Time To Go With The Top 10 Saigon Hottest Cafes Currently

Dubbed the city that never sleeps in Vietnam. Saigon has always been known for the hustle and bustle of a dynamic and key city. On the other hand, the encouragement of economic development 24 hours contributes to making Saigon a light city in Vietnam. And this is also a chance for young people to have more fun together with their friends. Below, Vinlove would like to share the top 10 hottest late-night cafes in Saigon today, invite you to consult.

1. Food Coffee – Night Cafe in Saigon

Dubbed as “the cafe for night owls in Saigon”. Coffee is always open 24/7 to welcome guests. With a quiet and comfortable space, this is a place that attracts customers, mostly young people to study and work.

late night cafe in Saigon
Luxury style inside the restaurant

As one of the first chains of ice blended coffee in Saigon. Thuc Coffee is oriented towards an industrial style that brings modernity but still creates a sense of comfort for customers. What are you waiting for without coming here to immerse yourself in fascinating music and enjoy interesting drinks.

late night cafe in Saigon
The style of the restaurant is simple but full of sophistication


1. Opera Tea Club – First Saigon Coffee Shop in Saigon.

Pioneering in customer service style 24 hours a day. Opera Tea Club, has been well received from the young people of Ho Chi Minh City. Owning a quiet, cool space, this is the first choice for those who want to find a quiet place to study or rest.

late night cafes in Saigon
View Opera Tea Club at balcony

The interior of the restaurant is very courteous but full of sophistication. Not only that, the staff here are well trained so they are very friendly and enthusiastic. The most important thing is that the price of drinks here is quite cheap, very suitable for students. 


3. SNOB Coffee – Luxurious Saigon Late Night Cafe

As one of the Khuya cafes in Saigon that has received the love of many young people thanks to its service, comfortable space and diverse menus. With the motto is to focus on product quality and customer service. Snob Coffe we ​​promise is a destination that you cannot miss.

late night cafe in Saigon
The space is quite cool and comfortable

In a quite convenient position, the corner of the intersection of Tran Hung Dao and De Tham intersection. Luxurious bar space, facilities and dedicated staff. Snob Coffee impresses customers, especially tourists. Therefore, customers here have the presence of many Westerners.

late night cafe in Saigon
cappuccino – Snob coffee


  • Address:

147A Tran Hung Dao, District 1, City. HCM City

185 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai, District 1, City. HCM City

Ground floor, 190 Hong Bang, District 5, City. HCM City

527 Phan Van Tri, Go Vap District, City. HCM City

  • Price range: 20,000 – 100,000 VND
  • Phone: 028 6656 2763

4. Carpentry Café – Late Night Cafe In Saigon Many Green Trees

Known for its simplicity, rustic harmony with nature. Moc cafe attracts many customers who love the courtesy, especially young people. The shop is open 24/7 and there is a more special thing that on Friday, Saturday and Sunday there will be a music program. This is especially attractive to those who have a passion for music, especially Auconstic music.

late night cafe in Saigon
Moc Coffee Paradise

With a staff of enthusiastic dynamic, Moc Cafe always receives a plus point from customers. Although the space is not too large, this is also one of the interesting check-in places.

late night cafe in Saigon
Peach tea – Moc coffee

Contact Info:

5. Togo Coffee & Tea – Night Cafe in Saigon

With the outstanding feature of having a beautiful outdoor view, is one of the reasons that customers cannot help but come to Togo Coffee & Tea. Possessing a convenient location, quiet space, and especially with quite complete amenities. This promises to be a Khuya coffee shop in Saigon suitable for those who are looking for a place to gather and study in groups.

late night cafe in Saigon
Outside of Togo Coffee & Tea

Hold your very own recipes for your drinks. Many high-class guests have fallen in love with the special drink in the restaurant, and there are often quite impressive promotions such as donating cakes in the golden hour, …

late night cafe in Saigon
Nice on every nanometer – drink of Togo Coffee & Tea

In addition to its impressive beverage products, Togo Coffee also gains plus points from customers through its staff’s service style. Well trained, in-depth, both in preparation and serving, so they work quite professionally and thoughtfully.

Contact Info:

6. Black Stone Coffee – Vintage Night Cafe In Saigon

Located in a convenient location, with investment in the layout and arrangement of the interior. Den Da coffee has created an extremely attractive space for customers, especially teenagers. Featured with a 2-storey building designed in a classic style. This promises to be an extremely attractive place for those who love nostalgia and antiquity.

late night cafe in Saigon
Modern – Ancient – Black stone

Receiving enthusiastic support from customers, Den Da has opened a large chain of late-night cafes in Saigon to serve you 24/24. Spacious and airy space, the venue stretches across the city with a rich and varied menu, allowing you to freely choose to combine.

late night cafe in Saigon
Unleash your choice with an extremely diverse menu

Rated as one of the hottest late night cafes in Saigon . We firmly believe that when you come to Den Da Coffee, you will always have moments of comfort and relaxation.


  • Address:

110 Le Van Sy Street, Ward 10, Phu Nhuan, Ho Chi Minh City

182 Pasteur, Ben Nghe, District 1, HCMC

96 Ham Nghi, Ben Nghe, District 1, HCMC

  • Price range: 25,000 – 55,000 VND
  • Phone: 091 177 9977

7. Ice zone – Coffee Stress Drain

Not just a late-night cafe in Saigon . Ice Zone is also known as an extremely effective stress reliever. In addition to offering a varied drink menu, we also offer a number of extremely attractive accompanying services. With us, you should leave the chaos of life behind to immerse yourself in extremely interesting games like billiards or arcade game machines, … this promises to be an enjoyable experience for you. never forget.

late night cafe in Saigon
So beautiful – only available in Ice Zone

With a competitive advantage of providing a good service at a very cheap price. This is a key factor that helps Ice Zone always have a large number of supporters.

late night cafe in Saigon
Oh my God! Do you believe that?


Need a private space, a convenient location that attracts, a place to enjoy delicious but cheap drinks. Where are we going? Umbala … boom, have an interesting reference right away. Above are the top 7 late-night cafes in Saigon that Vinlove has consulted with customers who love coffee. What are you waiting for without booking a date right away!

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