5 experiences should try in Hoa Lan Island

Hoa Lan island

KHANH HOA – Coming to the island near Nha Trang, visitors can experience 2 km kayaking to visit mangrove forests, rock climbing, or playing water sports.

Hoa Lan Island on Nha Phu lagoon has an area of ​​about 400 hectares, possessing pristine beauty with diverse topography such as beaches, waterfalls, streams, lakes, islands … Of which 37 hectares of the island are owned by Du Long Phu calendar put into operation tourism activities.

This place is about 20 nautical miles from the center of Nha Trang city to the north, transshipped via wharf. From here, tourists can take a boat or canoe across the sea about 7 nautical miles to reach the island.

Kayaking to see the mangroves is a new product to be held in February, in order to enhance the experience for visitors, contributing to stimulating demand for tourism in the province. On the island there are about 10 kayaks; Each one is 3.8 m long, 0.9 m wide, with a payload of 250 kg.

Kayak is a water sport that uses small boats and paddles to move around. Kayaks come in different sizes and types, depending on the intended use, but most have 1-2 seats and a deck that covers the legs.

With this model, visitors can take a boat by themselves or with friends and relatives to enjoy the scenery in 2 km of the mangrove forest. Boat rental is 100,000 VND / hour.

Visitors are taught a number of kayaking techniques, are required to wear life jackets throughout the journey and stay on the right route. At the same time, rescuers are also on duty to assist.

Mr. Nguyen Huu Phuc, 33 years old, tourist Phu Yen said, “This is the first time I go sailing in the mangrove forest. The feeling of sightseeing, then walking into the creeks with the natural and wild scenery is very wonderful. “.

The coastal mangrove forest is about 4 hectares wide with a dense population of mangroves, mangrove trees, mixed with other green trees. This is also the residence of many types of crabs and fish.

Binh An beach with a coastline of 2 km is often focused on swimming and playing. This is also a suitable place to organize activities for delegations, with underwater games, floating buoy park 2000 m2, water motorbikes, parachutes … On the photo is the group of visitors organizing swimming competitions to the shore. .

The 175 meter long bridge over the mangrove forest is a tourist attraction. Around the bridge are rocks of different sizes, the same natural landscape.

Guests have the option to check-in with a giant guitar, with steps located in the middle of the lake in the resort. Here, visitors also visit the orchid variety of species like dancers, phoenixes, squirrel-tailed buffalo ears …, or take pictures with the conical road, the bird performance area.

Toc Tien waterfall climbing tour is also chosen by many people. 3 waterfalls have an altitude of 200, 400 and 500 m respectively above sea level, suitable for amateur to professional climbers.

Visitors will be immersed in nature when walking, overcoming cliffs, below is the spring. Before the experience, the climber is taught the necessary skills by the guide to ensure safety.

Group of tourists resting by the rocky stream after climbing to conquer Toc Tien waterfall.

In the afternoon, guests can walk by the beach or camp or picnic. In the tourist area, there are 7 accommodation rooms, more than 200 tents for rent.

Due to the Covid-19 influence, the number of tourists coming here has decreased significantly. Currently, Hoa Lan Island is only active on weekends, the average number of visitors is 200-300 / day.

“We always advocate to change, find new models and products according to customers’ tastes to develop tourism, attracting tourists to return to Nha Trang after the epidemic has been controlled”, said Mr. Duc, Deputy Director Tourism Company manager said. Follow vnexpress

With a gentle, idyllic beauty, but equally attractive and attractive, Orchid Island is a multi-terrain land with sea, mountains, forests, streams, and waterfalls. Endowed by nature in terms of topography and topography has created a cool space, mild climate all year round, convenient to welcome guests in all four seasons. Is a destination not to be missed in the journey to discover the beautiful coastal city of Nha Trang.


