Dalat golden valley – ‘wonderland’ is so romantic

Large space, cool and fresh air. Come to the golden valley of Da Lat to freely visit, check in with the beautiful scenery of the colorful flower garden or camp overnight by the peaceful lake.

Where is Dalat Golden Valley?

Golden Valley is a famous tourist resort officially put into operation in 2005, located at Ankroet, Lat commune, Lac Duong district, Lam Dong. This place is only about 15km from Da Lat city center, convenient road so tourists can easily visit. Possessing a lively natural landscape, green pine trees, calm lakes, blooming flowers, bonsai miniatures and airy space, it is always a favorite check-in destination that everyone loves to visit all year round. .Dalat golden valley - dreamy viewsPhoto: @_my_thanhthaoDalat golden valley - peaceful in green spacePhoto: @pmaydea

Guide the way to the golden valley

The distance is not too far, with different vehicles you can start from the following points:

– From Da Lat night market : you go straight along Nguyen Thai Hoc street, Dinh Tien Hoang street then continue to turn left onto Nguyen Cong Tru street. Continue to meet Xo Viet Nghe Tinh street, then turn right and go towards the Tung Lam intersection, then turn to Ankroet road for about 4km more to the tourist area of ​​Dalat golden valley .

– From the city center : move in the direction of street 3/2 through Hoang Van Thu street to Van Thanh Flower Village. Continue to the intersection, then turn on the road to Ta Nung Pass on the right, there will be a sign leading to the golden valley, about 8km more to arrive.Dalat golden valley - the wayPhoto: @ thythyyy0517

What is Dalat Gold Valley?

The campus has an area of ​​more than 23 hectares, this tourist area possesses natural beauty. Cleverly integrating and harmonizing between nature, unique recreational activities and culinary discoveries. Surrounding this place are green pine hills, there are steep paths through the forest and a vast open lake that makes you feel extremely comfortable.Dalat golden valley - a beautiful landscapePhoto: @linhthuy_vuDalat golden valley - cool green lakePhoto: @ 23vava

As impressive as the Valley of Love , in the morning, the atmosphere is so quiet and indescribably peaceful when all scenes are still sunk into the fog. By noon, when the sunlight shines on every corner, it is brightly lit up. When the evening falls, the scenery here becomes an irresistible romance. Every time of the year is always beautiful, but especially in the spring when cherry blossoms bloom together with hydrangeas, mimosa, orchids, … to brighten up the mountain scene. golden valley of Dalat - beautiful sceneryPhoto: @tho_boss_Dalat golden valley - horseback ridingPhoto: @ johnny.le8688

Romantic scene freely “virtual life”

Possessing a romantic scene, this place is where people come to check in on the outside with thousands of fascinating corners. Anywhere can become a romantic “virtual life” background like in Kim Chi country. Where there are only pine hills, trees, and myself. Many couples also choose to come here to take wedding photos to capture their own memorable moments.Dalat golden valley - interesting virtual lifePhoto: @hoajulyDalat golden valley - travel with friendsPhoto: @jsiedangDalat golden valley - a beautiful place for wedding photographyPhoto: @ tieulinh69

Check in with impressive rose grass hill

Rose grass hill, also known as snow grass, the check-in place is hard to miss when coming to Dalat golden valley . Taking pictures among the immense roses is the desire of many young people when coming to the city of flowers, but here you can watch and take pictures as you please without losing any additional tickets. You should come in the early morning when each blade of grass still has dewdrops, when the morning light shines up, the whole place becomes indescribably beautiful or before sunset will see more clearly.Dalat golden valley - check in the impressive rose grass hillPhoto: @ hahinmakeup86Dalat golden valley - romantic rose grass hill sidePhoto: @tuxinguyen

Peace by Dan Kia lake

This is an artificial lake, large and clear. Originally created with the purpose of supplying water to the city but also an important highlight for the entire space of this tourist area. The surface of the lake is still, around there are a few leaf huts built more and more poetic. You can camp overnight, have a party by the lake and wake up to watch the unforgettable sunrise.Dalat golden valley - charming lakePhoto: @ romyinyin.95Dalat golden valley - check in by the green lakePhoto: @ ctq.ctq

