8 tourist destinations in Lac Duong Lam Dong have many interesting experiences

Close to Da Lat city, the Lac Duong district of Lam Dong province also has many impressive tourism development potentials. Along explore the tourist destinations of Lac Duong to understand more and visit all this fascinating land.

About Lac Duong district

Lac Duong is a district possessing a cool climate all year round and fresh air. Besides the beautiful nature with rich flora and fauna, famous to mention: Langbiang Mountain , Bidoup Peak, … Diverse culture, impressive folk festival, and rich national identity. Many unique products, attractive handicrafts such as weaving, knitting, making wine, … Lac Duong tourist destination - nice check-in placePhoto: @_trangta_

Possessing many attractive destinations such as Ma Rung Lu Quan,  Cu Lan Village , Great Tinh Coc, … Traffic developed from here is easily connected with Da Lat city or Nha Trang so visitors can also combine. convenient visit. Along with taking advantage of available advantages, this place is day by day becoming the leading tourist destination in Lam Dong province. Lac Duong tourist destination - peacefulPhoto: @ thangwin13

Impressive Lac Duong tourist destinations

1. Golden Stream Lake

Suoi Vang Lake, also known as Dankia Lake, is located 12km from the center of Dalat. The lake is immense among the majestic mountains but equally romantic and charming. Coming here, you must go through a winding, winding road, but to the place that opens in front of you, is the scenery of the water flowing between the soft green pine hills like a silk ribbon. Lac Duong tourist destination - Romantic Golden Stream LakePhoto: @caotieuphung

The scene captivates people’s hearts, so peaceful and still. This is the right place for you to enjoy the cool air when traveling to Lam Dong . The four-sided space is deserted, you can freely admire the beautiful scenery, picnic by the lake. Or relax at the resort with interesting entertaining games. 

– Address: Dankia village, Lat commune, Lac Duong district, Lam Dong.Lac Duong tourist site - Yellow stream lake campingPhoto: @ parker.leh

2. Langbiang Mountain

Referring to Langbiang, this is the place that everyone wishes to go even once. This mountain possesses a romantic scene, not only that it is also associated with the painful love story of K’Lang and H’Biang. Take a Jeeps ride to the top of the Radar to enjoy the panoramic view of Dalat city.Lac Duong tourist destination - check in Langbiang MountainPhoto: @_nga_dtn

In addition, coming to this Lac Duong tourist destination is also challenged to play paragliding, horse riding on the green steppe. Camp overnight on the top of the mountain, get up early in the morning to hunt for clouds and catch dawn. Or sit at a cafe to enjoy the bold taste of the mountains and forests, watching the beautiful scenery right in front of your eyes. 

– Address: Ankroet, Lat commune, Lac Duong, Lam Dong.Lac Duong tourist destination - horseback riding in Langbiang mountainPhoto: @ng___tuan

3. Golden Valley

This is a beautiful place to visit and take pictures of shimmering check-in that many young people love. Located 15km from the center of Da Lat city, possessing a poetic scene surrounded by green pine hills. The style here is bold art with: artificial streams, Tu Linh stone garden, giant stone anchors, … The harmony between East Asian features with nature.Lac Duong tourist destination - Golden valley campingPhoto: @ im.tieu.an

There are also colorful flower gardens from mimosa to poinsettia, hydrangeas, … meticulously cared for. Rare linden, pine and conifer stumps. In addition, Dalat’s Golden Valley is also suitable for team building, overnight camping, wedding photography on a romantic pine hill, … 

– Address: Lat Dong village, Lat commune, Lac Duong district, Lam Dong.Lac Duong tourist destination - watching flowers in the Golden valleyPhoto: @thuyvancandy

4. Cu Lan Village

If you once set foot in this village, you will feel like you are walking into a different world. Traditional village is surrounded by wild mountains. Come here, besides sightseeing, you can also have fun outdoor activities full of fun such as: jeeps through the forest, horseback riding, terrain cycling, fishing in the stream, … Lac Duong tourist destination - visit Cu Lan villagePhoto: @haosirius

This famous tourist destination Lac Duong is also very suitable for organizing overnight camping with friends amid a peaceful setting, campfire and BBQ. Or relax at the hotel, resort, fully furnished bungalow amidst the wild, peaceful and free mountains.