An Binh Beach has a coastline of 2km long, with a unique semicircular curve, gentle stretches, emerald green water characteristic of Nha Phu lagoon. Surrounded by the cliffs of Hon Heo peninsula and surrounding islands, so the sea is always diving, quiet waves, creating excitement for visitors to have fun, drop in the sea. Recreational sports games on the sea such as parachutes, water motorcycles, kayaking, … are always the focus of attention, attracting many visitors to participate.


The conical road with cones hanging from the soft bamboo branches, the wind swaying, creates a beautiful, gentle picture of the cone on the ground. Walking gently on the road with conical cones, visitors will feel loved, protected and forget the noise of the city.


Giant guitar The feeling of standing on a giant guitar lying in the middle of the lake is wonderful, here is the HOT CHECK coordinates currently being sought by visitors all over the world to experience.

Heart model: While walking on the conical road, visitors will encounter the image of a confetti heart located next to the romantic Nghinh Xuan lake, where a scene with thousands of extremely chill selfies. Where a loving couple stops to check in a commemorative photo for a couple is like exchanging love words from the heart.


Nghinh Xuan Lake with poetic monkey bridges across the lake is silhouetted against rows of graceful trees against the blue sky. Give visitors a view that is enough to fill with new vitality when you return and frames that bring the beauty of peace.


The garden of star deer, ostrich heads: visitors will be in friendly contact with the gentle star deer, fast-eyed and quick-mouthed ostriches; And why the ostriches are like that, please come and find out for yourself.

The butterfly garden has about 20 species with more than 1000 butterfly individuals raised naturally, with the full harmony of elements of light, temperature, landscape,…; there are butterflies such as: Cethosia cyane, Chilasa clytia, Danaus chrysippus, Papilio demoleus, Graphium antiphates,…. Not only butterflies, the garden also has the appearance of bird nest with brilliant feathers. Here, visitors can enjoy a unique semi-natural butterfly garden space in Vietnam. A place to learn about the formation of butterflies through the four life cycles of reproduction and development, to produce colorful butterflies as natural marvels.


Orchid path for those who love the graceful beauty of orchids, do not miss the orchid path, with more than 100 species of orchids such as mokara, dendro, jade, fire horn, sea oats, morning spring, narcissus , imitation cranes, metal scent, … in harmony with the scent, beside the sound of the stream of flowing water will captivate visitors.


The exhibition house of specimens of forest biodiversity in Khanh Hoa province. This is a place to store and help visitors learn forest flora such as insects, beetles, honey bees, tarantulas, scorpions, …

Vietnamese village where visitors can feel more clearly the breath of a Vietnamese village. The wind blows and hears the rustling sound of the rice field making it fragrant. On the side of thatched roof, fish pond, loofah, chicken, … All create a picture of a peaceful and rustic village.Lang-que-dao-hoa-lan

Elephant riding: a 33-year-old elephant who is quiet but very intelligent, knows how to play football, blow the trumpet; The black bear obeys very well the traffic laws, refuses to start without wearing a helmet, or the python looks cold but is very gentle; are the performances in the attractive circus show on the island.

The only bird circus show in Vietnam: Enjoy the performance of ostrich dancers swaying to the samba dance, the display of IQ of the blue-eyed parrot named Lucky, capable of performing the math at the request of the trainer. Or admire the flight paths that show the power as well as the ability to accurately identify prey of the “king of the sky” eagle, along with the appearance of pigeons, fire kites, sand highs, Chicken, duck …. Create a picture sound vivid and extremely attractive.


Accommodation service system: Hoa Lan Island is the ideal place for picnics, camping and relaxation activities for all ages. With a system of 7 2-star standard air-conditioned rooms (accommodating 2-4 people/room), 20 bungalows 2-star standard, more than 10 conical bungalows (accommodating 2 -3 people/room) and more than 200 tents picnic. In particular, according to the plan, in the first quarter of 2020, Orchid Island will put into operation a Glamping accommodation service.


Huong Lan Restaurant with a capacity of more than 1000 guests and the advantage of a rich and diverse seafood ingredient area. In addition to the rich experience and professionalism in the processing of the chefs here, the dishes are made with the freshness and typical taste of Nha Phu Bay.