Check-in Suoi Do Pagoda – an endless peaceful place in Khanh Hoa

As a famous spiritual place near and far, Suoi Do Pagoda is a tourist attraction of Khanh Hoa province. Coming here, you will enjoy the moments of “clear” and true peace. 

Referring to the attractive spiritual tourist sites in Khanh Hoa , Suoi Do Pagoda is an indispensable name. This temple strongly impresses visitors by its beautiful architecture, special location, and sacredness handed down through anecdotes. Check-in Suoi Do Pagoda next door to enjoy the beautiful scenery like poetry, visitors will have the opportunity to discover many interesting secrets surrounding this ancient and majestic temple. 

Check-in Suoi Do pagoda Suoi Do Pagoda is a beautiful peaceful place in Khanh Hoa. Photo: bazatravel

Origin of the name of ‘Suoi Do’ pagoda

Suoi Do pagoda is also known as Ba Suoi Do pagoda . Just hearing the name has made many people curious about this temple. The origin of this particular name stems from the fact that the temple is located right next to a large stream pouring water down from above. The stream originates from above and flows through rapids and rocks of all sizes and shapes, creating an impressive scene. Especially the lakes on the flow of this dragon are associated with the story of Thien YA Na which is very sacred. 

The origin of the name of Suoi Do pagoda The origin of the name Suoi Do pagoda originates from the stream flowing through this temple. Photo: @hana_slacalkova

The lively scene of Suoi Do pagoda 

It is not natural that Khanh Hoa Suoi Do Pagoda is a tourist attraction even though it is located on the mountain with an altitude of 200 meters. The reason why visitors come to this place is by the beautiful scenery. The scenery here is adorned by a majestic waterfall blending with the immense green of the mountains and forests. The charming landscape of water painting makes many people fall in love with it. The stream pours water from above and flows through the lakes with very beautiful and poetic scenery. When reaching a height of 200 meters, visitors will encounter paths leading to various landmarks on this temple area. 

The beauty of Suoi Do pagoda The temple converges all charming mountains. Photo: bazatravel

The beauty of Suoi Do pagoda The scene is endless. Photo: @ yuliya_gorba4eva

The beauty of Suoi Do pagodaThe outstanding golden dragon statue is loved by many tourists. Photo: @ 4ernovphoto

Follow the road on the left and you will see Quan Am Son. This temple is several hundred square meters wide, located right next to a stream with gushing water. In front of the temple yard is the statue of Quan Am Buddha, according to the people here, this Buddha statue has protected peace for people around the area. There is also a shrine to worship Thanh Mau Thien YA Na and a sacred and beautiful five-mother temple. 

The beauty of Suoi Do pagodaEntrance to Quan Am Pagoda. Photo: @ elena_rodriguez_25

Suoi Do Pagoda Buddha statue in Quan Am temple. Photo: @boginya_inna

If you go to the right, follow the cliffs next to the stream, you will see Pho Da Son Tu where the worshiping Buddha Buddha. Although smaller than Quan Am Pagoda, Pho Da Son Tu has a very beautiful landscape with a lotus lake in front of it and surrounding rocky mountains. 

Suoi Do Pagoda Pho Da Son Tu. Photo: Bazatravel

The sacred legends about the famous Suoi Do pagoda 

Suoi Do pagoda is associated with the legend of a huge Ky Nam tree in Ma Ha cave, it is said that this tree has a very large size, in the tree is the home of a pair of giant black snakes to protect the Ky Nam tree. Therefore, people have set up a committee to worship and regularly worship and pray to the land to support the perseverance. People said that if you go from a distance you can smell the scent of Ky Nam, but when you approach it, you cannot smell it.  

Suoi Do Pagoda The temple is associated with sacred legends. Photo: @mif_ort.

In addition to the legend of Ky Nam tree, Suoi Do Pagoda is also associated with the story of panacea. It is believed that the water flowing through this temple can be used for medicinal and panacea. 

The legend of Suoi Do Pagoda Legend has it that spring water can cure all diseases. Photo: @skorodelov__a

Suoi Do pagoda travel experience you should know 

Ideal check-in time 

The weather in Nha Trang is quite mild, so you can visit Suoi Do pagoda all year round. However, ideally from July to September of lunar calendar because the cool weather is very convenient to visit, explore and admire the scenery. You also visit the temple from September to October, this is the time when the stream beside the pagoda is most beautiful with white flowing water and steaming like the name of the scene. 

How to go to Suoi Do Pagoda The ideal time to visit the temple is from July to September. Photo: @pixeltommy

How to move 

Suoi Do Pagoda is located 30km from the center of Nha Trang in the territory of Dien Khanh district, Khanh Hoa province. You can get here by motorbike quite easily. From Nha Trang you move in the direction of Chat Dot junction then go on to Ba Tung slope then go on about 700m, turn right and continue straight to come. Also you can go in the direction of Dien Khanh to Figure Nhu cafe, turn left into a big road, go to the intersection near Thien Quang pagoda, turn right for 500 meters, then turn left in the direction of the mountain to reach the foot. Mountain. From the foot of the mountain you need to go through more than a hundred steps to reach the temple. 

How to go to Suoi Do Pagoda You need to go through many steps to get to the temple. Photo: @ -irene.tiny.


Besides sightseeing in streams, exploring pagoda architecture, you can also check-in towards Nha Trang from the mountain or camp, enjoy some attractive fruits. Especially on holidays, the temple serves delicious and attractive vegetarian rice. Suoi Do Pagoda is very sacred, so when you come here, do not forget to pray for peace for your family. 

Beautiful view of Suoi Do Pagoda The irresistible beauty seen from above. Photo: Bazatravel

Beautiful view of Suoi Do Pagoda The view from the mountains towards Nha Trang is very beautiful. Photo: @ katina7015


When visiting the temple first, pay attention to the costumes because this is a sacred place so it is necessary to keep respectful. Wear discreet clothing and sneakers because you need to climb and move a lot. In addition, if you visit the temple during the high water season, you should not bathe in streams because it is quite dangerous. 

Beautiful view of Suoi Do Pagoda Should dress discreetly when coming to the temple. Photo: @zeleniko.

As an attractive spiritual tourist destination, Suoi Do always makes many souls move in awe by the charming beauty of the mountain. Come to Khanh Hoa and check-in this sacred temple to enjoy a rare beauty. 

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