Visiting the island lord’s palace – A place marked with historical sites of national heroism

Con Dao is an attractive tourist destination because it has been dubbed the “tourist paradise” in recent years. Con Dao possesses wild nature, clear beaches, fine white sand, captivating visitors everywhere when coming here. In addition, this place also bears a strong national history, reflected in the name “hell on earth” and through famous places such as Con Dao prison, the island lord’s palace … Is the island’s royal palace the destination? When coming to Con Dao, the place where the reign of many gods, contains many stories hidden inside.

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The island's royal palace - a famous landmark in Con Dao

The island’s royal palace – a famous landmark in Con Dao (photo St)

Historical relic of the Island Lord’s Palace

Also known as the Grand Palace, the Governor’s Palace, was formed in the period of 1862 -1876 with the infrastructure on the island. The palace has a total area of ​​18,600m2 which includes the main house, the out-house and the garden and other auxiliary works, the gate overlooking the bridge directly. It used to be home to 53 island lords, including 39 island lords during the French colonial period and 14 island lords during the US imperialist period over 113 years.

The large space represents the luxury of the island lord in the past

Large space expresses the luxury of the ancient island lord (Photo St)

The island lord’s palace is the head office of the prison system, all the ruling apparatus from the island lord to the officials across the island are under the control of the island lord. The Palace is also the place where the enemy’s orders, conspiracies and tricks to exile and destroy Dinh prisoners are the embodiment of two opposing lives: the luxurious life of the island lord and the misery of prisoners.

List of island lords from 1954 to 1975

List of island lords from 1954 to 1975 (Photo ST)

Among the 53 island lords, there are names whose cruelty has made a very beautiful paradise named “hell on earth”, the name of the French Andouard island lord is one of them. However, in 1919, the brutal island lord Andouara was punished by a prisoner at his den.

Gate of the island lord's palace

Gate of the island’s royal palace (Photo ST)

At the island lord’s palace, the lords lived in a lavish and splendid life of domination. Contrary to the prosperous life of the brutal island lords is the miserable and poor life of the inmates. In the palace garden, there are often dozens of prisoners who have to do hard labor and serve all activities, food, clothing, …

In front of the island lord palace

In front of the island lord’s palace (Photo St)

The island’s lord house was also the place to establish the first revolutionary government in Con Dao in 1945 and the day the island was completely liberated in 1975. Since the liberation of May 1, 1975, the island’s royal palace has been used as a gallery. displaying the historical relic of Con Dao up to now.

The residence of the island lords during the war

The residence of the island lords during the war (Photo ST)

Coming to the island’s royal palace, you will see with your own eyes and have more mercy on those who fell because this is where dozens of prisoners have had to do hard labor, selling blood and bones to serve the king’s life. the island lords.

A photo of the ancient island royal residence

Photo of the ancient island royal residence (Photo ST)

It can be said that the island’s palace today is a valuable evidence of denouncing crimes, is a large library of Con Dao with French documentary images, fully keeping the prison term, date and time of execution in France. school.

Garden - where the image of the ancient inmates of hard labor appeared

The courtyard garden – where the images of ancient hard labor prisoners appeared (Photo ST)

The gallery of the island lord’s palace also displays four main themes: Con Dao – the country – people, Con Dao – hell on earth, Con Dao – school of revolutionary struggle, Con Dao – a historical monument currently and in the hearts of the Vietnamese people.

Pier opposite the island lord palace

Pier opposite the island lord palace (photo ST)

In addition, the room also displays a special subject of photos of Con Dao prison from 1908 to 1916. With nearly 700 artifacts, the images on display also partly convey to the public the true evidence of sacrifices. Cool, evidence of the crimes committed by the colonialists and imperialists to generations of Vietnamese patriots and revolutionary soldiers in Con Dao prison.

The island's royal palace is now a gallery of island historical relics

The island’s royal palace is now a gallery of island historical relics (photo ST)

From 2000 up to now, the relic management board has also collected more than 6,000 records of political prisoners in Con Dao over the period, 266 block objects, 542 photo and paper documents to supplement the gallery. The most obvious denunciation of the crimes of the island lords during the resistance period.

The island's royal palace is the brainpower governing the prisoners at Con Dao prison

The island’s royal palace is the brain machine governing prisoners at Con Dao prison (Photo ST)

The paintings illustrate the process of forming the land of Con Son, along with the rule of the island lords, learn about the ancient history when our people were slaves to the island lords in each period, imprisoned. and brutal torture. Come here to feel the truest things and express your pity for the suffering prisoners, show your heart towards the heroes who died here.

The island lord is the ruler who controls the entire island, the prisons

The island lord is the ruler and controls the whole island, the prison (photo ST)

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