– Address: DT722, Lat commune, Lac Duong district, Lam Dong province.

– Entrance ticket: 100,000 VND / adult, 50,000 VND / child.Lac Duong tourist destination - horse riding around Cu Lan villagePhoto: @ phuongvy.tran_

5. Ghost Forest Lu Quan

For those who are passionate about travel, this is a no stranger place. Although to get here you have to cross the intricate roads, go deep into the depths of the dark with the cup. However, the place that appeared was the impressive fairytale scene of the wooden houses leaning against the mountain, in front of the gushing stream.Lac Duong tourist destination - relax at Ma Rung Lu QuanPhoto: @ nhinhi1804

Dotted in the dreamy look of Ma Rung Lu Quan are the beautiful purple flower trellises that are always beautiful. Come here to rest, relax and breathe fresh air, sip a cup of hot coffee and feel the harmony of nature. Time for you to get rid of all the troubles in life.

– Address: Da Nghich village, Lat commune, Lac Duong district, Lam Dong.Lac Duong tourist destination - sightseeing Ma Rung Lu QuanPhoto: @ meo.anhlongngan

6. Awesome Cup

From a place just a wild rock quarry that was once exploited and abandoned, after the groundwater flowed and rain fell, it created a beautiful scene that moved people. The water is as turquoise, surrounded by cliffs that are cut horizontally, making this place a place to visit and check in, “virtual living” million likes that are “welcomed” by young people.Lac Duong tourist destination - check in Tinh Tinh CocPhoto: @ fufu.pp

The road to this Lac Duong Lam Dong tourist destination  is not easy either. Passing the village of Cu Lan, you continue to run on steep roads, over a wooden bridge, but cannot stop people from coming to admire the uniqueness of this place. Check in with the pre-arranged miniatures such as: heart-shaped raft, swing, … 

– Address: Suoi Can village, Lat commune, Lac Duong district, Lam Dong.Lac Duong tourist destination - taking pictures at Excellent Tinh CocPhoto: @ maihoa.hami

7. Zoo ZooDoo

The zoo was built in the unique and kidney-bodied Australian style. Here, children have the opportunity to see firsthand animals such as dwarf horses, sheep, turtles, camels, South America, … and feed them by themselves. People can also relax at the cozy wooden vignette café, camp at Zoodoo Camping and immerse themselves in nature and enjoy its beautiful views. 

– Address: sub-area 94A, commune Đạ Nhim, Lạc Dương, Lâm Đồng.

– Ticket price: 100,000 VND / adult, 50,000 VND / child.Lac Duong tourist destination - visit ZoodooPhoto: @zoodoodalatLac Duong tourist destination - visit ZoodooPhoto: @ tinys.lifestyle

8. Bidoup Nui Ba National Park

The 7,000-hectare national park is located 30 kilometers from Da Lat , in the Langbiang Biosphere Reserve. A trekking place that is challenging but also offers an enjoyable and memorable experience. On the way, you can relax in the clouds and winds of the great, enjoy the peaceful scenery of mountains and forests in the Central Highlands.tourist destination Lac Duong - Bidoup national park trekikingPhoto: @ngakuu

Participate in many activities such as: walking through the forest to conquer the top of the mountain; explore the wild nature with rare and precious fauna and flora; camping in the forest and learn about the lives of the people of K’ho, organizing parties and dancing gongs by the pink light. 

– Address: sub-area 97, Da Nhim commune, Lac Duong district, Lam Dong province.tourist destination Lac Duong - Bidoup national park trekikingPhoto: @dejoymi

Lac Duong tourist attractions always bring many interesting things to explore. Take the time to come here in your travel itinerary to have more memorable memories when leaving the land of Lam Dong.

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