TOP 5 best camping spots for Phan Thiet

Binh Thuan is known for its blue sea, white sand, and sunshine. Especially with beautiful camping sites next to the clear blue beaches. If you have not found a camping spot in Phan Thiet for your weekend vacation, please refer to the following article of Vinlove sharing the 5 best camping spots for Phan Thiet for you to get more information. Go camping to nature.

1. Hai Dang Ke Ga – the most beautiful camping site in Phan Thiet 

Road to Ke Ga Hai Dang

About 30km from Phan Thiet city center in the direction of Ham Tan. Just run straight, you will reach the camping site of Hai Dang Ke Ga . If going from Ho Chi Minh to the territory of Ham Tan district, meet the roundabout. Here, just go straight along Nguyen Cong Tru street. When meeting Tan Thuan petrol station, turn right and run straight to reach the campsite. The road to turn over the Tan Thuan petrol station to Ke Ga is easy to go, so you can rest assured.

two platforms
Ke Ga Lighthouse

You will be able to see the dragon fruit garden with the eyes open, the house where the dragon fruit is grown. In the season, the fruit is ripe red on the pillar, irresistibly beautiful. Along the coast of Tien Thanh commune, blue beaches will be seen along the way. The two sides of the road will have rows of yang, along with a very cool sea breeze. This is a very popular place for tourists to camp on weekends.

Camp at Ke Ga Hai Dang

After moving here you will be fascinated by the scenery here, on the whole beautiful. Campsite with wide, airy beach and poplar rows. The path to the campsite is easy to access so motorbike can reach the beach. When you reach the island with green grass, flat and large rocks.

ke ga
Camp right on the small island of Hai Dang Ke Ga

The best time to go camping is the dry season or the jellyfish season. Because the weather in Phan Thiet has only two seasons, rainy and sunny, it is easy to watch the time. Also in the jellyfish season, you will see each wave of jellyfish rushing to the shore. There are clean toilets here and very close to the campsite. There was one outside, and in the guard station there were two more rooms, cleaner and larger

Some reference costs when camping at Hai Dang Ke Ga

  • Cano to the island: ticket price 50k / person / way;
  • Tickets to the island: VND 50k / person for the guardians of Hai Dang guard;
  • Tent rental: 300k / tent for 6 people if you do not bring;
  • Land parking: 30k / car / 2 days

2. Mui Yen – the pristine campsite in Phan Thiet

Move to campsite Mui Yen, Bac Binh

About 70km from Phan Thiet city center in the direction of Bau Trang . You will pass by the most beautiful coastal road in Vietnam, which is DT707 – DT716. On the way, you should stop at Mui Ne market. This is the last market when you come to Mui Yen . Therefore, find what you need for your camping trip.

mui yen
Wild Bird’s Nose

Camp in Mui Yen

Mui Yen is still very untouched, if you go in the rainy season, it is covered with green grass. The terrain here is quite flat and convenient for the construction of the camp. The scenery at Yen Cape is beautiful, if you go right in the Yen season you will see Yen flying in flocks. This is the ideal camping site with peaceful photo frames.

camouflage ear buds
Set up camp at Mui Yen

3. Ho Ham Thuan – Da Mi

Move to Ham Thuan Lake – Da Mi

Ham Thuan – Da Mi lake is about 80km northwest of Phan Thiet city center. This is a camping site that attracts a lot of young people to come.

I have Da Mi
Ham Thuan – Da Mi lake is located on the territory of 2 provinces of Binh Thuan and Lam Dong

If you go along Highway 28 to Ham Tri commune. At junction 21, you turn on the road to Da Mi and keep going straight about 60km to reach Ham Thuan Lake. At market 21 you should buy additional essentials for your trip.

Campsite location

When you arrive at Ham Thuan Lake, you are only allowed to visit the dam area where the apparatus of the lake is operating. Then move outside to choose a suitable camping spot, the area around the lake is quite wide and open. The air here is very cool and sometimes it will be a bit cold because the steam of the lake rises in the evening.

thank you very much
Set up tents and sleep at night by Lake Ham Thuan – Da Mi

A few notes when camping at Ham Thuan Lake – Da Mi

The road from the center of Phan Thiet city to Da Mi lake must go through the pass and mountain road. Therefore, choose a vehicle that is a motorbike to be able to easily move.

This is a mountainous area and the path is a bit difficult, so please be careful. And as a camping spot around the lake and hills away from the population, you should note:

  • Bring a tent to camp because there is no tent rental service here;
  • The climate is cool and quite cold at night, so bring warm clothes and blankets warm enough to cover it;
  • Drinking water is indispensable, you should not drink lake water and buy enough clean water for the whole journey;
  • You should pre-marinate at home with seafood, meat, some vegetables, potatoes, and corn to have an ideal outdoor BBQ dinner;
  • Lighters, flashlights, cutlery, spices and cooking utensils; 
  • Bring mosquito repellent and insect repellent.

4. Cam Binh – Lagi Sea

Where is Cam Binh Beach?

If you are looking for a weekend camping spot, Cam Binh – Lagi is a great choice. Not far from the center of Phan Thiet city and Ho Chi Minh city. About 70km from Phan Thiet and about 170k from Ho Chi Minh city. So come here on weekends with friends and family to camp and have fun.

Lagi Orange Sea
Coco Beach Camp Again

Camping location

Immense green pops covered the sandy beach, above was the green grass. Cool fresh air, cool breeze blowing in from the sea. What could be better than an ideal weekend camping spot with friends.

cam on the beach
Hodota Lagi offers tent rental services

With a group of friends, camping, exploring and experiencing interesting things here. Camp bonfires and play the game of laughter, relieved after working days. Grilling fresh seafood is an indispensable thing when going camping in Cam Binh. Your campsite and the seafood market are right next to you, wake up and watch the fishing village and go to the market.

5. Cu Lao Cau (Hon Cau) –  a great camping site in Phan Thiet

The beauty of the campsite – Cu Lao Cau

Cu Lao Cau is an island in Phuoc The commune, Tuy Phong district. Cu Lao Cau jutted out of the sea like a large warship by the sea. Surrounded by large rocks with beautiful and strange colors and shapes. In the middle of the island are green grassy hills, this is also a place for camping.

Clear beach on Hon Cau island

The campsite is uninhabited at the campsite

Cu Lao Cau is an uninhabited island, so the landscape is still very wild. The beauty of nature on the island is still intact, with the clear blue sea with the bottom visible.

The sea is clear and clean

Cu Lao Cau is planned to be a marine conservation area with a fairly large area. This is also a wonderful marine eco-tourism destination of Binh Thuan tourism. In addition to the beautiful scenery, the island is also famous for its green beaches, white sand and fresh air. The waves crashed into the sea lying in the rocky ravines with strange shapes. A lot of interesting things in Cu Lao Cau island are waiting for you to explore.

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