is the white, soft, chewy pearl made by the owner. Hot pearls are cut into small segments, filled with coconut milk. When you eat, you pour hot pearl milk and coconut milk into a cup of cold yogurt, you will have a strange snack. Hang Nghi or Tuan Lien is a familiar place of young people, with the price of 10,000 to 30,000 VND a part.

Sweet and sour sam sauteed

10 delicious dishes to try when visiting Ha Long
Marine people, when processing sam, have to kill a male and a female, because it is thought that if you only cook one, you will be susceptible to allergies, cold stomach.

Sam is processed into many dishes such as sweet and sour stir-fry, baking, egg sam … strange and delicious. However, sam is a Korean seafood so if you have a history of allergies and stomach upset when eating seafood, you should consider it. A famous address for selling sam in Ha Long may include Sam Ba Ty, or a snack area of ​​Ha Long Market 1. On average, a sampler plate costs about 150,000 VND.

Snail fried with coconut

Stir-fried snail is a favorite snack of local people, priced at about 35,000 VND / plate depending on type. Stir-fried snails with soy sauce, lemongrass, tamarind sauce, coconut … In Ha Long, there are many types of snails to choose from, popular are snails, snails, snails. Reference address: snail shop in the alley next to the old Quang Ninh museum (on Nguyen Van Cu street), Van Lang sidewalk snail shop …

Cake squid rolls to pound your hands

The people of Ha Long city use squid pies with rice rolls instead of cinnamon rolls, meat rolls like many other places, creating their own brand. Hot rice paper rolls with minced meat, stir-fried with wood ear, or shrimp and dipped in sweet and sour fish sauce and served with crispy squid rolls.

The squid spring rolls shop that is said to be the pioneer in Ha Long is Mrs. Ngan, right next to Bach Dang theater, Goc Bang restaurant, or in the local market during the day. The price fluctuates around 40,000 VND per rate.

Squid pies are a famous specialty in Ha Long, often chosen by tourists to buy as gifts. The squid meat is ground or pounded into a fine mixture so that the final product remains chewy, crispy. Squid paste that is molded and fried with a sufficient temperature will have a golden color and aroma.

Blood and duck eggs stewed with wormwood

Flipped duck eggs are a familiar dish, but when combined with wormwood leaves, they will have a strange aroma and taste. For delicious food, chefs often choose young and green mugwort leaves. The indispensable spice is cut ginger. Flipped duck eggs are boiled before being stewed with wormwood leaves on the stove for 2-3 hours.

10 delicious dishes to try when visiting Ha Long - 2
In Ha Long, weather is a popular dish eaten with flipped duck eggs.

Eggs are often sold with wormwood stew. Guests can request a set of eggs and periods, the price ranges from 10,000 to 20,000 VND. Reference address: Nguyen Thi Xuyen restaurant (located deep in the market Column 3).

Ha Long boy porridge

Clam porridge in Ha Long is cooked from flour together with sea mussels, so it will taste quite different from the porridge in Hanoi (freshwater mussels, living in the river). Clam porridge served with green onions, chopped Chinese scent, dried onions and flavored, creamy. The best place to visit is at Ha Long 1, 2 market. The price for each bowl of clam porridge is about 15,000 – 20,000 VND.


Fresh peanut worms are usually sautéed with garlic, pineapple or vegetables. In addition, it is processed into many different dishes such as: grilled salt and chili, deep fried, eaten raw with mustard. The dish is not only delicious but also has high nutritional value and is popularly sold on Quan Lan Island (Van Don).

Cake nodded

This is a specialty in Tien Yen – Ha Long, made from sticky rice, nearly the size of a rice roll. The cake is often eaten with chicken fat sauces, minced meat … Addresses for reference: Mrs. Cuc (the owner of the baker’s house number 73) and Mrs. Thia (owner of the Cuong Thia bakery, house number 30A), Hoa Street Jar.

Noodles and seafood rice cakes

10 delicious dishes to try when visiting Ha Long - 4
Noodles or seafood rice cakes in Ha Long are usually for breakfast.

A full bowl of vermicelli or seafood rice cake with shrimp, crab meat (or island), surface, fish ball, vegetables (or celery), for about 40,000 VND. Noodles, seafood rice cakes are often served with raw vegetables. Some famous places about seafood vermicelli that you can refer to are Hai Van restaurant at the end of the road to Northeastern company, seafood noodle shop at the beginning of Cau Trang – Ha Tu.

Hot train drift wheel

In addition to salty dishes, visitors can desserts with floating cakes filled with black sesame seeds, green beans in hot, fragrant ginger water. The soft, supple crust melts right in the mouth, leaving behind the sweetness and subtle aroma of the ginger. You can visit Co Beo, Mono, some snacks in the area of ​​Ha Long Chuyen School or in column 3 market, Hong Hai ward to try this dish.

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