Da Lat in late March was as peaceful as the old days

In the last days of March, Da Lat had almost no tourists. The peaceful scene makes many people think that “a time has passed”.

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Da Lat was as calm as a time passed

In the last days of March, Da Lat was no longer like himself “this day last year”. Long sunshine on the quiet streets. The scene makes people seem to go back ten years ago. Dalat is famous for its sidewalk eateries and décor cafes to serve the tastes of tourists. However, the Covid-19 translation has left all just houses with closed doors. With no more distant guests left, Da Lat’s silence suddenly enveloped the whole city one day. Along Xuan Huong Lake, on the zigzag slopes, visitors raced to check-in … everything was returned to their original nature. The scene is sad but so beautiful that it is difficult to find the right words to describe.

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Life is slow

When I came to Dalat these days, I also lost the opportunity to experience the dishes that were intended to try, the “chill” cafes or many famous tourist spots. Since the restaurant is closed, I have to buy food from outside and cook for myself. Life is around on deserted streets. I feel like I’m living and feeling everything like a true Dalat. Occasionally, I take my laptop to the street to save the slow, 1-0-2 life of the flower city in the end of March. On the streets full of the afternoon sun, the couples no longer hold hands. Each other walked. Somewhere, a few people jogging freely, doing exercise to improve their health. Dalat’s peaceful beauty is deep in his heart, and Dalat is sad because of the absence of loud laughter.

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