Unique ancient French – Vietnamese architecture in Bach Cong Tu’s house

Bach Cong Tu House is an ancient building with unique and attractive French-style architecture located in My Tho city, Tien Giang province.

Where is Bach Cong Tu’s house located?

Rising housing stock Bach Cong Tu located at No. 62, Road Dinh Bo Linh, Ward 3, My Tho City, Tien Giang Province. It used to be in the area of ​​My Chanh village, Kien Hung district, Dinh Tuong province. Next to the old house Huynh Thuy Le Dong Thap or the ancient house of Binh Thuy Can Tho, this is an old house with beautiful and unique architecture in the West. In the near future, the My Tho city government plans to collect and restore decorative items in the house to preserve and serve tourists’ sightseeing activities near and far.Visiting Bach Cong Tu house - The house is located at number 62The house is located at No. 62, Dinh Bo Linh street. Photo: thamhiemmekong

According to many experts, the house of Bach Prince was built in the period from 1925 to 1927 with a total area of ​​322 m2 on a large land area of ​​more than 4,000 m2. Initially, the house was surrounded by a large orchard. Currently, this work is located on the campus of My Tho City Cultural Center. Behind the old house is the hall and a two-story building.Visiting Bach Cong Tu house - Artistic architectural worksEuropean-style architectural works. Photo: Quynh Tran

Anecdote about the owner of the house Bach Cong Tu

This ancient house and famous tourist destination in Tien Giang was built by Mr. Le Cong Phuoc (popularly known as Bach Cong Tu) built according to French architecture. The prince is often called Tu Phuoc or George Phuoc (1895-1950). During that time, he was famous for his wealth, known as a famous player in the South, along with Hac Cong Tu (ie Prince Bac Lieu).Visiting Bach Cong Tu house - built in 1925The work was built in 1925 – 1926. Photo: vntrip

In many people’s memories, when he was born, Mr. Le Cong Phuoc was known to be a rich man. People even called this prince the “king of play” throughout the South of the provincial record in the early years of the 20th century. People called him “Bach Prince” to distinguish him from “Hac Cong. death “Tran Trinh Huy (or Prince Bac Lieu).Visit the house of Bach Cong Tu - Mr. Le Cong PhuocMr. Le Cong Phuoc is famous for being rich, he is a playboy in the South of the province. Photo: baoapbac

He was able to study abroad in France, so he was very “kind” of Western quality. The house is also built according to French architecture. After 1975, the house was used as the headquarters of the People’s Committee of ward 3, until 1990, the My Tho City Culture and Sports Department received and continued to use it as the headquarters.

Born during his time, Mr. Le Cong Phuoc was famous for being rich, being the “king of playboys” throughout the South of the provincial record in the early 20th century. Ancient people nicknamed “Bach Prince” for him just because he had water White skin, typical student of My Tho, with a leisurely, poetic attitude that is both to distinguish from “The Black Prince” Tran Trinh Huy is the owner of the house of Prince Bac Lieu and the first period of “burning the famous “pre-cooked eggs.”Visiting Bach Cong Tu's house - 1969Bach Cong Tu’s house in 1969. Photo: thamhiemmekong

Because he studied abroad in France in 1909 with the name George Phuoc, and had a time in contact with Western culture and architecture, when he returned to Vietnam, he built his house in the French style, combining Vietnam. characteristic – following the style of the wealthy families living in the early twentieth century.

The unique ancient architecture of the Bach Cong Tu house

As soon as you enter the house of Bach Cong Tu, visitors will see the front door, on the roof, there are exquisitely carved reliefs with flower details, phoenix birds …Visiting Bach Cong Tu's house - 100 years of weightsThe house has been in existence for nearly 100 years. Photo: welcometovinhlong

Overlooking, this ancient house has up to eight roofs made of typical fish-scale tiles of Vietnam. Particularly, the corridor area follows the typical French architectural style with a 20 cm thick wall, brick background. The walls are clad in leather, and the background is lined with Western-style encaustic cement tiles.

The deeper you go inside the house, the more visitors realize the sophistication of the ceiling, the details carved in the column. In the house, the entire column truss system is made from precious wood. Bach Cong Tu House has six rooms with the front room with a picture of Bach Prince. At the main porch and the left or right arches are engraved, engraved with typical oriental themes such as dragons, phoenixes, birds, animals and flowers …Visiting Bach Cong Tu's house - fine reliefs carvedOn the roof, there are intricately carved reliefs. Photo: thamhiemmekong

The most impressive thing is that on the wall in the lobby there are four murals with the size of 2.4 square meters located opposite each other. These are all paintings of birds, flowers, landscapes of the Mekong River region … However, after many times of house repair, shaving and painting, the paintings have been blurred, losing all details , color.

Since 1975, after many historical events, the old house was used as the headquarters of the People’s Committee of Ward 3, My Tho city. After a while, specifically, in 1990, the house of Bach Cong Tu was used by the My Tho City Department of Culture and Sports as the headquarters.Visiting Bach Cong Tu's house - The house before being restoredHouse before being restored. Photo: baoapbac

As of January 27, 2016, Bach Cong Tu’s house was ranked by Tien Giang province as a provincial cultural-historical relic. From then on, the indoor decorations such as tables and chairs, chandeliers, couches, and miniatures were collected and restored. The building grounds include the two sides and a large yard in front of the house is also planted with trees to serve tourists Tien Giang .Visiting Bach Cong Tu house - Old house campusThe old house campus is planted with more trees. Photo: thamhiemmekong

The old house of Bach Cong Tu has been in existence for nearly 100 years. Through many events, the devastation of weather, but still retains its unique look like an ancient work bearing the mark of European artistic architecture combined with Vietnamese decorations. This is an interesting and unique destination in the heart of My Tho city. If you have the opportunity to travel to Tien Giang, do not miss this place.

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