Relaxing by the colorful flower gardens

Among the beautiful flower gardens in Da Lat , coming to the golden valley, although not a place to grow immense, there are gardens with enough flavor for you to admire. In the shimmering rose grass hill, along the small streams on the green grass, there are rows of azaleas, hydrangeas, roses, lavender fields, … making the scene more eye-catching. Each type brings unique color and beauty along with small landscapes, bonsai, or pine hills that create a romantic picture that everyone wants to get lost in.Dalat golden valley - flower viewing everywherePhoto: @ ryan_190901Dalat golden valley - brilliant flower gardensPhoto: @ halien89.lnDalat golden valley - photo taken by the hydrangea gardenPhoto: @kathy_thaonguyen

Check in “lonely pine tree”

Located on the golden stream lake close to the rose grass hill is the famous “lonely pine” in Dalat. This is an extremely “hot” check-in place recently, appearing in many music videos of famous singers. Although the road is arduous, everyone wants to once set foot to see the lonely beauty by the lake but full of romance. Here is chosen to check in, take photos in a romantic style or camp by the lake, organize a barbecue party to watch the stars at night, … Dalat golden valley - check in the lonely pine tree on the rose grass hillPhoto: @poueiiGolden valley of Dalat - sightseeing by pine treesPhoto: @im_oanhh

Other tourist spots near the golden valley

Cu Lan Village

Close to the golden valley of Dalat  is an extremely interesting tourist destination amidst natural forests. With an area of ​​30ha, located at the foot of Labiang Mountain possesses a charming landscape of water painting, the two sides have pine hills and flowing streams, so coming to this place you will feel extremely relaxed. In addition to visiting and checking in with impressive scenery, coming to Cu Lan village you can also participate in fun games such as canoeing, fishing, tour by Jeep, … Or join the exchange and dance gong. gongs with the people.Dalat golden valley - visit Cu Lan villagePhoto: @nicktolrepDalat golden valley - peaceful to Cu Lan villagePhoto: @ dewdark282

Ghost Forest Lu Quan

This place is located 9 km from the golden valley and is considered by everyone as a fairytale with a dreamy scene. The landscape of Ma Rung Lu Quan is beautiful to see as well as a check-in with the bungalows on the hillside for you to relax and relax. At night, organize a BBQ party, exchange campfire on the night. Cheap dormitory with full facilities spoiled for you to explore. Dalat golden valley - discover Ma Rung Lu QuanPhoto: @jessandrawong

Mountain Langbiang

One of the places that you definitely cannot miss when coming to Da Lat because from here you can watch the clouds and the whole city of beautiful shimmering flowers. Coming to Langbiang Mountain, there are many interesting things to experience such as: exploring by Jeep, paragliding, climbing, … Go to the campsite and overnight, enjoy wine and dance together around the fire.

There are also a number of other attractive places such as: lonely pine tree, ankorroet dam, silver stream, … Dalat golden valley - check in Langbiang mountainPhoto: @ phatfs.chelskiDalat golden valley - visit Langbiang mountainPhoto: @linhssyy

Some note when visiting the golden valley

– Ticket price of Dalat Golden Valley : 40,000 VND / adult and 20,000 VND / child. Other services such as meals, tram ride, … will be charged extra .

– Consider when renting an electric car because of high cost, take a few minutes to finish, so you can not see much.

If traveling to Da Lat, if you want to organize camping, picnic overnight here, you should bring food from outside and it is cheaper and guaranteed. 

– Because there are many steep hills that are difficult to go, if you come to visit with children, you must pay careful attention.

– If you love woolen clothes, you can visit the shop selling at the gate, the price is reasonable but the quality is quite nice.Dalat golden valley - overnight campfirePhoto: @hoangdigitalDalat golden valley - immersed in naturePhoto: @ domylinh1204

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Brings natural beauty, harmonizes with many unforgettable activities. Surely the pictures of Dalat golden valley or known experiences when visiting this place will make your trip more interesting. Don’t forget to check-in and share your impressive moments!

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