Passionately admire the beautiful passes in Nha Trang

Nha Trang tourism in addition to the beauty of “blue sea, white sand, yellow sunshine” also includes the greenery of plants, the majesty of the rapids, the deep pools, the pebble beaches whispering waves.

If you are bored with the tourist beaches and familiar attractions of Nha Trang, when you return to this most beautiful bay in Vietnam, you should try to visit the following destinations to satisfy your joy. passion for his discovery.

Coming to Nha Trang, if you want to “change the wind” and feel the beauty of this country in a different, thornier and more majestic perspective, you can visit the pass roads of this place. The beautiful mountain passes in Nha Trang have long been a favorite destination for many tourists and come to satisfy their passion for discovery and politics. 

 Beautiful pass in Nha TrangThe passes in Nha Trang always make the devotees fascinated. Photo: @anxonomoon

Check-in on the beautiful passes in Nha Trang, mesmerizing followers 

1. Luong Son pass

This is one of the beautiful passes in Nha Trang with a dreamlike setting. To get to Luong Son pass, you just need to move in the direction of Pham Van Dong to the north, about 15 minutes to go to the territory of the pass. The winding pass road with beautiful scenery of trees and sea breeze will make you fall in love. The deeper the pass, the more you will admire the majestic scenery between the mountains and the sea. 

Luong Son Pass is a beautiful pass in Nha TrangLuong Son pass is very famous. Photo: Tu Hao

Travel to Luong Son beautiful pass in Nha TrangThe beauty is mesmerizing. Photo: Hua Quoc Anh

On the Luong Son pass, you will reach Bai Tien, a famous tourist destination of Khanh Hoa . To check-in at this place, park your car at the water hut and follow the road leading to Tien beach and immerse yourself in the beautiful scenery at the distorted mountains beside the murmuring waves.

 explore Luong Son beautiful pass in Nha TrangOn the pass there are stops to stop and eat. Photo: Pham Tuan Tu

Bai Tien area does not have sand like other beaches but instead is pebbles of all shapes, the scene here is very romantic, attracting many couples to check-in. At the end of Luong Son pass, there is also a section of confetti blooming, this is also a virtual living place that many people love when checking-in Luong Son pass. 

 explore Luong Son beautiful pass in Nha TrangThe Luong Son pass always attracts visitors to check-in. Photo: @ u_uyen.11

2. Cu Hin Pass

Cu Hin Pass is located in the south of the coastal city of Nha Trang . From the city center, just move along Nguyen Tat Thanh Avenue leading to the airport, you can check-in this beautiful pass in Nha Trang . Although only about 8km long, Cu Hin Pass still makes visitors fascinated by its miraculous beauty.

Check-in Cu Hin Pass, beautiful pass in Nha TrangCu Hin Pass is located in the south of Nha Trang. Photo: @ellaa_s

From the pass you can see the panoramic view of Nha Trang Bay, Dai Beach is the famous destinations of the city. Along the Cu Hin pass are many 5-star resorts because the scenery here is very poetic, the road has many elbow-shaped bends, so you will need to be careful when moving.

The beauty of Cu Hin Pass is a beautiful pass in Nha TrangCu Hin Pass has always been a favorite destination for many young people. Photo: @tnhung____

For the best view when checking-in at Cu Hin you can go to the stop on the pass, where the most beautiful view of the city is at sunset and dawn. 

3. Khanh Le Pass 

Khanh Le is also a beautiful pass in Kh anh Hoa , but besides its impressive beauty, this is also one of the dangerous roads. However, the attraction of the high winding road in the morning mist still makes many people fall in love with it.

The beauty of Cu Hin Pass is a beautiful pass in Nha TrangKhanh Le, dangerous pass, but possesses beautiful scenery. Photo: @ -tran.tranttt

Khanh Le Pass also has many other names such as Bi Doup Pass, Hon Giao Pass. Check-in Khanh Le Pass, you will enjoy the majestic atmosphere of the mountains on both sides of the pass and breathe the fresh air. Especially at the time of sunset or dawn, this pass often has thin mist drifting, creating a mesmerizing scene.

Khanh Le Pass offers a beautiful pass in Nha TrangThe romantic romantic table mist on Khanh Le pass. Photo: @ thienphung19

Despite possessing great sharp wings, Khanh Le pass also has many dangers, poetic fog sometimes obstructs the view, so vehicles moving back and forth need to turn on the headlights. Especially in the rainy season, this road often happens to miss so visitors are limited to check-in this season. 

Khanh Le Pass offers a beautiful pass in Nha TrangTo safely conquer Khanh Le Pass, you should come here in the dry season. Photo: @chrismixlewis

Check-in the beautiful passes in Nha Trang is an exciting journey when you need to overcome the winding, winding and unstable roads, but ignore all the difficulties and fatigue, the scenery that you to be admired will be a priceless reward. Come to Nha Trang if you want to “change the wind”, do not forget to check-in these beautiful roads.

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