What to try in Buon Ma Thuot

DAK LAK – Bun Do, wet self-rolled wet cakes, or fried sticky rice cakes priced from 5,000 VND are suggestions for visitors when visiting the “coffee capital”.

Vermicelli with pork rolls
Pork spring noodles
Noodles full of meat with small noodles, salty broth with sweetness from meat is a suggested choice for breakfast. Diners should use with sliced ​​raw vegetables, squeeze lemon juice and add garlic, chili to make the broth more harmonious. The price for each bowl is 30,000 – 40,000 VND.
Another breakfast suggestion is noodle soup, which is sold from sidewalk trolleys to large eateries. Noodles are not a specialty in Buon Ma Thuot, but are seasoned with other spices in the South, salty and less sweet. Bone meat, wonton, or Nam Vang are the popular noodles here. The price for each bowl is 15,000-25,000 VND.
Baked rolls
spring rolls A spring roll made from ground meat is grilled to the edge, some shops wrap spring rolls around lemongrass branches to increase the aroma. When eating, diners use spring roll rice paper with crispy spring rolls, fresh vermicelli, raw vegetables, deep green bananas, cucumbers, and sour mango … puff. Thanh Tram, Thanh Loan, Thanh Thuy grilled spring rolls are recommended by local diners, priced at 30,000 – 50,0000 VND a part.
Red noodle soup
Red noodle soup
As a specialty of Dak Lak people, red noodle is not difficult to find in the heart of the city. Buon Ma Thuot. The bowl of vermicelli has an orange-red color because the vermicelli fibers are soaked in cashew broth. The ingredients of the dish include large noodles, rolls, crab meat, pork skin, blood, quail eggs, served with vegetables or ripe spinach and raw vegetables. Red noodle soup is usually sold from late afternoon to late evening, there are many on Le Hong Phong, Phan Boi Chau, Phan Dinh Giot or at night markets. Each bowl is priced from 20,000 to 35,000 VND.
Wet cake
Wet cake Wet
cake in Buon Ma Thuot served with grilled pork, grilled pork, mango, pickles. Instead of pre-rolls the cake and serving it into separate parts like in some other localities, the cake here is brought to each plate, when diners put the ingredients on a plate and then roll themselves. Since each plate is only covered with a wet cake, diners often order many new plates to use. After finishing the meal, the diners stack the plates, so the dish is also known as the wet cake stacking plates. Buon Ma Thuot wet cake used with two types of sauce are seasoning or salty fish sauce.
The wet bakeries often frequented by local people are located on Tran Nhat Duat and Le Thanh Tong streets. The price for each pork roll is 25,000 VND, plus each plate costs 1,000 VND. Photo: nganha86 / Instagram
Beef dipped tamarind
Tamarind dipped beef
This is a new dish that appeared in Buon Ma Thuot a few years ago, attracting many diners. Serves served on the pan, the staff instructed the guests to brush the butter on the surface of the pan and pour sweet and sour tamarind sauce and onions, then dip the sliced ​​beef with vegetables in it. If diners pour all the ingredients in, the beef will chew and lose its flavor. Tamarind-dipped beef is sold at a restaurant on Le Thanh Tong street, priced at 150,000 VND per piece.
Fried sticky rice
cakes The cake on Phung Chi Kien Banh street is a familiar snacking address for many diners in the city. There are only cakes with crust made from sticky rice such as sticky rice, rectangular pieces without filling, and round pieces containing minced meat, wood ear, vermicelli. The cake is deep fried, cut into small pieces to serve diners. When eating, you can add sweet salty soy sauce or chili sauce to make it rich. Each fried cake costs 5,000 VND.
Grilled beef cake
Baked beef cake
Afternoon walking around the central market, visitors can buy cakes for snacks. The sweet beef cake is lightly baked, making the sugar slightly burnt and bitter, bringing a strange taste that is not too sweet when eaten. A portion of grilled beef cake costs 5,000 VND. Photo: Di Vy
The coffee
In the “capital” of coffee, there are dense cafes, from popular to luxurious. The price of a glass is from 15,000 VND to nearly 100,000 VND depending on the type and mixing method.
In addition to black coffee or traditional milk brewing, the cafes also serve coffee with different extracts and brews, offering its own concentration and flavor. The shop at the top of Ba Trieu Street offers coffee cups with ice cream, mixed together with a fragrant flavor that attracts young customers.

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